Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Sanctuary

Well it is snowing like crazy again and we are under about 24inches for sure now. Much of my time has been spent shovelling paths for short legged piggers and freeing up or hauling water for them. thankfully Paul and Jim arrived the day before Christmas to help me here or I for sure won't of been live today ha!

Being stuck in the driveway , stuck on the road, stuck at my sisters house , unable to go back up a hill and then get stuck again only to arrive here and get stuck all over again. Some times i think i have more guts then brains and that being said pretty well describes life down here right now LOL

Here is Penny's first Christmas here ( with mouth full) as well as Don Juan and Jacks. Look at that snow and the Christams Feast for the pigs

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And so it is Christmas!!

I have just finished reading the thread from SnowandMud.Com where active sledders join up much like us animal rescuers do. No doubt you have seen it on the news by now that the horses are on the way out of there frozen living grave. Here is the site if you want a heart warming story that fuels my soul that a compassionate humanity dose and will exist. YES WE CAN !!! Here is the link where these hero's work together to dig a trail a kilometer long so save these abandoned animals in 6 feet of snow. I joined up simply to thank them and to let them know we knew how wonderful everyone involved was!! I can't wait to see the news tonight and more pictures of the horses coming out!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who said "Let it snow"?

First day off yesterday was spent with us all hammering out ice, pailing out water, shovelling snow , putting feed away, cleaning out the tool shed and adding straw to the piggy houses. Paula, Jim, Susan , Jake and Dayton arrived and we worked in the cold for hours.

Last night at feed time i knew the ice on waters wouldn't have had a chance to freeze as the temperature warmed up a little meaning we were getting more snow. Some one forgot to the leave the water running in the barn yesterday so when i got out there last night ice had formed , the hoses were frozen and the waters hadn't been done out there. I got in about 9:30 after feeding and working in the barn trying to Free up the hoses with pails of hot water without success. The faucet had been used instead of the main shut off and that was spewing water all over from freezing up. I had a heat lamp bulb so i put that in, dragged the water tub inside and hope everything is thawed this morning. Still, will need to call a plumber in for sure now!! Anyone know a good one who works for free.. lol i mean reasonable and on Sundays??

We got about 4 inches of snow last night so there will be shovelling to do again this morning and of course bringing out water to the pigs and horses again. I am sure my arms are also about 4 inches longer from packing water all week and here i go again this morning.

The pigs however spent the night deep in straw and when i ws outside working i could here the rustle of straw as they all rooted back under there nests. A formidable payment for this weary sanctuary care taker and with jack racing from the carpet to the barn making sure not a crumb has been overseen is the best medicine ever.

Speaking of Jack we had put all the pigs back in who wanted out after about an hour or more. It was too darn cold but when Jean arrived i let him out so she could meet him. After we loaded jeans feed and said out good byes it had been an hour or so when i realized Jack was still out somewhere. Anyone seen Jack i asked and out the back i went calling. With every call of "Jack" i hear a distant oof getting closer. I laughed when i saw my huge dog Buddy come rounding the corner from the far pasture with a little pig in tow.

Well its Mom birthday today , i don't' have one decoration up , nor one gift wrapped or all my shopping done. No groceries in the house, need cat and dog food and produce for the pigs. Can i do it all in one day?? YES but will i be coherent at Moms later ??? Unlikely LOL

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ice wars four

I am whooped.. the end LOL

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Capades In the Snow

I got up early enough , fed the horses, the big pigs smashing ice out as i go and cleared the picnic table off for another feeding station for the wild birds. Got changed , warmed up the truck and off i go. Why I would take the back way is beyond me the hill was no match for the poor tires on that truck and i had to back up and go all the way around again. Thankfully i made it in time unlike two days ago when the guys had to come and get me cause i had a flat tire.

So i had to get tires and got a full set like new from Stave Auto Wreckers who delivered just in time for me to get the truck over to Bowers Auto Repairs who had them on within the hour. What a difference it makes with good rubber in the snow. $350.00 for tires with the new nubs on them still and 50.00 to put them on. Not bad!!~

I stopped and picked up two cases of apples on the way home and got to work out side right away. I had to sweep snow from door ways and clear enough room for the pigs to get the potty areas, water dishes and eat . Once i did that i went back around and did the waters. I did it different tonight and pigs were slurping down water when i went to the barn to take care of the horses. I did stop with the pails full for both farm pigs and they dived into the warm water like it was a bucket of food. With the snow it warmed up a little so there pools had water under the ice but boy did they ever drink that warm water down.

Forgot to mention that a new pigs friend stopped at work with a huge bag of hay for the pigs so i divided that in the farms pigs houses last night. Helps keep them busy, adds bedding and they can eat some of it too. I buy hay here of coruse but this was darn handy!

Well everyone has paths, fed , watered, hayed and appled got to go check on Penny and thats a wrap.

Well i am in a tad earlier then last night and Moms chili is calling my name.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Capades

Last night after work my time out is always sitting here catching up on sanctuary news from other rescues. I knew what i had to do from the moment I left work as i drove to Haney Builders and picked up another hose to run from my laundry room in the house. All the hoses are frozen outside even though i kept them open on a drip into pails the freezing wind took care of that. I ran the hose out my window and found my water pail and took it around front to be ready and out to the horses i go.

It is hard for the horses to walk on uneven frozen ground and they labour towards there gates into soft footing into the barn. Dior's tub is cracked open from the ice so i go dig her old one out and the hose , thankfully that one is running fine. Both horses are wearing thick winter blankets now so they are all snuggy .

Jack is helping me out at the barn and he is such a good good pig and I treat him to keep him busy and fill up a small bowl of water for him as i know they will have had nothing to drink for 24 hours.

I know every water tub in every pig paddock will be frozen solid as i smashed out ice the night before which took two inches of water out with it. I can only feed then hammer out the ice one pen at a time. This takes quite a considerable more time. Once i fed one gated community i go to the house fill up the water pail and fill up there tubs and on to the next section to start the same process. Its brutal work when it is this cold outside.

I yelled out to the herd to go back in until i was closer to them as this was going to take a lot longer for me to get to them all. The farm pigs oblige but not before me hearing one of them drag one of there frozen water pools in desperation to get a drink. They will have to wait as there is an order of things and they go right back into there houses. Comet is the only one i hear. And as i go on my rounds I hear the slurps of water and it makes me happy as they will not get another drink until i get home from work again the next night.

Wearing a ball cap so i can attach one of those LED lights screws up your sight a tad and low limbs on trees are leaving there mark on my forehead. If i don't show up for work one day will some one come over here and see if i knocked myself out cold out there.I smashed my head twice tonight going in and then going out duh!

Last night it took two hours to feed and water but when i came in i had a few exciting emails as our Penny's Extreme Make Over blog fundraiser netted the full 1500.00 after a reader/rescuer gave us the last 192.00 to enable us to reach our/Jeans goal. Talk about wrapping up a brutal job with a bonus for the pigs like that!!!!!!! An incredible amount of cash raised for this rescue and i thank you all so very very much!

So tonight i only had to hand pail one bucket full as i was able to simply smash out the two inch thick layer of ice on each tub and there was enough water for them but tomorrow night I will have to fill everyone of them again.

Tonight;s miracle was my Mom stopping in at work today with a pot of chili for dinner tonight and i just ate in between typing this. Now where are my Advil LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Reflections

This morning arrived with a lighter load ahead of us as Paula spent the entire day down here Friday. She worked at her own pace in the pouring rain doing the barn and 10 of the 15 piggy paddocks. She did the potty areas, raking of messy straw at door ways and fresh waters.
Nancy ,Paula and Jim arrived at about 8:30 this morning and dived into what was left for basic weekly care and maintenance . Then Pam , Susan , Jake and Dayton arrived and joined in. The work is faster easier and a pleasure when there is 7 of us here.

Then we had a good discussion on where the new red shed would go. How it would get there, and how we would place it properly in conjunction with where our gate would go and in flow of feeding and working inside. The plan although a ton of work for them all was set in motion and is sitting pretty now i might add.

Penny's much needed carpentry skills were lightly discussed as well and the boys seemed really keen on doing all of this.

So often i am telling people how clever these pigs are so i am going off subject for a bit here and will return to the red shed in a minute. Hopefully the power won't go down as it is blowing like heck out here right now. Yesterday morning it was coming down in buckets and rounding Roses yard with breakfast i told her to stay there and i would feed her inside. To know pigs is to know that food is for sure a HUGE priority hungry or not the quest for food while exploring the acreage is unquenchable. So watching Rose do the two step at the doorway to her house while i opened her gate and walked to grab her dish and then place it in her house- well you have NO idea how much will power that would take for one very large farm pig. So know that when i am telling her to stay there I will feed her inside so she doesn't get wet is a feat worthy of speaking about here. Now please don't blow this off as i can tell my dog to stay so that's nothing , well Rose has never been taught to stay so this is something lol.

Add this brings me to talking out loud every night to both Carport Penny and Pebbles her nosey neighbor. Pebbles house is right back of the carport and there is about 6 inches of nose room there so when i am out with Penny , so is Pebbles nose. And i speak out loud to them suggesting how wonderful if you could both join up and keep each other cozy and warm at night. How both of them have names that start with a "P" and how they could be like two Pee's in a Pod. I tell them they should make friends with each other because they both are gentle like pigs inside as both of them are not fighters. I tell Pebbles then we would leave this little fenced in area up and she could be there too with Penny seeing Mom in the carport. Today while everyone was out Penny had already returned to her covers and was under a mound of wool blankets. As i returned to the carport for a hammer there was Pebbles inside Penny's little fenced off area and facing outwards as if she too lived inside . Of all the pigs that are out it is Pebbles who is in the carport.

I will leave you there to think about that as i go on now about Comet. The guys had set the shed in place and i came around to see how they made out . Out of no where is Comet who jumps in the shed checks it out and comes back outside. I reach down to him and he leans into me for his cuddle and i tell him i love him so very much. I whisper in his ear that we are doing this for him, that this will be his very own house. I tell him i am sorry that he may miss sleeping with the others but i must do this for Winnie as she is too stressed with his bossy giant self living with them. He is a huge pot belly and and has the mentality of a farm pig and uses his weight to his advantage. But i give him the positive which is now you can be right out front and see Mom when she gets home at night. Kisses and more kisses are planted on his white bristles and off he goes again. About 30 minutes later he returned to our work and again leaped inside and do i believe he knows this is for him oh yes i do. 16 pigs are out and only Comet has taken any interest and keeps returning to the little red house.

Gosh i do go on about the animals children's! Am i the typical mother who is showing off baby pictures and exclaiming how cute her babies are ??? Oh yes i am!! LOL

I am going to wrap this up now as i fear the power may go down. When i went out to feed tonight I walked into a bush that wasn't there before. Kind of had to shake my head for a second and get my bearings thinking i made a wrong turn some where hahaha. The bush is the top 15 ft or so of a beautiful blue spruce that has been ripped off by the wind and is blocking the path to the barn. I went back and grabbed some work gloves but it wouldn't budge as the weight is too heavy for me to muster. I hope there is no damage to the pigs area it is laying across on. And I will thank God it landed there .

I took pictures today and just deleted them all by mistake.. but that is my precious Winnie!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Whines needs Winter Wines

Well we made it to Wednesday without any big news to report. Bank rates are down and should I lower the price on my house one more time? Or should i put this to bed and think about Christmas instead.

I added a button to Vote for your fav shelter or rescue. If you click on the little red button it will take you to who i voted for. Please vote for your fav shelter , even us or refuge for Horses as i did . This is such a easy thing to do and it is a possible fundraiser for those who work so hard for the animals everywhere.

Its hard to keep this place clean in winter, there is simply so much more to do now. Giant dogs feets and coats to dry off or wash floor nightly. Horses are back in the barn for winter and stalls need to be cleaned up every night. And while i am doing this i try not to hear a starving choir of bellows and belly aches ,high pitched wee's and minor pushing and shoving matches between pigs readying to mutiny in "surround sound".

I have gone high tech in the feeding at night area by purchasing one of those clip on flashlights to the lid of my ball cap. Am I a redneck now?

Can you see my horse Lacy staring at me and bending her head around to get a better look while wondering what happened to my head and my eyeballs ? Its okay Lacy..this is "night vi son"

And Paula's return trip from Toronto netted me some very fashionable pink rubber boots and they are so darn cute... huh..rubber boots are cute?

Awwwwwwwww life in the peaceful country side.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its Getting Colder

Its amazing how relieved i am once i know all the pigs have had there houses filled with straw again. I know no one is cold , and every one is cozy and like us they love clean and new. Back when it was just Willy and I when he would get new straw he always chose his outside house even though he had his choice to come in here. I remember one night he had gone into his shed and i had gone back out and closed the gate for safety. Later that evening Mark and I had decided to make popcorn. It was after the sound of popping i realized there was something else going on outside. Opening the patio door only to hear Willy weeingggggggg as loud as he could muster to be let back out so he could get back in here for his share of the feast. I remember the the feeling and the smile of that night oh so long ago. I wonder if they are sharing a giggle with me right now from there spiritual place.

Penny is doing well and on meds for a bladder infection and add Tortilla to that lsit as his eye infection was not clearing up and rather then take any chances at his age I have him on meds too.

Scout needs that one tusk sawed off this week-end for sure with everything going on around here i started to fret over that at about midnight last night. And one good fret leads into another and reaching for my Teddy Bear my Mom just bought me sent me down memory road and had me thinking about missing my real Teddy Bear and yet I ended up crying over Barney. I finally fell asleep way after 1:00AM with Peppermint Patty on my mind..

Little Jack came out to the barn with me tonight he is such a funny little guy. He gets so excited when i let him out. He races around me in a game and then tags me with his baby snouty as he quickly pushes into my leg and races off again. While i am getting the horses taken care of he is in the feed room cleaning up like a mini vacuum cleaner propelled by his waggy tail.

Heading back with my pails full and no lights on i am left to standing there in the dark calling him "here Jack" "here" and each time i get a OOF but i had to stop and go back up and give him a treat, then he raced to catch up with me.

Before i head in i always sit outside with Penny and encourage her to walk about. And the last thing i do before i make dinner is go back out and make sure she is totally covered up. She is snug as a bug in her wool blankets and i lay with her for a while and love on her, rub her back and gave her a kiss. Nose to nose Penny..nose to nose. If only all could be so loved.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wet Saturday

Wow did everyone show up early today!! Paula and Jim were headed for the horses at the barn when i caught them tippy toeing around here LOL. AHA!! My sister showed up, Chris(last day) , Susan and Pam we all branched out and attacked our mission.

Speaking of attack, first i have to organize the carport for the big pigs. Nothing can be left on benches , or with in reach of them as they are so strong and a ton taller then the pots so they can reach everything. Buddy is brought back into the house while Roscoe is out and today my cause for concern has been proven. Roscoe a two year old Yorkshire has shown some aggressive behavior towards the dog behind his fence line and no way will i risk injury to either. Anyhow we were trying to empty a huge bin of pumpkins by feeding everyone and when i went into Winnie's yard she grabbed her pumpkin and got passed me and out the gates. So while she ate i had my sister stand blocking Roscoe from entering the carport just in case. We went to work on Roscoe's yard cleaning manure, raking up wet bedding pushed outside his doorway and added a heap more fresh for him. I have watched Roscoe's body language the last year now and have seen him flee from the little pigs , still i didn't trust him out completely with them all. And today Winnie pushed him too far by walking up behind him and chomping him right in the butt. I was already airborne and in the 20 feet separating us he already had attacked her brutally and as i came on top of them both and shoved him off i could see my little pig had been on her side. My sister and i held back emotions and checked on our little Queen and took her right back home. We will see how bad he hurt her tomorrow,thinking how we ache more the day after we have over exerted ourselves. Out later she seems to be okay with a chomp mark on her ear, thankfully she still has it and i had been right there. Roscoe in no circumstances what so ever must ever be allowed to mix with the others again. He is simply no match for the little pots with there massive size and strength.

Now my Winnie i must tell you did the exact same thing last week-end to Rose and got away with it only because Rose is such an exceptional pig and comprehends English at an astounding level. Ever since she was little i told her she would be the one to loose her freedom no matter who started the fight. She is completely trusted as she has shown me over and over again that my warnings to her were understood and she does run from the little ones. And not to worry as i am home when this herd is out and my eyes are everywhere lol.

Every house and shed was filled to the brim with fresh quality straw and there good now for about three weeks. It breaks down and looses its insulating value so i must make sure it is kept up now all threw winter. The pigs need the same temperatures as we do , quality straw acts like an insulator and they retain that heat and are toasty warm when burrowed under .

Today when i switced herds around all the pigs had cookies, thanks to there Grandma who is always on the look out for cheap fun food for the pigs. Every one deserves a little sweetness once in a while. And Nancy my sister refueled the Salad Bar with 8 cases of apples so we are good there. Tomorrow i will be taking a dump run . taking all the rotten pumpkins and then will head down to the Co Op to pick up hay. Please everyone pray for no rain while i am doing this run!

I should climb up the ladder and grab that halogen bulb so i can replace it or i will be feeding in the dark all week again. But it is way up there!!!

The mail box station was broken into this past Thursday night so it is unknown what we have lost inside. ;o(( Cheques can be stopped payment on but things like gift cards are a total loss . Thing is that freinds who send cheques if they don't see if they have been cleared will never know I didn't get it as i would never know they sent it. They will think we didn't send a thank card or appreciated there gift. I wonder how much it costs for a mail box at the post office now? sigh..hate to waste donations that way but we cant' afford to loose any either.

Now where is my ice cream ;o))

EDITED TO ADD: Winnie is fine today ;o))) and all mail appears to be accounted for, looks like they didn't get into mine after all!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Frosty is out there!

Bits and pieces of the week and I will start with Paula and Jim taking a run to Oliver for the night and came back with enough apples to feed the kids every night this week! Bonus!!!

Baby Jack of Hearts is doing great and i have had him out a few nights this week after work. Although pitch black out here we headed to the barn together to feed the horses. The horses are beautiful inside and out as they patiently allow the little pig to share grain with them in their floor tubs. I bet they all enjoyed there time together having only heard each other threw barn doors when Jack was confined there. Last night I asked him to follow me around the house to see his new world here. He stuck so close and kept stopping in front of me and then he would lean into my leg for comfort. Don't worry Jack i am right here with you i told him, i won't loose you. He is a very clever little pig and tonight he showed me what a good apple cruncher he was. When offered apple pieces he wasn't that interested in them until this week. This tells me his pig mom must have never had the taste of an apple either. I am sorry for her where ever she is. Maybe one day she will arrive at the gates too, and we will feed her lots of apples.

Penny is quite the nest builder and would have every piece of carpet in her bed if i let her. And her potty habits are that of a pig that is far too heavy and goes here and there and pretty well all over the carport lol. And my volunteers will gasp at this had of anyone spilt stuff in there i would of ahd a hairy fit but oh its okay if the pig does it. lol Sorry my friends, the pigs apparently can do no wrong lol

Anyhow the temps are dropping and all the pigs will need there bedding topped up for sure this week-end. Pray it doesn't rain for this grand chore. And the light burnt out on the side of the house, Any one feeling like going up the ladder with a new bulb?? So dark out there without it when i feed. I had to tell the pigs don't worry I will find you!! hahaha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pay it forward

The picture is one of Arnold who along with another pig had been sitting in a California LA Shelter pretty much on death row. Started with an email from a gal who used to live here informing me of there story. With some strategic planning and net working and fundraising these two pigs were rescued and driven for miles both by Alexis & Debilyn's to her home in Oregon. We can and will move mountains !! Yes we can!!! Deb sent this one to me with Arnold learning the ropes of life at Eden and the words captioning it were " Well our California rescue guy Arnold is learning the ropes of Eden. First one, "do not stick your head in tight inside the empty feed bucket."

This month has been incredible with so many good things happening here for the animals.

Our November pub night was a blast and brought in much needed funds and two more pigs found a home here. Two pigs also went to the vet and both are doing well and with Paula taking there it removed the stress of me having to ask for time off work for another animal issue.

Last Wednesday night Paula and Jim arrived five minutes after i got home from work and we got Dixie's second shot into her as well as some baby cookies. ;o) While Paula and I went to work doing the horse stalls and then feeding every one Jim was in the house filling out HONS paperwork to get some of our gst back for the last 4 years. And being a Telus employee and working a bazillion hours down here he was able to submit for a offer from Telus for a donation to us for his hours in. So he also came with a cheque, how cool is this!!!!! Thennnnnnnnn they took me out for dinner and we had a hoot!!! It was the best Friday night i have had on a Wednesday night in years!! A much needed break from here, thank you!

Paula had all of the pens done Friday with the families from our Home School project so new comer Chris , my sister and i only had the big pigs to do again. I am in the House on a Saturday by 1:oo huh??? SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!! I should now be able to some much needed paper work done in here!!

Jean from "life with the Critters Blog" is hosting a Fundraiser and it is doing AWESOME!!!!!!!!! This is all too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!

The Florida Pigs are a constant worry for me and i have been able to do some serious net working to try and bring awareness to the need there. With the support around me right now i am walking so much lighter and i am grateful beyond words. It has allowed me to do more and this is very important to me as it is not just the pigs here who need us, it is pigs everywhere!

Well i best get to my kitchen table , my purse, the counter, my desk and clean up the paperwork trails.LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So much Action!!!

Yesterday Paula hosted three families here who home school there kids. They worked all day cleaning pens , scrubbed bowls and clean fresh water for all. Thank you everyone!!!
Today wasn't as stressful becuse of the help so Cliff , Pam and I only had the big pigs to do, Tortillas and Jacks. The hay stall got cleaned up, the big pigs got tons of bedding and the guineas had there house cleaned too. And tonight the horses went into there stalls with no fussing from Lacy being apart from Dior. Gosh who would of thought they would of got even more bonded as they have been out since summer. Cliff's community hours are done now but it sure was great to have a man around the farm these last few week-ends.
Penny went half way up the driveway tonight after a little strategic blocking on my part and placement of the food dish lOL. Atta girl Penny , we must do our exercises!!
And here is a picture of our Jack of Hearts who is still in the throws of passion even thought he was neutered on Monday. And isn't that a great picture of Patoo!!! ( Short for Cutie Patootie)
And last is a Fundraiser blog Challenge hosted by my good friend Jean to help with a new space for Penny before it gets too cold for where she is .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feed by Moonlight

This is Tippy my triathlon Turtle who swims, climbs and then high dives if i don't see her. The tank is pretty close to the wall so when she gets out and leaps she drops down lightly wedged but not enough for her to free herself and to be found wandering around here . The first time it happened many years ago i thought some one had broke into the house and stole my very valuable turtle LOL When she wants to go back to her pond she goes to the wall beside it and tries to climb back up. Do i have to get a ramp made for a turtle??

Mom stopped in just after lunch today to check on Penny after I called her from work. I had left out a cut up apple at the end of the carport and i like to think she found it and not the squirrels. Her tail..ehem signs were also left about so i know she did get up and move around. Mom had bundled her back up and she looked like an Eskimo when i pulled in.

Black tubs are difficult to see at night so when i head out I strap a LED light on my head. Horses are a little spooky so i know to them i would look like the one eyed monster so i do refrain from wearing it while heading to them. And so once done with the horses i put on my light but there was already a huge light on in the sky for us tonight.

Do you see the moon in the sky everyone i called out , it is beautfiul!! Penny come out and look up come on it is awesome!!

Jack is feeling much better as his appitite is back up and i am happy to report Dixie Chick looks much better too.

Buddy is being a goof and flipping his squeaky toy all over the house right now and i have to go make dinner.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Extra Day Off

Thank you to all of those who gave of themselves so that i could live the life i am living today. And thank you to those who are fighting for the end of War everywhere.

It took me a while to get moving this morning as it is pouring outside again. I started with coaxing Penny out of her nest by removing her covers. And i am a freak when it comes to putting things back into order so my first challenge was to clean the stall little Jack spent his first week here in. Carefully removing nails from plywood sheets , getting the plywood under cover for its next use and mucking out the stall to ready for Lacy again. Oh and rescue two black beetle bugs and a wood bug from the horses water. Did some manure picking and some wheel barrow tipping and up to the carport carrying a soiled pig crate i go. Why is it everything to do with this place weigh over 50 lbs?? LOL

Thank you to Paula and Jim who took my truck into Poco and filled the truck up with donated pumpkins. I would also like to thank Christine and Art & Knapp's for thinking of the pigs year after year. We had filled up a water tank with pumpkins and it wasn't quite under cover so i moved that but not before i fed the big pigs and cleaned up the bench here. Sawing pumpkins in quarters for all the pots left my bench a pulpy mess. And little Jack who i should of put right back in that stall as he was out getting wet after his surgery. He also found his way threw a hole in the wire and was telling Tortilla off so i went and grabbed a 2x4 and had to get him out twice before securing the fence line.

Three crates had to be disinfected so instead of taking them apart i was crawling into them to wash down. No doubt a sight for passersby with me in the pouring rain and my rear end sticking out of a dogs vari kennel.

Now during this time our Penny had a small breakfast and no pumpkin in her diet. No dancing today but she is quite a sweet pig. Today i told her to come out this way and just to the edge so she can at least smell her new back yard. I reminded her that this place was made just for pigs so although she can't see that well there are no holes she might fall into. Every day she waddles a little further and this is how it will be for a very long time.

I got in the house about 2:30 and finished up two loads of laundry , washed dishes you know the routine. And at the kitchen sink after the counters were wiped down i can't help but smile and say out loud Thank you God for giving me this day and giving me the strength to do what i do. Everything is in its place ,well pretty much as it can be.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Vets and Trips

Paula arrived at 7am this morning as we had planned. Jack of Hearts just wanted his breakfast and as he did circles around me rooting as he went i simply grabbed him up and we got him in the crate. As he was the one furthest from the van we were thankful he was the lightest one of the two.

Sweet not a mean bone in her body Dixie Chick was about as easy. I went in the shed and Paula manned the crate on the outside with it butted right up to the door way. A little push here and there and we got her inside.

Paula , with a couple of blanket replacements and a map she was on her way.

This is one of the most difficult emotionally of the jobs i do here. My heart pumping so fast as it just goes against every fibre of my body to scare them like this. As i closed the gates and watched Paula drive away i want to burst out crying, but i have no time for that as i had to get changed for work.

Jack has been neutered and we moved him into Teddy Bears yard and gave him something positive to think about after his harrowing ordeal. He is deep under the straw with a little sore bum, I hope his sleep gives him a much needed escape from us all.

Dixie Chick came home after being poked and a treatment plan is in the making. Although extremely disappointed that x-rays were not taken as that is what she went there for. I will bite my tongue and move on.

Penny was a little weird tonight in the carport and kept doing this crazy circling thing. I wonder if she is allergic to pumpkin as that is all she had today. She did snap out of it and did some carport wandering so she get some exercise tonight. She was up for over an hour and i cut up an apple for her and we had a little chat . I tucked her in and was able to pull the fat folds back off her one eye and I do believe she saw me. A kiss on the ear and a promise to get her into fine form so she can enjoy the world she deserves. Tomorrow hopefully it won't be raining and i can get her out of the carport and onto some grass.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carport Penny

Paula, Jim , Cliff and I attacked the carport early this morning. We went back and forth as to where , better, less work, more work and how much time we had to accomplish it all and we devised this temporary piggy run. The weather is mild and she is safe from being bothered by the others until our future piggy yard unfolds. We tried to make it as cozy as can be , as you can see by the red carpet Jim and Paula arrived with.

Amazing enough is her hooves are great, she must of been on pavement on her daily travels. But notice the heavy fat folds closing over her eyes and the amount of fat she is carrying on that little frame and short legs. Disgusting , feeding her until it is killing her.

We finished with her set up at about 12:30 with my truck filled with stuff i saved but need to part with so off to the dump Jim and Paula went. They got back about 4 with my truck piled high with pumpkins.. yahooooooooooooo

Poor Paula has been down here every day working hard. And tomorrow we start early loading two pigs for the vets.. I'll then head to work and Paula will take the 1.5 hour ride to the vets.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Penny is Home

If your here on a Saturday morning before i have had a chance to drink a second cup of coffee do not let me answer the phone. And because our creator has taken care of us every step of the way in this such as: surprise donations, another pig being sponsored, new volunteers coming into our lives and a fund raiser when we need it the most. I however should not expect a piggy yard complete with housing to magically appear when a new pig arrives here.

Paula, Cliff, Susan , Nancy and I were soaked and filthy when the horse trailer pulled up. Thankfully we had just finished what needed to be done and after making sure all the pigs were put away we opened the door. Penny the little perfect pig i remember has been fed so much her body has simply inhaled her. Her beautiful condition has turned into sparse gray patches of bristles with masses of fat , a face unrecognisable and the gait of a sore animal. We have a lot of work to do Miz Penny.

Penny waddled around the carport and no doubt was exhausted from trying to stand up in a horse trailer. No bedding or bales of hay to protectively confine her movement for the ride. She is going to be stiff and tired for a few days while trying to keep her unfit self up right in a moving trailer for almost an hour. Thankfully she didn't really hurt herself in there but honestly we won't know that until the morning.

I had planned to bring Penny directly into the house but in her current condition and after what she just went threw i quickly grabbed a pile of blankets and found a safe place in the back of my carport. She strutted her cute self off to all her admirers and then found that pile of blankets and fell into them exhausted. I have fed them all dinner and she had a big drink and i added two huge lawn chair cushions for under her self and covered her up in wool blankets.

Bringing her into the house is out of the question because she can hardly walk.
She will not be able to manipulate a potty tray or be willing to go out in the morning with any great speed, and i got to go to work every day here.

Now I could make room for her out at the barn but no way is that little fat pig going to find it easy getting out there. And i still have Jack out there who once recovered from his neuter will go in my one empty piggy yard as he will fit into little Teddy Bears of a house no problem.

I need a very large house and a very large portable pen STAT. And I will make her a place in my carport. Me thinks this is my only option until our creator opens that window again and saves us.

I told Penny I should of just brought you here from the beginning and yet as I speak to her out loud what comes into my mind is that she would of missed all of her adventures. Penny seems to have assumed her life has been just that as i don't feel any sorrow or depression. She is a logical pig and my psychology when speaking to them is presented the the same way. Knowing and believing in fate and destiny she is where she is supposed to be now. Still i shake my head as people wonder why we are so strict with our adoptions. Moving from home to home from family to family would leave anyone one with no sense of belonging and that love doesn't last forever. My promise to Penny as I kissed her bristles tonight was that i would love her forever and that I wanted her and no we are not just a place where unwanted pigs come. I assured her that all the best ones simply come here.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sanctuary rambling..

Jack of Hearts and Dixie have an appointment at the vets on Monday. Jack to be neutered and Dixie Chick to be x-rayed. I must find out what is going on with her spine so we can start treatment stat. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Paula who arrived as a volunteer has not only taken position as my right hand she has become a very good friend to all of us here. If you arrive here on a work day Saturday you will hear me call out to her with my thoughts or worries about something needed or to be added to our list. If gives me comfort to know she is out there and our needs here matter to her. Hopefully we will be able to load both pigs quickly as she has offered to take them in for me so i can go into to work and not loose a days wages.

Poor Jack held captive behind stall doors at the Barn all week. The sooner i can get him out of there the better for him and my horses.

The rain is slowly but surely turning our way to the barn and manure pile into a muddy path. The Farm pigs areas are saturated. With all the creative ditch digging they have done only takes away any hard footing we once had in there yards. Sigh, the big pigs are a ton of work and oh how i wanted to move from here and start over with a better approach for all of us. But we are still here..

I normally get a load of pumpkins after Halloween but the time is flying by and i fear my pigs are going to miss out if i don't find a farmer this week-end. I know there was one out Mission way I wonder if Jean has a number for them.

I have heard from the family who moved into the house with all the abandoned animals and where our Penny is. They called me last week to inform me they had brought her in to there house. Is it possible she also wormed her way into there hearts? Is no news this week good news .. i must call them and see how she is doing , yet if there is a chance she will find real love there i don't want to ruin it for her either. I'll give her a few days more before i call on her.

Another pig needing a home and i have sent them a heart felt letter. This pig lives in the house with his family , it is what i want for all of them. I am trying Lenny, I am trying. I speak for him in my letter to them.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fund Raiser Wrap Up

Last night was a Party!!!!!!!!!!! And I had a hoot !!!! So many friends and all in one place to support and protect what one little pig started so long ago.

Thank you so much Wendi for seeing the need again, by gving the pigs a voice who so deseprately need to be heard by pulling this party together!!

We had a huge turn out, tons of wonderful donations from friends here and all over the lower mainland. Beautifiul posters , candy place settings and volunteers selling , collecting and a packed house to boot. I even arrived home with a bag full of treats and Cassandra hearings the gates ( now padlocked) was out to greet me and was first to sample them late last night. 'yum'

We grabbed a quiet table and counted our bounty and with donations, ticket sales, silent auctions and draws we brought home $2000.00!!!!!!!

I also would like to thank The Golden Spike and there staff for keeping gigs like this on the table of thier establishment!!

I best get out there and start my morning rituals, feed the big pigs, the horses, the birds and our new arrival Jack of Hearts.

Thank you thank you every one so much!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jack of Hearts , A Rescue at the Rescue

I never got off the acreage last week-end to get grocery's so i went
after work tonight. This would take valuable time and i thought
hopefully i will still have time to let Roscoe out for a run before it
gets dark and I have to feed everyone.

When i pulled in the driveway i heard the excited ooofs of a little pig out towards the big pigs and wondered who had got out. All the pigs are in there yards when i
am work during the day.

I looked over and saw a little black pig i have never met before and clearly all worked up from landing admits all these girly pigs that live here. About 4 months old i guess and for sure not neutered. I grabbed a bag of apples calling out to him to see if i could get his attention. He raced down pasture and around back and
into my yard with me quietly and slowly coming up behind him. Every body was excited here , all the pigs were up and all of them including the horses were watching me from there fence lines. I walked into the carport and got a sheet of plywood and walked up to where he was visiting Flower and placed the board now confining him. A few nails tacked into the posts to secure the plywood and into the house i go to
call for help. Then out to the barn i go with another piece of plywood too close up one of the horses stalls as this is where this little tiger has got to spend the night. Paula and Jim got here to help and put a crate together and we talked about our strategy and we spent more time on putting the darn crate together then we did on catching him.
He is all black except for his nose which by the way has the most perfect pink heart on it i have ever seen. Its 8:30 i have to put grocery's away , feed the dog child and make something to eat. Our little nose is deep in a bed of straw after eating his dinner and must be exhausted from his big adventure .

Monday, October 27, 2008

Penny is coming Home

I would guess Penny came into my life about five years ago. A guy called who lived at a trucking yard had lsot the trailer he lived in there and was moving in with his girlfreind. Could i take his pig?

A new pig freind had come into my life and she only had one so off she went to get her and brought her home. Penny and her Mis Piggy and new Mom came to visit here even one day. She is jsut a little pig by pot bellied pig standards.

A guy emailed me wanting to know about having a pig as he was in a wheel chair but had a horse and lived on acreage. It was during the same time Penny's Moms world came falling apart as she lost her job was selling her house and needed a place to board all her animals temporarily.

Thinking I was smart i put the two of them together and a deal was worked out. But Penny got lost in the shuffle, her Mom never came back to get her and the guy in the wheelchair just sold his house leaving a horse, a lama and Penny there.

The new home owners just called me and hearing there story my mouth just about hit the floor when i asked for the pigs name.

She is in Abbotsford and i want them to bring her now but must wait for them to get organized for the transport. Teddy Bear your house will be filled again with a pig very soon!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Customer Service sucks!

Today at work i worried about a few things.. how many more tickets to order, i needed hay before it started to rain and produce for the pigs tonight. I called The Hitching Post and was told he would be here at 6:30. No big deal for most folks but here it requires a bit of work. First of all my driveway to the barn has been gated off for seven pigs to live in. There dinner dishes already lined up in a row by Paula. Two horses need to be put in there stalls who haven't been inside yet this year as it is mild and i am saving the costs of using shavings. So at 6 after work i go out to the barn and drag out the hose to fill up the horses inside waters, toss them some hay and put them in there stalls. Put the hose away and go back up to the house with seven pigs in tow and a bucket of feed to entice them into a small enclosure while the hay guy delivers. I pick up all the dinner trays and get them out of the way so the truck doesn't' drive over them. I open one gate all the way and walk back up the driveway to open the other. This all takes me about 45 minutes. I waited for the hay guy to come and at 45 minutes late and unable to stand the screams of starving pigs i walked up to the entry gates and left a note " Hay Cancelled". It is then i realize while worrying about how to get hay, the 24 bags of pig chow here from New West today at work i forget about the order of tickets. But i must start feeding the pigs before it rains so i go back and let the seven back out , close gates and put back all there dinner dishes in a row. Once i feed the pigs i go back to the barn and let the horses back out as they wished , fed them more and then did rounds of apples for every one. I get off at 5 ..get home by 5:15 I had 45 minutes to catch up on some emails before i had to ready for the hay guy. Its now 8 and the dog needs to be fed and i have lost my appetite as tomorrow brings another day but on top of a regular Saturday here i must now pray for sun and then go about 35 minutes out of my way to go buy hay , stack it on on my truck and then come home and somehow have the energy to put it all away. And then i will open the gates.. put the horses away, remove the dinner trays in a row .........
Edited to add.. he still hasn't shown up and it is 8:20 .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Friday

Its late and thank goodness for Kraft dinner so this will be short tonight.

Rocket is feeling so much better and loving the special dinner he has been getting every night. He has been taking his meds like a trooper , well tonight he wanted his baby cookies first well who wouldn't ha And more big news for Rocket is that he has a secret admirer who chose him to sponsor only last night!!! The stars have aligned themselves over our sweet boy in more ways then one !!

Rose is knocking the heck out of one end of her fence and i fear she is going to come threw it one night again. This is NOT something i want her to teach her neighbor Roscoe.. both big pigs and too strong for there own good. Or is it my good?? What ever it is i am going to buy a double pumper water squirt gun if she doesn't ' stop it!!

Does your front room lookl like this??

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocket and ulcers

Rocket has been throwing up off and on for about four months. Because he wasn't continuously sick and had a habit of eating too fast I suspected ulcers. Rocket arrived here after the Chilliwack SPCA contacted me about a pig they had seized for abuse and been living in a junk yard dog setting. His shelter an old car.. that would of been enough to give me ulcers.

Today we watched him closely when he came out so we could get a sample of his poop. I then would have a vet take a look at it. Ulcers in pigs is difficult to detect , one way is to take a stool sample in to be checked for red blood cells. I called Ag west they have a really nice lady vet there and she was on the way to a calving. So we opted to drop off our sample at a dog/cat clinic here in town to be checked for blood and in the mean time she would call in a script for some amoxicillan. I wanted the amox to rule out a possible underlying infection and Dr McCrae mentioned sometimes infection is the cause for some ulcers. Huh..

Dr Loft who kindly took the sample to be tested called me a few hours later and confirmed my suspicion. There is blood in Rocky's stool sample so we will pick up the amox in the morning and get him started on that. I will call Ag West on Monday to find out about to get some ulcer meds.

Saturdays catch up

Been fighting the flu since last Saturday, I never get sick what is up with that! Almost deaf in one ear already, now with the flu i feel like i am a sealed unit. Anyone two feet away trying to tell me something is just a dull ramble and i have been warning people i am talking loud cause for some reason being deaf has this effect on me.

The night before last i had the pleasure of talking to a couple from Montana. They called me to ask a few questions about there Ellie Bellie who has chosen to be an outside pig. I promised them some pictures of the pigs houses here so i better get back outside and take some .

Last night while feeding the pigs i just about stepped on a Salamander in my carport. I have lived here 15 years and this is my first. I picked his sticky little self up and placed him to safety on my deck until i was finished feeding every one. Then i came in the house and turned this machine back on and started emailing for help. I had a load of wood chips dropped off and i wonder if by some miracles this little guy had crawled out of the pile after he survived the chipper. He was so docile , is this how they are? Or was he sick? I looked at my emergency cage three times wondering if i should bring him into the house. Cold meds do funny things to my metabolism and i am a tad high strung right now lol After trying to find help on the net i opted to pick him up one more time and carry him out to the little forest out front and watched him crawl into a little bolder cave with no trouble at all. All is well in Salamander rescue.

This morning Cliff, Paula, Jim , Pam and I attacked the mud in Roscoe's pen with a vengeance. While we were doing that Roscoe was in the carport creating chaos as i can't hear anything right now. Cliff said i heard a crash but didn't think nothing of it. lol Sure Roscoe give me something else to clean up!! We did as much as we could and then did our regular piggy clean up and fresh waters for every one. Thank goodness they all came to help cause i am only running at 25% right now.

Visitors arrived loaded with apples , carrots, popcorn and peanuts so the pigs had fun!! Comet in a split second had grabbed a bag out of Karen's hand and made a dash for it as we yanked it right back off of him. Winnie played the piano for popcorn , she won't work for free that girl! And Jean arrived just as every one was going with a load of piggy pellets for the week. This place is a on going affair. Jean and i talked about her barn leaking and we must get it tarped stat along with some gutter work. Any one for hire out there?

Its only 1:30 and there is still a lot of this day left but i just want to crawl under a blanket fora while.. i have a sick pig so i am going to call the vet first and see when they can come out here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We trade cars and livestock

Why is it acceptable to trade/sell livestock like we were updating our transportation? Okay maybe there was a time where a basket of eggs traded for a sack of flour and i am pretty sure a horse could of fetched a wagon train of the stuff but come on, we are not living in this part of the world during those kind of times any more.. or are we?

Craig list ad reads: small 1 year old pot bellie pig male trade for other farm animal e-mail me thanks

Ummm does any one have a couple of good cats for a very large dog? Or maybe he will take a couple of small chickens for the pig. I mean after all there only chickens, why should any one concern themselves about where this trade will bring them. Well i for one wouldn't give him a toy stuffed animal to play with for a while then traded off down the road for something else. And from my side of this country road all life has equal value and crap i wish people would think for one second- what if it were me...

I am sick about this pig, will let you know what happens..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is my Pig too fat?

Is my pig too fat???
The picture of these three together is a few days after arrival. Look at them now, can you tell who is who from the before picure?

As you know by now pigs live for food and that is the quickest way to a pig’s heart. It is up to you as there prime caregiver to understand the degree of their intelligence and the metabolism of your pig to keep that heart happy and healthy.

The life you set for him or her if you don’t moderate what your feeding them could cause severe medical problems stemming from excess body fat such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure , and arthritis to name a few.

Who wants to lie around too heavy and be miserable and depressed because it is too hard to get around from being over fed? You have seen over weight people on TV who are trapped in there homes from the inability to emotionally regulate what they eat. This is not the case with pigs as your the one who is feeding them so you’re the one who has the control of what is going into there mouths. It is your responsibility as there caregiver to make the correct choices for them. Sure you can over feed a pig and sure you can misunderstand there reluctance to get up or be cranky when asked to go out. As long as you push the feed bowl under his snout why would he have to get up? And this highly intelligent species will work that “feed me” here button with you if you don’t understand pigs and enable this type of behavior.

Can your pig see? Excess body fat will turn into fat folds above his eyes shutting off the air and his sight out. A painful transition to blindness as his eyeballs infect under the skin and deteriate. As in all species it is up to us to determine the fine balance for them so that they are healthy and active. I have never met a pig unless medically compromised who will not spring to his or her feet with snout in the air and a waggy tail at visitors here who may come bearing treats. No matter what condition they come in, they are eager to meet new friends. In more cases seen today an over fed pig will be reluctant to get up, is cranky and is now medically compromised from being over fed.

An over fed pig will eventually not want to get up, not want interaction from any one new near him or her and is reluctant to get up for any reason unless to relieve themselves. There only active sense left is scent and if you’re not the feed wagon then its get away from me. They fall into depression because sight is poor and there inability to move freely may now hurt little legs because (possible arthritis now) they are carrying far too much weight. The heavier they are the smaller there world becomes and they will simply lie down and wait to die day after day as there existence is nothing more but being fed.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Companion Animals

Its been a hectic week with returning calls after work about unwanted pigs, pigs wanted and pig families who want to learn more about there new found family members.

The stigma society has surrounded pigs with is there biggest threat. Education is the key and I will get in any ones face who has a pig or pigs who needs a little or a lot of enlightenment on this very misunderstood species. And the knowledge i have gained in the last 15 years of caring for them at this point is free. Its what i do , for them..

Pigs for example are not happy when over fed to the point of loosing all there natural senses such as sight, sound and the ability to move around freely. Who would of thought , that a pig needed proper care as well. The stigma surrounding pigs has reached so far into the depths of so many, even respected educated caregivers find themselves short on adequate care.
Arrogance is blinding and deadly.

Why is it that humans separate certain species to be our friends when there are so many more to be friends with? It's a mind set i want to change.

I keep getting off topic as it the "Woof" campaign that PETA has begun that has stirred me this week.

Last week-end i got up and opened the gates for the pigs and most of them high tailed it out to the back pasture, but not my Rose. Rose is a 3 year old Yorkshire and she reaches about my waist height and must weight a good 450-500 lbs. Rose followed me around the house and into the carport where i started to flatten out a stack of empty apple boxes. In comparison , all of the pigs had raced out to the apple trees and yet here was my Rose at my side. With a pat and the odd scratch on her ear i set about my task and Rose kept me company. She playfully bit at the corner of one box and i asked her if she was going to help. I don't think she thought what i was doing was fun but clearly she wanted to spend her free time from the confines of her paddock with me.

My trusted companion then walked along side of me as we went out past the barn and to the back pasture where i shook the apple tree.

Now my dog was no where in sight this entire time but i had my pig with me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Please Join us!!!

November 1st Fund Raiser!!!!!!!

Hearts On Noses is a registered, not-for-profit society in Maple Ridge that rescues, rehabilitates and cares for unwanted, injured, orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned mini pigs.
Currently there are 27 Vietnamese Pot Bellied pigs , farm pigs and horses residing at HONS.

We’d love and appreciate your support!


DATE: Sat. Nov. 1 2008
WHERE: The Golden Spike Pub
3224 St. John’s, Port Moody
TIME: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
PRICE: $15.00 per ticket

MENU OPTIONS: A choice of 1 of the following 3 veggie plates:

1. Veggie burger with fries or tossed green salad
2. Veggie stir fry
3. Veggie pasta in marinara sauce with garlic toast

For tickets contact Wendi @ 778-882-9247 or email
Or Email Janice see my email under my profile secion ;o))

50/50 Draw
Toonie Toss
Pub Night Fundraiser and Celebration of World Vegan Day


Tons of Prizes , 50/50 draws

Friday, October 3, 2008

Farm Sanctuary

Not much time tonight , its just started to rain and I have to get out there and feed the kids. but i wanted to point out some things i added to the blog. Susan is a dear friend of mine and the pigs here as she supports us all the way from Ontario. She has a herd of her own she has rescued and has set out to try and do even more for our precious animals by joining A Walk for the Farm Animal Sanctuary. You can read more about this wonderful organization and what they do from that link and maybe even help Susan reach her goal.

Note that PETA is also doing a campaign calling out to the world to see how clever our pigs are and how they should be our friends too. If you click onto the PETA link i have added, there is a cute test on there to play. Be warned the video on the site will jump from cute dog pictures to horrific treatment of farm pigs .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Its not just about the pigs

Driving home from work my mind was filled with thoughts about how this is more then just a place for pigs to go. Yes it is all about them , caring for them, loving them, but there is more to pigs then meets the eye. They have taught me so much about them that it must be true for all living creatures. My First pig Willy was a very good teacher. And yet it is a story about Barney that comes to mind.

There are 15 different piggy yards here and when i am home all the gates are opened so pigs can be free to explore the acreage. When i am not they are safe behind fences , from roaming wildlife. The morning i want to share is one where I had just watched another pig go into Barneys yard. ( i don't call them pig pens) . I glanced over just in time to see Barney herd that pig out, and then Barney put his snout to the gate and flipped it closed.

I kind of giggled and out loud I asked Barney " so what are going to to do now Barney, stay in there all day?" Barney then responded to my question by going up to his gate and putting the tip of his nose under the bottom of it. Very slowly did he move back wards taking tiny steps at a slow and steady pace so his nose did not come off the bottom of the gate. When he got it so far he then flipped it with his snout and opened it and came out.

Closing the gate could of been a fluke, but his responding the way he did after my question by opening it was no way by chance. He heard me and comprehended what i said to him, and his actions then answered my question.

When you meet a pig , know this!!! They understand everything your saying to them.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The alarm goes off and no sooner do I hear the ah ah ah's of Rose one of my big pig's whose yard is only a few feet from my window. As I pass the patio door to put the kettle on the stove i look outside and see Dior, one of the horses standing at the fence line facing towards the house. Luke , one of my cats starts his starving meows and this is pretty well how my days start every morning. Servent to many and as i stop in to write here i must do so for only a minute because i have been at work all day and the same rituals from this morning are about to be repeated any minute. Its a crazy life , but oh how i love them so much!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out of control

I had to work yesterday so when i got home I let Roscoe my big pig out. No worries i made sure the dog was in the house and went about cleaning his piggy yard. A stress free hour with him out as Comet was not and i wouldn't have to worry about my little escape artist. WRONG , the first thing i heard out front was 'beep beep beep" . Can't be for me Comet nor the dog are out and as i look up and at the same time i hear " is that one of yours?" I see Roscoe race across the street and head up the neighbors bridge. HOW DID HE GET OUT???????????? I ran for a bucket asking the biker who stopped if he could block traffic for me as i called out " here here here" while shaking the bucket my big pig raced towards me and we headed for home.

I took a walk about and found my nieghbors fence missing a few rails and pounded them back in.

The acreage is for sale , i want to move and rebuild and start all over with more land. Many of the pigs here need bigger areas now as they are bigger . Roscoe for one. But with the economy being the way it is , so many natural disasters and so many loosing there homes my house is not selling. I have used donations wisley and only maintainted what was needed here and not want i wished for. So i am stuck, and every day i hope today is the day its suppose to happen.

sigh.. its out of my control