Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wet Saturday

Wow did everyone show up early today!! Paula and Jim were headed for the horses at the barn when i caught them tippy toeing around here LOL. AHA!! My sister showed up, Chris(last day) , Susan and Pam we all branched out and attacked our mission.

Speaking of attack, first i have to organize the carport for the big pigs. Nothing can be left on benches , or with in reach of them as they are so strong and a ton taller then the pots so they can reach everything. Buddy is brought back into the house while Roscoe is out and today my cause for concern has been proven. Roscoe a two year old Yorkshire has shown some aggressive behavior towards the dog behind his fence line and no way will i risk injury to either. Anyhow we were trying to empty a huge bin of pumpkins by feeding everyone and when i went into Winnie's yard she grabbed her pumpkin and got passed me and out the gates. So while she ate i had my sister stand blocking Roscoe from entering the carport just in case. We went to work on Roscoe's yard cleaning manure, raking up wet bedding pushed outside his doorway and added a heap more fresh for him. I have watched Roscoe's body language the last year now and have seen him flee from the little pigs , still i didn't trust him out completely with them all. And today Winnie pushed him too far by walking up behind him and chomping him right in the butt. I was already airborne and in the 20 feet separating us he already had attacked her brutally and as i came on top of them both and shoved him off i could see my little pig had been on her side. My sister and i held back emotions and checked on our little Queen and took her right back home. We will see how bad he hurt her tomorrow,thinking how we ache more the day after we have over exerted ourselves. Out later she seems to be okay with a chomp mark on her ear, thankfully she still has it and i had been right there. Roscoe in no circumstances what so ever must ever be allowed to mix with the others again. He is simply no match for the little pots with there massive size and strength.

Now my Winnie i must tell you did the exact same thing last week-end to Rose and got away with it only because Rose is such an exceptional pig and comprehends English at an astounding level. Ever since she was little i told her she would be the one to loose her freedom no matter who started the fight. She is completely trusted as she has shown me over and over again that my warnings to her were understood and she does run from the little ones. And not to worry as i am home when this herd is out and my eyes are everywhere lol.

Every house and shed was filled to the brim with fresh quality straw and there good now for about three weeks. It breaks down and looses its insulating value so i must make sure it is kept up now all threw winter. The pigs need the same temperatures as we do , quality straw acts like an insulator and they retain that heat and are toasty warm when burrowed under .

Today when i switced herds around all the pigs had cookies, thanks to there Grandma who is always on the look out for cheap fun food for the pigs. Every one deserves a little sweetness once in a while. And Nancy my sister refueled the Salad Bar with 8 cases of apples so we are good there. Tomorrow i will be taking a dump run . taking all the rotten pumpkins and then will head down to the Co Op to pick up hay. Please everyone pray for no rain while i am doing this run!

I should climb up the ladder and grab that halogen bulb so i can replace it or i will be feeding in the dark all week again. But it is way up there!!!

The mail box station was broken into this past Thursday night so it is unknown what we have lost inside. ;o(( Cheques can be stopped payment on but things like gift cards are a total loss . Thing is that freinds who send cheques if they don't see if they have been cleared will never know I didn't get it as i would never know they sent it. They will think we didn't send a thank card or appreciated there gift. I wonder how much it costs for a mail box at the post office now? sigh..hate to waste donations that way but we cant' afford to loose any either.

Now where is my ice cream ;o))

EDITED TO ADD: Winnie is fine today ;o))) and all mail appears to be accounted for, looks like they didn't get into mine after all!!

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