Saturday, September 14, 2013

Soft Like Luke

I saw him over 14 years ago, hunkered close to the ground like a cat will do when moving out on his own and searching for food. A short haired ginger boy and i thought man he must be hungry to come to a home where carries the scent of three dogs. I started to leave food out every night on the work bench in my carport . And when i knew he was coming every night i started to sit out there with that food. He would have to get used to me being there to eat and so i sat with a flashlight and a book every night. I enticed him with creme and after a few monthes i would reach out for a pet . One night having gained his trust i grabbed him . I have held a few wild cats in my lifetime and they fight like hell but this cat shivered in my arms. The spare bedroom with an added screen door would be his while he got used to life indoors, the dogs , the other cats and of course the pigs. It was a short haired collie who pushed passed me threw that n door one night and they became fast friends. He is a cool cat i thought , cool like Luke. Luke was diagnosed with cancer such a short time ago. This picture was only taken in May of this summer. Today he was half the cat and when he was found somewhere he never goes this morning i knew he was trying to get away...from his own self. I hope that collie greets Luke on the other side as i told him he might. And i told him i will never forget him and when ever i feel something or someone that feels oh so soft to the touch i will think "soft as Luke" . There will be an empty spot in my arms tonight. .

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Daisy has crossed..

In 2001 the Surrey SPCA contacted me about 3 pigs and so off Maggie and i went to get them. When we arrived we were told one of the pigs had babies so we brought home a total of seven. I named the Mom, Flower and thought it was only fitting to name her only daughter ,Daisy. She had a litter of four and there were two other adults . These pigs were the firsts and ones i call the original ones or of the main herd as they have been with me the longest. Still , these babies are only 12 years old.. Daisy was out with her herd yesterday , and we watched her tail just a wagging to all heck. She had her bouts with arthritis and last few days she was on and off her food. I found her standing in her water dish the night before and i knew she was running a fever.. i got the meds into her and in complete shock i found her lost to this world first thing this morning. She looked perfect to me ....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Third Annual Garage Sale April 27th & 28th

Third Annual Garage Sale April 27th & 28th **** This is not at the Sanctuary!!!!!!**** 33470 12th Ave., Mission, B.C. Saturday 9-4 Sunday 9-1 We welcome donations for our sale please contact Janice at for additional information.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Worldwide Vegan Bakesale to benefit Hearts on Noses

Save the date! April 27th - Buy some delicious vegan baked goodies and support animal rescue and advocacy! 3-5 3G Vegetarian Restaurant 3424 Cambie St. Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8 Canada

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sorry I coudn't keep you with me longer ...

About four years ago , still living in Maple Ridge i noticed a little black cat hanging around . She appeared to be staying close by as I would see her at my neighbors. Knowing she didn't belong to him, i started leaving food out for her on my bench in the carport. One day talking to my neighbor over the fence , the little black cat came up in the conversation. Mario told me he could pet her. I was surprised and asked him if he was feeding her and he told me he was. I then asked if he was going to bring her inside and he wasn't so i asked him to stop feeding her so i could get her. When the food was taken away over there she was forced to come to my place more often. A place with a big dog , many pigs and horses ..but she would of already met Luke , our big orange tabby. And she did come and joined Carport Penny as i prepared a nice warm safe place for her on top of Penny's house that was tucked in the back of my double carport. I called her Patou, short for Cutie Patootie. She was jet black, little tough fluff ball from living in the outside world and she would eat anything and everything. Trying to get in her to stay in the Big hosue when we became trust worthy was another story. I would bring her inside and shut doors that only cats could get threw and left a window open for her. Having lived outside for Lord only knows how long, it was her safe world now. I left a window open so she wouldn't feel trapped , but every morning her bed i had prepared for her inside on top of the dryer would be empty. When I moved us all here in December of 2009 her and Luke were both confined inside until i was sure they had grown accustomed to there new surroundings. There was no carport here, no benches to leap up on and get up to the rafters. And over time it became obvious to me that both cats now didn't want to go outside and were perfectly happy. Doors open for pigs and dogs during the summer months lured them out for a quick pee and right back in again. Patou's health started to decline and a few weeks ago her weight dropped dramatically. A vet trip and home with medication. Suspected cancer would be looked at if and when we got her stable. She ate all her dinner last night but i could see she was not doing as well as i had hoped after a week of meds. When i woke up this morning I found her flat out on the living room floor. I thought she was gone... Roxane and I got to the vets before they were open and they took her right in. An hour later we were told she wasn't going to make it. I don't know who didn't care about you when you came upon us. We were told you were about 15 years. Not old for a cat well looked after but i suppose it is , for one who wasn't for her first 11-12 years. I will miss you sitting on the edge of the couch bumping me..holding your head into my cheek for a moment . I will miss you pushing your face in my dish when i am trying to eat dinner. I will miss your meow, your face and your little big self.