Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cost Is Mine And There's.

I knew something had happened at the pond when i came home from work Thursday and my fish weren't in there spot for dinner. Friday morning the pond looked empty but i needed to do water and dishes for the pigs and i went to work here.

Before i go out a facebook message tells me of a pig being advertised for free and i send out a message to Jean on the Island.

I scrubbed all there dishes, the water tubs and a few pools i left out to use as a water catch and a wash basin for the trays and dishes. I did the horses big live stock tank too and was pleased by late afternoon all my kids had fresh waters.

The sun was out and because i had all day to do this i enjoyed the day here while spending time with all the pigs. Instead of rushing by to get the job done i stopped to love on my babies. And Roscoe and i spent a glorious few hours going for our walk around the acreage. Out back he found some lush grass and i found a huge rock to sit on and watched him graze as his long tail wagged continuously.

I came in the house about 3 and was wet and tired and had a quick shower , made something to eat and had a rest before it was time to feed them all. A few hours later i came in here to sit down for a few minutes i looked out the window and to my horror there was a blue heron standing in my pond fishing.

Saturday is join up for volunteers and by 9:30 it was obvious it was just me and my sister. Nancy would do stalls and would work half her time out there for the horses and join me in the pigs pen work after. By 1:00 we were out of steam and the pasture still needs more clean up and the largest piggy pen is left as well as Roscoe's.

Sunday i was expecting visitors as well as someone new who wrote me about helping. I haven't been off the property since last Tuesday except to go to work and needed to restock the pigs supplies. The animals here are no different from your cats or dogs who need to go out early . The only difference here is there are 45 animals here - 41 of them outside who are expecting breakfast at the crack of dawn. My work out there starts right away which is why i book all visits in the morning.

A surprise from Chris who has five hours left on his community hours i got him started on the big piggy pen and i worked in the yard and on Roscoe's. And as i did i also i fretted over the pond and how i would have to net it now. Once my visitors left i would race to get the net in town at the pond supply store. I would add livestock wire first to save the remaining fish while i left here as Chris would only be here until noon.

By 11:00 and none of my visitors here yet , i made the decision to go to town now and get the net so Chris would still be here to let my visitors know i would be back and his presence would keep the herons away. If my visitors arrived on time once the tour was done i could race back to town to get produce for the pigs for our week ahead.

I got back at almost noon and Chris offered one more hour to help and so i raced against the clock to get this project completed as i expected to have to stop to greet my guests. I had to cut down all the bull rushes and remove them from the pond. Remove all the boulders holding the wire down , remove and roll up the wire and prepare to drape the net without it laying in the water.

Chris left and i worked as fast and hard as i could as there was a huge mess in my yard now that needed to be cleaned up and at 1:45 is when my morning visitors arrived here.

I am tired now and so are the pigs that are out and yet the peanut butter and jam sandwiches are distributed. Carpets for the inside kids put away and apples were much appreciated. I can't barely walk now as i have been on my feet for three days working here and i am out of steam physically and emotionally. I try to be gracious and friendly but i was so tired and no way could i now get to town to buy a weeks worth of produce needed for the pigs.

I had two hours to rest before feeding dinner and i haven't eaten all day .. and when i do feed the pigs i am exhausted. And Soda only added to my day by bumping me out of the way at the gate when i went into feed. She is in heat and food is the furthest thing she desires. I chased her around for about two hours in between feeding everyone and no way is she going back in. She is in a pen with 11 others and its pretty hard to get a pig in without letting the entire herd out for a free for all at 9 o'clock

And during the day i am fighting the emotions in the store and here while i work and tell the pigs stories to my visitors i want to cry my heart out for my fish who i didn't protect here. I am watching the birds who arrive to the pond for a drink or a splash trying to get to it. And if i find a bird caught up in this net i will loose it.

Once back in the house i sat here and Jean has contacted a family we placed a pig earlier this year and they have agreed to love this one off of facebook too.

Its Monday and i need a day off but i have inside work that needs to get looked at... and its 9 so i better return some calls here and then get out and feed the kids.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bits And Pieces

Where do i start , its been a while!!!

Lets see i contacted B.C.Corrections to see if i could get a crew here to move the rest of the gravel. They arrived last Friday and all new faces except for one and every one of them reached out to shake my hand , how nice of them all. They worked so hard and got it all moved. Some of the guys trimmed some low branches and dragged them off into the bush for me and they even blew off this long driveway.

I will need another load of gravel or two and then i will bring in the bark mulch. And yes i will see if i can get the guys back here for that too.

Pam and Dave report in on there new charges and judging from the behavior of Bossy Boots and new boy Rocco making kissy face at the fence we think he is not neutered. And on top of Bossy pushing her way around and heading up the ramp in any attempt to get to him almost clinches it. A few pictures it is hard to tell by looking at him but yes it appears he may still have one nut in there. ( judging the classic look of 'elephant skin' in between his legs on one side)

I never even thought to look at Rocco when we were loading as there previous keepers wrote he was neutered. Easy to assume when in the time he as been with them he showed no interest that way in his mate i guess. Perhaps these precious pigs had a mutual understanding of her pain.. and he closed himself off from those urges.

Angel is pretty crippled up and we agree its time to call the vet in now as they have had enough time to settle in there. The vet there admits his knowledge is limited but he is a good man and listens to Pam's concerns and acts on them with the utmost safety and care. Rocco has two incisions from someones previous attempt,(poor baby) but this vet skillfully neuters Pam and Dave's boy. A script is left for Angel and we hope this brings her comfort , time will tell.

I just got off the phone from someone whose family is loosing the acreage and they have a pig. His name is Lenny and at about 4 years old is in her words not living a good life there anyhow. The family who had Lenny originally had contacted me a little less then two years ago. I begged them to keep him as i was in the middle of listing my acreage at that time. I never heard back from them after my email to them and the next time i heard about Lenny was when this lady called me for some help in his care. Poor Lenny needs a forever home now.. one that will love him and give him what he needs. I will go down there tomorrow and get a picture of him to share and i will try and find a good home for him. sigh...

And a call like that removes the flow of writing for me as there is someone I am worried about now.

Happy Thanks Giving everyone!!