Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've been working at SAINTS for almost three weeks and i am enjoying it, i find myself eager to get there and see everyone and get the work started.

My first day i was being shown the chickens and found myself with Dionne in the shops bathroom with a chicken over the laundry tub removing a poop ball with warm water.

And because each animal there is not only a different species but they are unique in there own rights. Ziggy a little donkey, loves the cows and got the zoomies when i let him go in with his cow herd tonight. Chewy a little goat closes his eyes when you stroke his soft fur. Pete , another goat can be sneaky and can fit threw the narrowest opening if i don't get that gate closed. He has a built in natural smile, just like our pigs. Carl , the Llama does look at me like a predator anymore and has accepted my presence. He no longer walks the pasture in front of me giving me his buck toothed evil eye. And Ellie the first farm pig there is a Princess but you should of seen her duking it out with Carl the other day. A little frail goat who i am told was such a brat when she was young, is now a shop goat getting special care. She likes oatmeal cookies the best. The horses sing to you when you get there in the morning and open the barn doors.

Every day i am there i learn something new about someone and i watch over them like a mother watching every one of her kids to make sure they are okay. Hours and moments can change drastically when looking after special needs animals.

You know "they" say cows are dumb but let me share with you what i saw today. It was not a unicorn but he is to me. Popeye is but a very old white horse and was laying down much like the unicorn in this picture. A horse perhaps not long for this world and there a cow - holding her giant head into this old horses side was Emily. It was a gentle face pressing so lightly only just to make contact with her freind. And yet another giant of a cow pressing his nose to this horses nose was Percy. Were they comforting old Popeye ... were they saying we love you. It was truly one of the most endearing pictures that will forever be in my heart. I wish i had of had a camera , perhaps i will draw it one day.

Edited to add that Popeye was not any better today even after the new strong pain meds he was given.. tommorrow morning he will fly.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well many of you must be wondering if i dropped off from the face of the earth. Its been while since i blogged as its been a crazy last few months. Projects on going and unfinished all the while under a tremendous amount of stress with out being able to find work. Thankfully My Mom covered the mortgage here month after month while i kept believing everything would be okay. Two weeks ago i was at Moms crying as i was at the end of my rope and only a month left in the bank for the both the pigs and the house.

The phone rang and it was Carol from SAINTS also a rescue who gives home to senior animals in need with many cats and dogs and a barn full of farm animals. Her full time gal had given notice and asked if i thought i could take it on. Farm work , 8 hours a day Monday threw Friday scared the hell out of me as it takes a huge amount of physical strength to do what i must do here. Would there be anything left of me to care for my own when i got home??

Its been two weeks and i survived, because after the first two days i thought i would die LOL .

And today only Roxane and i were out here today in the pouring rain trying to do clean up for the 45 aniamls here and we were both dragging our feet. I am beat as i am sure Roxane is , but we managed.

Its Christmas and its been a ritual for years that I shopped for the animals here for there big Christmas feast on top of getting gifts for my family and the my volunteers. But because of the financial crisis WEE were in , i will have to make it up to everyone.

But Christmas not about things , its about love and there is plenty of that to go around here. And the cupboard is not bare as we have been provided for and we give our thanks !

Blessing to all my freinds and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Short Blog Post or what!!!!!!!!! Trying to get newsletter ready and ready for year end tax receipts for all the donations we received this year !!

Hope you can join us!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee Time

I was just sitting down by the pond having a cup of coffee and enjoying my quiet time but alas my mind races. So why not put those thoughts to my blog and up date my friends.

The intended hay storage, quarantine and volunteer shelter we won the funds to build from The Vancouver Foundation is not going as planned. The job was to start July 25th and even that was a month from my meeting with my friend and carpenter. Getting our hay for winter and at a good price is long gone and with only three walls up, and not designed the way i wanted it by late September my patience popped. He will not be back.

I got three days of work in last week and that has been my only income in over a month now. Mom is helping me pay the mortgage with the little she can afford on a pension. Resumes go out daily here .

Pam and Dave were down picking up there son to bring back to Sorrento so we were fortunate to spend a few days together again and spent the nights talking about pigs to the WEE hours. They brought there helpful hands and a carload of buckets filled to the brims with apples. Dave took a look at the build so far on the shed and between us he drew out what i needed and wanted. He has offered to come back down to do the build , how so very kind of them. I just hope they are not reeling back home with there own projects to finish before there much harsher winters, I don't want to ask too much from such wonderful friends.

B.C. Corrections finished up the drainage at the front and it has really kept the areas free of standing water, yay!! All the guys wear a red uniform, decked out in red pants , t-shirts and caps. The cook gets the stove going first thing and macaroni and fried baloney is in the wind. So when i came out wearing red joggers they all laughed as i was almost dressed like them. The next thing you know one of the guys is walking toward me with a red t shirt to put on. Ten guys waiting for me to put it on had to be told " i'm not putting in on in front of you" This of course brought guilty laughter so off to the house i went and put it on and then came outside asking "wheres my baloney?" . We all had a few laughs that day. And no , i'm not afraid of these guys there all polite and very much gentlemen when they are here. And they work hard! Too bad they didn't have any inmate carpenters on there crew at this time. ;o)

A young couple moving here from Alberta with there two pig kids in tow are in between housing so the babies are here much to everyone's delight. There complete time wasters as you can sit and watch babies all day as they are so full of life as they explore there big new world here. And of course as cute as a dickens. And Amber and Brady are really a very nice couple and have already contacted one of the pubs in town to do a pub night for us. More YAYS!

Yesterday was a busy day as we all worked to clean up the Sanctuary. All the pools have been collected and need to be put away for the season. Roxanne is one awesome volunteer and friend and she didn't leave here until almost 5 last night. I should of just fed the pigs dinner before i came in but I hadn't eaten all day and was whooped. So i took a break and ate and then went back out and got back in about 9.

Today we had visitors all the way from North Vancouver and i know they had a good time. So cute the way they gifted up two baskets of goodies for the pigs and even some apple juice for our Penny. Fresh tomatoes , crackers and popcorn they didn't miss a pigs favorites.

My boss called me but immediately told me he didn't have any work for me but they had a crab apple tree and wanted to come out this morning and bring the kids. Come on over and they did arriving with two huge tubs full of granny smith apples! Grandma came with them at 89 years and talked about the feral pigs she saw in the forests of Germany where she grew up.

Funny how life is as i was just saying on facebook we never get goodies from folks apple trees or gardens and they would prefer it to rot on the ground then to give it to us to feed pigs. I have a good weeks worth and more off apples in storage now , this is such a huge savings at 16.00 a case here in town.

Oh and Roxane came after work one night with a friend and a van full of apple and plum tree's. So while they dug and planted, Dave went around and wired them to protect them from the pigs. It may take a few years before they produce but one day the kids will find there own treasures as they used too before moving here.

Now really the best part of today started off with feeding the pigs donated fancy bread and underneath a pile of raisin bread was a lemon pie. How can one divide a pie and who would get it?? DYLAN was so cute and so very happy diving into that pie and i hope Amber and Brady share those pictures.

Two weeks ago was a hoot as Kasun wanted to have his birthday shared with the pigs here and brought a huge vegan cake with the words "Pigs like Cake too" on it. We all shared a piece and sang him happy birthday and then he went around with his Mom and spoon fed his cake to every pig here. Now that was a ton of fun, we all had such a great time.

In between the jam packed days here are two pigs in Kelowna who will be moving to Duncan on the island. Thanks to Jean over there doing the home check for these fosters who hopefully will adopt. And a 700 lb pig call needing to get off the callers property , a message is left but the call is not returned and the next thing you know someone else is calling asking me to come over and access there new 700 pig captured by the SPCA out of a river out here. Another email comes in about two more and they are big pigs too we must find them a good home at least we know they won't end up in a river. I will share a picture here of where they were , this person thought pigs liked mud and the excrement they were laying in.

Why does this world think so little of pigs? They are no different from your cats who love to lay on fresh laundry , they like clean too. They relish in soft cozy nest of hay or a cozy bed like our dogs do. There heads will come down to your leg and hold themselves there like our horse do. And pigs give good kisses too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

She Wants Us To Move This?

Vancouver Foundation's awarded Grant for our hay storage , shelter and storage has started to be put to work now. I ordered a load of gravel/dirt for my carpenter to use to level the area . The left overs will be be moved to areas in the piggy paddocks for dry footing in our winter weather.

Rene has been back and forth a few times with truck loads of wood and more will be needed as we go here. Justin laid out the gravel and Rene started framing in the floor.

And true to my women hood when i saw how it was placed I wanted it moved. Rene, i am sure wanted to shoot me but with the help of Kasun and his two brothers Kamil and Shev who arrived the following day we all moved it and now it is perfect.

Of course now that we moved it there was gravel left where the floor isn't anymore and enter Justin who arrived to help move it again. Geeshhhhhhh women!!

Today was a GREAT day, Justin arrived to help with that gravel and by the time he got here i had already done the barn and had picked up the manure around it.

I had a freezer in the basement i never wanted and saw someone on Craig list looking for one. With Justin's help and Martin removing the doors they got it out and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its gone finally!!!

An hour or so later Diane arrived to trim my horses and both girls were so good for there hoof trim.

Just as we were finishing Lee arrived with a car load of fancy bread for the pigs and five boxes of big tomatoes for the pigs. YUM!!!!!!!!!

After getting lee unloaded and on her way i started to do the waters for all the pigs , filled up wallows and Justin moved the gravel to some uneven areas under the mats for the horses in the barn and used the rest to create a ramp up for them .

Can it get any better then this? It has been non stop all day here and i can't be happier !!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Victoria Yard Sale!!

Lost in the chicken catch and landfill pick i am so late on sharing this awesome fundraiser put on for the pigs 100's of miles away from us.

Jenn an all around animal lover as her family and freinds pulled this together for us in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I only wish i could of attended as I love treasure hunting and it looks like a ton of treasures were there to be had.

Jean also there adding treasures , shopping and manning a table she set up for Hearts On Noses and traveling from Duncan!

Jenn and her Mom , Marie not only shared our story and gathered all these goodies we also received donations on top of the $600.00 they raised there!! WOW in one day!!!! Georgia and Lundyn, nieces of Jenn proves love is hereditary in this awesome animal loving family. One day, but weeks of hard work gathering the stuff , packing and sorting and setting up is a ton of work ! The pigs and I can't thank you all enough as we so needed this boost in our bank account.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Its About Them

Gads where does the time go!!! Its already getting darker earlier and I am still looking for work yet trying to get drainage done and a shed built!! Our $5000.00 Grant money is on the way from the Vancouver Foundation but the days are racing by with none of those projects started. My carpenter was away for a while and was to start last month so I postponed ordering gravel and commencing the drainage issues as I didn't want all that mountain of rock in his way here. I can't waste any more time and have reached out to B.C. Corrections to see when the crew can come here and get going on that project.

Sending out resumes , re vamping it .. packing copies in my truck and handing them out even. Must seem weird for me to worry about money when I have $5000.00 coming in but that money cannot be used to pay the mortgage here!!

And yet my days are filled with hours of work on here and outside and it just seems never ending , one worry down and on to the 50 worries ahead of me.

I have lost count of how many times I stopped back at where those chickens were dumped . And I retrieved two potted plants sent over the edge there as I guess its in my nature to save things and I couldn't save the chickens so I will save the flowers.

There was a good deal on sheds on Craig List and I asked for a quote on buying one , two and three maybe and better if we bought more. I shared the note with Roxanne and that wonderful girl offered to pay for all of them. And then when I got an email from the builder that he needed more for them now ..a $1000.00 more . Are you kidding me?? So that all got put on the back burner as I turned my attention to getting educated on the net about ditch digging and measuring out the ditches needed ,draw it out , where they would go, tie into, drain off too , figuring out how much I would need if the ditch was 14x 20 and then get prices on gravel, drainage pipe and there goes another day.

Before we were allowed to go to the dump Roxanne and I set up the tent I had here so we had somewhere dry to put all of our pickings. It was all in pieces and we were so tired from the week before and working hard all day in the rain on the pigs paddocks. It was a brain teaser for sure and my remark of " I don't like this game " sent us into hysterically laughter.

I was very lucky when Roxanne came into my life as she is game to work like I do here and will tackle any challenge. Last Saturday after three of us did all the pigs paddocks and the horses Rox and I headed to Roses house. The front end of that house was not level and leaning forward and one of the walls was buckled opened. We nailed it back together and added a few strapping boards across and then we lifted that house and put two more blocks under it.

Hearts On Noses is getting good exposure on the net thanks to Facebook and the work I am doing for pigs in the USA. With that brings emails of pigs needing new homes and it took me three days to place two pigs in New Hampshire and one in New York. Pulling to all together long distance took so many hours on here to make sure the pigs were going to great homes and checking them all out. Normally I would just forward those messages on to other Sanctuaries in there State but both families had been turned down and were desperate. A few pictures on Facebook along with the pigs bio and I had good homes offered by some really great friends on there.

We had a nice article in the local paper this past Tuesday , our first one since relocating here Dec 2009. And the day after CBC Early morning show called and I did a 6 minute radio interview at 6am in the morning. And then someone sent me a link and our little article was on the Province website as well?? So far no calls of support or volunteers and no donations from the exposure but lets hope something does come of it all for the pigs here.

My Mom is 88 and still drives and will come out here every other week to spend two days here. Same day B.C. Tel arrived to run new lines and while talking to that crew Mom told me a cousin and a friend were popping by. After a very long tour and one they really enjoyed as it last four hours my cousin said to me " if this is what makes me happy". I have had this said to me before and I really have to gather my thoughts for this one as I am at a loss of how to reply to that. In my mind I am reeling and thinking ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!!! Did you think I wanted to work my ass of 24/7 have no life to save other peoples pigs they HAD to have and won't make one sacrifice in there lives to make it work but expect me to do it !!! Having to listen to the freaking excuses people make such as "we can never leave to go on trips" when I can't even leave to go out for dinner???

I calm my mind and tell a story instead " to see a pig like Panda buck and spin in pure joy when he realizes he is no longer imprisoned like he was before we rescued him as he realizes he can come and go from his house into his yard anytime he wants , that is what makes me happy". To see him roll in happiness in his simple bed of hay and for him to know there will not be rats crawling all over him and chewing on his ears and tail. For him to know there will be good food presented to him twice a day. In other words what I should of said to her was "this is not about my happiness" .

There is a 12 year old pig on my mind now that cannot go with his family to there new place and two pigs who will be boarded here for a month while that family awaits the availability of there new home. A pig in New York no longer wanted. A Dog run donated but in Coquitlam that needs to find a way here . Materials to order , wood to count so I know what we have. Pond bugs who emerge from the pond as dragon fly’s who can't get out from the net and I better get off here as we have a big day here tomorrow with little help to do it.

At least the weather is with us and the mud is behind us for a while. The pigs are all enjoying there days laying in the sun and cooling off in pools or wallows.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chickens Are Not Trash

Thanks to a Grant from the Vancouver Foundation my mind is filled with gathering help and materials to stretch the $5000.00. Note this money can only be spent on the projects we requested it for. Drainage, shelter and storage. So a letter went off to the landfill asking for permission to pick the site for usable lumber, I was given permission to be on site for 4 days at 8am every morning and wearing all the appropriate safety gear. My first morning would be Tuesday as i got in a few hours at the shop on Monday.

Monday coming home from work i pass by a very rural stretch and noticed a teeny rooster at the side of the road. I turned around and parked and counted seven birds down below the incline. Three roosters and three hens along with a young baby. When the big gold rooster saw me he lead his flock further into the bush so i came home to seek out a game plan and the hows on face book.

The forest here is lush, with a creak running in the back of the lush area , moss laden ground with majestic cedars and evergreens mixed in with others in various stages of decay, toppled over by wind and lightening strikes.

From the road to get down is about a 50 ft incline and it is also where more then one passerby has tossed over there garbage. A discarded Tv is smashed over and frames the center of a tree stump. There is glass everywhere , old tires , yard waste and seven chickens.

The following day Roxanne and I picked at the dump for five hours and i was exhausted but i went back to the chicken site with a pail of feed , crates , dishes, water , string and set my trap. I called out to these birds and the young rooster came out first , two roosters are missing. I set the trap knowing if they don't go in during the day i will have to close it up at night so they don't get cornered by wildlife.

The following day the trap has been disturbed , i see another feed pail. This sets me back as i didn't feed the birds outside the trap when i set it up. To eat they would have to go in. Some one else with a good heart has fed the birds so i shut the door,i don't see the baby anymore.

Roxanne has helped me two days in a row at the dump and we were both so tired. Pulling pieces of plywood from under the weight of tossed timber is labor intensive but we go into hysterical laughter at the stupidest things because we are so giddy. We are getting some good stuff!

We return to the dump on Wednesday and then I go back to check on the chickens. I beg Roxanne to come back with me after dinner to see if we can net the remaining birds. I know chickens will not move in the dark but when we get back there the young rooster is up a tree . Two hens are settling in but my attempt with the net failed and they retreat into the bush. The pretty little white one with feathers on her head is back alone in the bush.

In the morning i push myself to return to the dump and get home and unload then return to the chickens. The white one is gone and so is the rooster. I live in the middle of bear country but i returned that night with a flashlight as the two hens had to be saved as something was getting them and yet in the back of my mind i had hoped they returned to where they came from and were not dumped. But as i went threw the bush i saw the flutter of a huge wing span and not more then four feet in front of me was an owl on top the rooster that had been up the tree the night before. I can't see the hens and know not to alert the owl even if i did find them so i have no choice but to leave.

Friday is my last day at the dump and i am wasted but i don't stop with my load i go right to the chicken site without stopping and I can't see them anywhere. I walked threw the bush for over an hour , i thought i heard them ..but i don't think I will ever stop hearing them. I went back later before i fed the pigs dinner and there was no sign of them. Scattered feed was untouched so not even the wild birds dare into this part of the forest now.

I took a sign with me and put it up on a dead tree for all to read. "Shame on who ever dumped this chickens here along with the garbage. I tried to catch them for a week, but the Owl was better at it then I was"

I pulled all my gear out of there and cried all the way home.

Monday, July 4, 2011


My horses and I are very glad to see sunshine today as we hope our hay farmers will be able to get there grass cut soon. I have spent a ton of money on a ton of hay my girls leave scattered all over the pasture. Of course this last batch of hay bought is last years and a ton coarser then what my girls need. They are on the back pasture every other night and the grass is rich here so they are a tad spoiled. I can't let them on it every day as we need to share that grass with the pigs too!! They are on pasture but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

The first load i brought home and put away was hauled back out again the next day and added to all the pigs sheds. Pretty expensive hay for bedding!!! The pigs pick at it too so it is all good and i hope this sunshine lasts a few more days so i go buy fresh hay for my girls.

Not much help down here so every day i put in long hours working outside. Roxanne gave up two days this long week-end to help here. My washing machine died so she found a good one on Craig List so off we went to get it Friday. On the way back i spotted a little Scottish Terrier on a mission where he shouldn't be so i pulled over and grabbed him . Not neutered but his tags had his name and number so the family was reunited back here a few hours later. Harvey's family were very happy and left with a gentle ear full on getting him neutered and a few horror stories to encourage them to keep him under better guard.

The pools are out for the pigs and more coming thanks to Roxanne finding a bargain on ten pink ones.

I have had to padlock the gates when i leave as stuff is walking off the property to my shock here. Went to grab one of those metal rakes to spread gravel and not only did they take one they took the two that i had. It has to be someone who i welcomed threw those gates at one time so it is sickening to think they came back only to steal from the pigs when i am out shopping for them.

On a good note i got to work another day for the guys as Andre was sick and when i came home to my locked gates there were three huge bags of blankets left for them! YAYYYYYYYY!!

Yesterday Flower although timid was a few feet away from me when i rounded the house to get something. I sat down in the sun and suggested she join me and if she did I would tell her a story. Flower came and laid down a few feet away from me so after my story i came in and grabbed her a blanket. I look at this picture and see a pretty pig who is at peace with her surroundings and that means the world to me and washes these tired old bones away.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Natural Hoof Care

A few weeks ago a friend from the old neighborhood stopped me as i was closing the front gates. Diane jogging by was telling me she moved too and was just around the corner from me. The best part was her offer to donate the trimming of my horses hooves! My horses haven't had shoes on for years and either has a saddle as i just don't have time any more and where we live is not an area of open meadows or safe accessible trails. And when Dior had her seizure last summer it sort of clinched that idea , although i do believe that was caused from sleep deprivation as she refused to lay down to rest when we moved here.

Anyhow its always a little uncomfortable to let someone you know and like that you won't be needing them for next trim, but due to my economic situation the offer is too good to refuse . And still i was hesitant to book the new appointment as would Diane be as good as the other and would she be as nice to my horses?

Dior is easy to halter but Lacy is a brat and can give me the run around and my gosh it is really the only thing i ask them to do any more and that is to accept the halter for trims every 6- 8 weeks .

I tossed a knitted belt from a friend over my neck and used this instead of giving the horses a heads up by walking out with a halter. I got Dior no problem and Diane went to work . Now Dior has been refusing to lift a rear leg and i do believe it is pain related although she gallops and tears around here. She gets down for a roll and stretches out for a sleep but there is something going on with her hip or back as she backs up awkward . Anyhow Diane persisted she would do her whether she picked up her foot or not and she did. She dug around the ground where that hoof was planted and exposed the hoof and Dior finally got that foot trimmed.

Lacy is a challenge and she went to walk away from me but this time as she took a few steps and for one second stopped this is where i called out GOOD Girl and low and behold she planted her stop and i got the halter on her in seconds.

While trimming Lacy and sharing her story with Diane she was about to finish one hoof when Lacy nickered into my hands. Never in our lives together has she done this and for a second it felt like a ghost of an old friend must of been standing right next to her because it was so loving. A response to Diane's work which is a different style , i don't now but it was wonderful.

Not sure why the link doesn't show you on my blog as it does in my edit . Diane Kubas and her email address is

This is the link to Diane's website and i can 't tell you what an amazing experience for two loved horses and how a routine trim was not so routine after all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sun Is Shining!

The mud is finally drying up and is being replaced by lush green grass. The birds are singing and even the fish are enjoying the warmth of the sun. The frogs are chirping and croaking the night away and i actually just had to stop typing here for a minute to remove one that somehow was in between my open patio doors. A little tree frog is now hopping away from his glass prison.

The pools are out for the pigs and the horses are splashing away at there water tank. The wallow is already being used by the pigs to cool off in and keep biting bugs away. I will have to pull out the fly masks for the horses now and the sunscreen for my white pigs.

Reports trickle in from time to time from our pig families who adopted from us and all the kids are doing great. Pam and Dave who have now added the fifth to there herd tell us they were in the basement and heard the pitter patter of little feet upstairs. Rocko one of the two they saved end of last summer trotted up the pig ramp and came into the house all by his self. Now this may sound odd to a dog family , but for a pig to do this is indeed a day for celebration. Scary ramps and unfamiliar smells keep a pig timid but safe for this pray species. So when Rocko was found in the 'big house' he was rewarded with many treats in hopes he repeats his visit again soon.

Cassandra has a huge swelling over her eye and we hope that meds will bring down what we hope is an abscess, if not off to the vet she will go. She is a little pig and a senior one so putting her under is something i will try and avert if at all possible.

Tuskers also a senior pig is showing signs of arthritic changes and is on pain killers now . I need an army of help here soon as i need that shed lowered to make it easier for him to walk out now. A load of wood chips would also help out by raising the land around the shed , so what ever comes first.

Penny still needs my help but i have never seen her tail wag so much before. Every day i drop the holding pen over her and help her out and we are good for another 12-24 hours. The tumours are getting bigger and it is more difficult for me but her pretty face removes what we see from her behind.

Well i better get out there and get the pigs apples ready for breakfast. I don't normally feed apples in the morning but with this warm weather produce will not last as long in my shed . And it is a perfect meal as it is a juicy treat to start out there day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Saying..

Gads its been forever since i last posted here or even looked at any one's blogs. And i am behind at least a month in emails , have year end to do and my office is a mess again.

I really haven't had a break for over two weeks here as the guys called me back to the shop to cover for Andre who is taking a two week course. It was far busier then it was when i was there part time and hope they can bring me back. The search for work continues and yet the phone is not ringing. There are so many looking for work the competition is fierce and with the kids out of school makes it even tougher.

Volunteers have been down and every Saturday for the last 3 weeks has left me alone with either my sister or with Josh , a grade 9 student. Thankfully he returned on Mothers Day to help me for a few hours as he alerted me to the flood in the basement. So much for my two weeks wage as half of it was spent before i even started as the sump pump packed it in. But we pailed for four hours and saved the furnace so it could of been a ton worse.

The Burnaby Pathfinders returned for a Sunday work out and as usual there smiles lite up both the pigs and mine day. They planted a few privacy bushes for me, swept the driveway, helped load the truck for a dump run, fixed fences and picked up manure from the horses pasture. The highlight for me is wrap up time when the kids race in all directions to the animals they have connected with to hand out love and goodies. Great bunch of girls and of course reflects the Team Leaders .

Donations are down, we have lost quite a few sponsors and we are desperate for fundraisers. I boldly have been asking if anyone can help us , put out a donation tin or hold a bottle drive or car wash for us. My money is gone and with no job and no unemployment insurance we are in trouble. I repeat my mantra "we will be okay, we will be okay".. A huge sum has been spent and my money has run out that I took out to carry us all threw this move and rebuild. Not being able to find work was inconceivable as surely the economy would be better by now I thought. UGHHHHHHHHHH The pigs have money for feed and vetting it is my contribution of the mortgage etc that is in trouble.

If you could add a blurb on any networking sources you have the pigs and I would appreciate it. If anyone could hold a carwash or bottle drive or put a tin out it would really help carry us until I find work!!

The work doesn't stop however and the countless emails asking for advice with behavior is mixed in with pigs needing new homes. And we were here for another little one last week who was picked up by Pam and Dave from Sorrento again. One little house pig has taken over her new home already, has experienced her first mud wallow and has crawled into the hearts of my friends.

The birds have returned and i took time out yesterday to watch the Swallows for a few minutes. This is a bird who loves to fly. If you have a minute stop and watch them as they play on the wind and you will see what i see. The Robins and Chickadees are forever on a mission seeking out food or a place to nest. The Swallows of course are on the same mission but take delight in the freedom of flight.

Hearts On Noses has an article in a Polish publication this month so if anyone can translate the article for me by even reading it out loud to me drop me a line!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter Wrap

Long week-ends are normally pretty quiet and volunteers are busy with family and get aways. So Saturday morning when 9 am arrived and no one was here i wasn't surprised. As i got off this chair to get out there and feed the horses and then the pigs , there was a car out front!!! Carly and Sam had arrived and got to work right away. A few minutes later Erica and her boyfriend arrived here as first timers and that was a great surprise. Next came Carolyne our bunny loving friend and we were rocking out there!!!

What a crazy month it has been for weather , i woke up to snow covering the Grass one morning and by noon sunny and beautiful. Which was the case when Pam m from Sorrento came to visit. We didn't work our visit away this time we spent time talking past midnight and petting and treating the pigs all day.

Roxanne was away but remember our garage sale? She brought us a ton of great stuff and one of the bags she arrived with , while i was digging in i was so excited! She started to explain she had bagged these all up and that we might get so much a bag for them. HAZELNUTS .. oh my i couldn't help myself to say "pigs love hazelnuts" !!! So when Pam was here all the pigs were treated with those and hey Rocky your Panda Man crunches them down too!!! For a pig who couldn't eat an apple when he arrived he sure has come a long ways.

Donna our popcorn girl who we don't get to see too often supports us by coming to all our sales and with two large bags of popped corn. The pigs had there party too Donna!!

Saturday Lee and Laura always arrive and donate produce for us and arrived with pears and oven dried bread, bagels and fancy breads for the pigs. Laura was back again later with a car full of fresh buns so although not the most nutritional treat , the pigs love it!!! It also stretches our food budget , can you believe the price of carrots right now??

I have been busy net working for five baby pigs in North Carolina who fell off the slaughter truck and were scooped up by the police. Sitting in a shelter down there facing auction to the highest bidder . And a Sanctuary in Florida in a crisis trying to move 180 pigs to there new farm before the county steps in. I try not to stretch myself so thin but i must try and help these animals even if it is only networking and trying to pull people together to help them all.

All the animals are doing great and have been enjoying the sunny days and the tasty tender grass coming back again. The horses are looking a little rough and i really need to get a brush on both of them. Tippy the turtle has been out and about for the week as i need to do her tank and that will be my big job today.

Happy Easter everyone and keep the ham on the pigs please!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garage Sale Tally

Our Garage Sale was a total success!

We had some really great stuff , quality items both new and used and we have safely packed away everything left over for the next one.

Thank you so much to everyone who traveled way out here to bring us such great pieces and to those of you helped by coming to the sale, helping us set up and take down, selling , buying and spreading the word!! The pigs even have a popcorn treat waiting for them here. Friends of the pigs were back here at the farm doing waters and pen work while we were working the sale so it couldn’t of gone any better then this!

Some extra stress occurred Sunday when Moms 16 ½ year old dog wandered off in unfamiliar surroundings in our garage sale mayhem. We were setting up again before opening and all of a sudden it was , where is the dog? Nancy walked one way and i walked the other thinking she was just a few houses over. Then we jumped in our trucks , an hour later nothing. I suggested before we went out again we make signs and get them up while we are searching. We had signs up all over and thankfully a wonderful family had brought her to safety at animal control. The old pooch had her tags on but we were in Mission not at her Maple Ridge home. Moms little dog went to church!!! She must of just hooked up with someone walking by and kept on going. That family saw our signs after getting her to animal control and again reached out to the shelter to update them with a contact number. When she arrived back at the sale she was no worse for wear and seemed to be quite happy for her little adventure. A little dog who never would leave my Moms side , did, so we must never take things for granted as the “never would do this “ does happen.

We made 2x the average garage sale figure then we normally do and brought in over $800.00!!!!

The past week was a busy one with getting all of our garage sale stuff over to my sisters, the tables and in this rain. Also making sure i had all the feed and produce well stocked as there would be no time for running back and forth to town to do that too. I also had been contacted by the SPCA in Power River that a little pig was there and i got the word out on face book. Paula one of our volunteers who moved over to the island saw my post and luck would have it they were now ready for a little pig of there own. I came home to a great update that Leonard was safe and sound at his new home and that he loves peanuts!! Can't wait for pictures!!!

The picture is our Comet , taking a break last week before this rain front came in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Your Always On My Mind

October 19, 1993 to March 23, 2003

Few of us grew up with the faithful family pig that inspired us to get one of our own when we were grown. Our love for this unique critter was cultivated not by a childhood pal but by a special pig that more often than not landed in our laps by accident or a chance encounter. Some might call if fate.

Through this first little pig that found a way into our hearts and home, many of us came to love and appreciate all pigs. Many times that special first pig soon found itself sharing their home and human family with many other pigs. Not because more pigs were needed but because more pigs were needing and there was nowhere else for them to turn.

It was through the love inspired by that first exceptional pig that gave so many others a chance at life that they otherwise would not have had. A domino effect was created and the lives of countless pigs and people were changed. Some of these new pig parents found themselves with sanctuaries, others offering help and advise to pigs and pig people in need, some were driven to rescue the most desperate, and many others generously give of their hard earned resources and time. A chosen few find themselves doing it all. Most can trace the beginnings of this calling to a single pig.

Many of these “first pigs” gave up being the sole recipient of the love that they had searched for. Precious time that would have been spent with them had to shared. This is to honor one of those special pigs that was sent where he was needed most. This pig that made such a difference in the heart of the woman that loved him that she could never ignore the plight of the rest. All who needed sanctuary found it with her and her Willy at Hearts On Noses.

Thank you, Willy and Janice for helping us all to remember those special first pigs in our lives: the ones who will always live on in our hearts. To remind us not to let them go overlooked when we are pulled in so many directions. We all owe them a special debt. The price is almost unbearable when the time comes to say Good-Bye. But we look at those that are left; living their lives in peace and comfort and safety and know that it is worth it. They are the ultimate tribute to Willy and all those like him.

Written by Lorelei L. Pulliam

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marching Along

My sister just left and we spent the morning picking/raking manure from the big pasture the horses use. We could of spent all day out there but she was also picking up another truck load of garage sale items. I had quite a few truck loads and tons of quality new and used items. An awesome couple who closed there store sent us a few van loads of there merchandise so this is going to be good!! And friends are still bringing me stuff so i think we are going to need more tables!!

The Garage Sale is April 2 and 3rd at 33470 12th in Mission. Please join us if you can!!

Notice i am home in the middle of the week again? I did get that job and spent one of the worst 3 1/2 days of my life there. Not a friendly place by any means and a service manager who needs to be replaced. Oh well that's life and it was too far away anyhow.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful and the pigs have been spending full days out every other day as i switch herds. Erin brought over a nice donation of fresh cut lettuce and a hug bag of buns. So the pigs all had a salad appetiser before there meal and were surprised to see me serving them three rounds when i came back with there apples for desert.

Rose was feeling might frisky and went into a spin and buck that had her chasing me behind a tree. And later charged me from behind and gave me a nice hip check before veering off. Spring is in the air and everyone is feeling giddy for it.

I got the tax receipts out a little earlier then normal and the newsletters went out a week later. If your missing yours , you should of received yours by now no matter where you are so please get a hold of me! And if you would like to see our newsletter on line drop me an email and i will email you the link. Its a PDF file and i am not sure how to change that into one i can post here.

Oh and an amazing show of help here last Saturday , we had 9 of us here working!!! How cool is that!!! Lots of extra stuff got done , all the broken rakes replaced with new and more gravel moved.

Its been a few weeks since i posted but someone dumped a little dog here. This was the Wednesday prior to me starting that job from Hell. My sister loading up stuff again called out to me that someone was here with a little dog. There are only a few people who come with there dogs that Buddy knows so i quickly ran out there to see. No cars out front and Buddy was standing by the side of the house watching this little gray fluff ball going across the back pasture.

It took a few minutes to gather her up into my arms and her little pink tongue was hanging out a mile. Within the hour i had called Animal Control out here and the SPCA to let them know i found a dog. I also put a huge sign out front and a notice at our community mail box. At the time i thought it would be a matter of hours before there rightful owner would be out looking for this little fluff. Once we got to check her out she had clearly not been taken care of. The mats were like thick crusts under her senior clouded girl eyes. Her ears were infected and her teeth must of been painful too. It only took me 24 hours to know this little dog needed to be groomed but it would be safe to have her vetted first and that would require blood work to start.

A wet and rainy day when she arrived her coat was dry and my fencing secure , some one must of put her over the fence. This little dog needed a professional senior dog rescue and that is exactly what i had to do. She got what she needed from my friends and is in a "foster to adopt" home now getting everything a little pick me up dog needs. No one called to claim her and i wonder if she had been much loved by a senior before and the kids got rid of her.

Well a stopped for a bit here as Judy and Pat arrived with a car load of nice things for the sale, a beautiful painting!! And I need to eat something and get off my feet before i feed dinner to them all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It Will Be Okay

If you think i am bad now at updating my blog well its going to get worse!! I start full time work March 14th and this may kill me. I have been on line since 6:30 am as i am most days and return to the net after i feed in the evening to try and keep up. Emails of pigs needing homes, pigs wanted, behavior problems and medical issues are only some of the correspondence i take care of daily. Friends who are helping me and friends who want to help , new friends who want to visit and great advise of how to reach out for more. Keeping us active on the blog, facebook, and various pig lists to keep our work out there and a website that is still sooooooooooooooo dated. Tweet now and requests to respond to some "link" site is not going to happen LOL In fact i am not sure how any of this is going to happen now..

BUT , never start a sentence with 'but ' if i don't go back to work i am going to loose everything as my money has run out! The pigs are moved , houses purchased, the fences are safe and the paddocks are complete. The well has been repaired and tons of gravel have been moved. Now , how is the rest of it going to get done if i am at work ??? BUT ..there i go again, I will not have to worry about getting the mortgage and taxes paid .

Five days left i need to get my newsletters out as i mailed the tax receipts out early for a change, get my paper work in order for year end and deworm all my pigs.

I need a large shed built , more gravel brought in , drainage done and then bark mulch. How is this going to happen now?? Even if i hired a crew who is going to manage them while i am at work? I can't be in both places at once and there is no partner - no right hand , no one who knows my pigs and no one who knows what i need done . Oh , but i don't have to worry about paying the mortgage ..

Stress , one worry is removed and it is replaced by another and once again i push threw all of it by telling myself it will be okay it will be okay. It will be okay , won't it???

Did you know i still have stuff to unpack and all of my pictures and paintings are still leaning up against the walls?

I better get going here as my sister will be here at 1:00 to load up her truck with some garage sale boxes as that is coming up fast too.

If anyone has some free time and wants to help the crazy pig lady , please a few hours a month can make such a huge difference in what i can do for them here.

Oh Mouses picture ?? This is what she did to a brand new box of Kleenex and somehow it depicts how i feel this morning.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Pigs - gl├╝ckliche Schweine in intakter Natur - by Well TV Internat...

SNOW and more snow!!! Having my first cup of coffee and am not looking forward to the shoveling i will be doing this morning. I need to be able to get my feed wagon to the pigs and they need to be able to get out of there houses !! Paths cleared for feeding, to there waters and to a potty corner. And what about my driveway?? lol And my horses??? I see them with there winter coats on standing in the middle of it all when they could be standing under cover in the open barn. If your into driving in this come on over , i sure could use a hand!!

So much gong on right now with getting organized for our newsletter. All the great articles are in and my freinds in Edmonton have put it together , will print and ship it out so i can mail them out with the tax receipts.

Yesterday i had the added fun of a washing machine hose coming off with already a heap of laundry to do i will keep on with that too. This old house has a few quirks one of them being the washing machine dumps from a hose onto my driveway and into the pasture. Have you ever heard of such a thing in this day?? Anyhow when the weather is cold i don't do laundry as the water will turn not only my driveway into a ice rink but an area of the pasture. I sure don't want my horses falling on ice i created from laods of wash.

I was notified of another pig this time brought into Animal Control in Chilliwak , this is about an hour from me. I was already snow bound but we got lucky with a gal on the island who wanted to adopt. Jean had already done a home check for HONS so this gal was pre-approved! The family sprang into action and made the trek over here and brought this little girl home. A little pig much like our Cotton but i have a gut instinct this little pig was shipped from Ontario , something i worked on about 4 years ago. She looks like she was used as a breeding sow , i worry about the babies now and where is the male ? The peeps who brought her in said they found her and she sat there waiting for her peeps to find her, but no one came looking.

Karena who fostered Lenny for us has turned into a God send and a foster failure. Not only did she fall in love with this big hunk, she agreed to foster another! Charlie moved in and followed the same path as Lenny , and gets to stay where he is too ! Karena also is a jewelery rep and to help us is donating 20% of her sales to Hearts On Noses until the end of March! Copy and paste into your browser and i will try and figure out how to add a link here when i finish.

I start full time work in March and have landed myself a great job. Snow kept me from my interview so we did it over the phone. Negotiated a wage and hours and i start March 14th. Its an hour away but when you live in the boonies and want to make a decent wage your going to have to travel.

I saw a great shed we need desperately on Craig List and the seller even offered to donate it !!!!!!!! How incredible kind and generous but i need manpower to work from that site as it will need some dismantling of an over hang and a crane truck to get it too us. Me thinks it will not go threw the driveway but if i can get them to set it down in the pasture maybe i could get the Pen guys here to move it for me. Can i orchestrate this all in less then two weeks??? I have to go look at it and determine if it can be moved but can't go anywhere in this weather.

I will also hope I can get some volunteer help here as shoppers once a week to pick up feed and transport out here . I know what it is like working full time and trying to do all this alone here 6 1/2 days a week. I am older now and there are more pigs here then ever, keep your fingers crossed everything will fall together.

Friday, February 4, 2011


See Charlie’s cute picture!!! We were contacted last week about Charlie needing a new home as the folks after 8 years are moving and will not be taking Charlie with them. When I went to see Charlie , he did not look like he did in this picture. Tusks over grown, hooves in terrible shape with a dew claw sticking strait out !! YIKES!! Charlie was also under weight and his house had no bedding n it at all to keep him warm. Charlie went to the vets yesterday to get all fixed up and from there was transported into a wonderful foster home. Last night Charlie slept in a deep pile of straw after being welcomed into foster care by Karena with a nice bowl of peaches. Charlie needs a sponsor and a home. Keep your trotters crossed jean is doing a home check for us on Sunday.

Also see some cool news below!! Vote for Hoover!

Yes you have to sign up to vote and I normally don’t participate in voting things as we don’t have a huge following verses the cat and dog lovers . But some one entered us out of the goodness of there hearts so we will go for it!!

This is pretty nifty of two friends who sponsor Winnie and Casanova here!! Free download of valentines!!


April 3 and 4th In Maple Ridge!!!

We are collecting good stuff now and Ebaying choice items ( see Willmyheart seller id on Ebay ) to help raise funds for the kids here. I am getting ready to list a Hudson Bay wool blanket which is highly collectible , I think this item would do better on Ebay. We shall see!!

Please let me know if you can help our sale be successful!! 604-462-0958 or email us!! Drop off’s and pick ups can be arranged for good stuff.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HONS In Vermont!!!

Swine salvation
By JOSH STILTS, Reformer Staff

Volunteers lead an approximately 900-pound boar to a trailer at the Retreat Farm in Brattleboro. (Zachary P. Stephens/Reformer)
Wednesday, February 2 2011

BRATTLEBORO - Five large orphaned pigs from Windham County found a new home after volunteers from across the United States and Canada worked together to rescue them from the slaughterhouse.

When members of the Hearts on Noses webpage, a pig rescue group, heard that some pigs that could no longer be cared for were going up for auction, they decided to contact local veterinarians and animal rescue groups.

The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in Willow, N.Y., worked tirelessly to find the animals a home after the caretaker of the Brattleboro Retreat Farm agreed to postpone the pigs' potential sale.

Hours before the deadline, Gia Martin, who owns a farm in Valatie, N.Y., saw a post on Facebook that a potential home in North Carolina had fallen through, said she would be able to provide a temporary home for the animals.

"I have the barn space and as long as donations keep coming in, I'll be able to keep them," Martin said.

Loading the four females pigs was relatively easy, she said. The boar, however, had overgrown hooves and was unstable when standing for long periods of time.

People attempted to move him four times with no success onto a trailer to join the other pigs, but they were unable to coax him to move more than 10 to 15 feet, to the edge of his living area.

On Friday, eight volunteers struggled for more than an hour to get the roughly 900-pound pig loaded onto a trailer.

The boar, nicknamed Big Poppa, pushed
back with all his might as the volunteers tempted him with apples and tried to use plastic boards to move him up the ramp.

Shelia Hyslop, sanctuary manager for the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, said the five pigs will serve as advocates for other animal rescues.

"It's ironic we're spending so much time and energy on these pigs when 120,000 are slaughtered for food in the U.S. each year," Hyslop said. "But we feel they deserve a chance to live."

Hyslop said she wasn't sure of Big Poppa's condition before the pigs arrived and planned to merely assess his situation.

"The fact that he got up so quickly on his own suggested his spirit is still strong," she said. "His legs aren't good but it's tough to tell if it's from his arthritis or hooves."

Local veterinarian Dr. Steven Major, who has worked with the Brattleboro Retreat Farm for more than 22 years, disagreed with the decision to try and save the boar.

"The most humane thing to do to this pig would be to put it down," Major said. "It isn't likely to be productive to keep an old arthritic boar going."

He added that the Retreat Farm has always taken excellent care of its animals.

"If he was in really bad shape, he would have given up entirely when we were moving him," Hyslop said in response to Major's comments. "He only half-way laid down when we were trying to move him. With better hoof treatment and a stricter diet, he should be able to live another five or six years."

She guessed that each of the pigs is about 5 years old and through donations from more than a dozen states and British Columbia, Canada, roughly $540 was raised to support the rescue. Elana Kirshenbaum, program director of the Woodstock Farm, said she fielded calls from all over the U.S., trying to find the five pigs a permanent home and will continue to do so.

"We have a huge crisis in this country with domestic animals such as cats and dogs," Kirshenbaum said. "Farm animals are even more difficult to place."

Josh Stilts can be reached at, or 802-254-2311 ext. 273.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Karmavore Party !!!!

See the coverage by our talented photographer Melissa Fowler who braved the night with her picture taking while not feeling great and very much under the weather.

Click on the link below to see the party!! Or copy and paste in your browser.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Sarah Kramer | Jan 23 Fundraiser Event
Join international bestselling vegan cookbook superstar, Sarah Kramer, at Karmavore on Jan 23 from 6-8pm, for an amazing fundraiser event for animals!

Proceeds from the event will benefit the following charities:

Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary
A home to pigs who have been injured, abused, neglected and abandoned, located in Mission, BC.

BC Poodle and Small Dog Rescue
A rescue group based out of Victoria, BC, mainly focused on rescue of poodles and poodle-mixes, but will never say no to saving other small breed dogs in need!

Tickets to the event cost only $25.00, and include all the following!

* Meet and greet Sarah Kramer in person with signings
* Meet Janice from Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary
* 1 copy of Sarah Kramer's 2011 Go Vegan Calendar
* Vegan Hors d'oeuvres
* A Yummy Baked Vegan Good from Karmavore's New Deli (croissant or cupcake)
* Silent Auction
* Exclusive Sale Event
* 50/50 Draw
* 1 FREE Ticket to Karmavore Gift Card Raffle
* 1 FREE Karmavore Store Coupon
* PLUS, a lifetime of good karma for helping the animals!

Based out of the Metro Vancouver area in British Columbia Canada, Karmavore Vegan Shop brings you vegan product reviews, updates from our store, animal rights news, and more!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Tinsel

What a beautiful day!!

This morning while catching up on here and checking out face book the sun shine caught my eyes . As it touched the large shrub beside my pond , she lit up the snow on the tips of her foliage. The light danced and flickered like tinsel and this drew me outside.

Buddy and I got out there after chasing two house pigs out into the snow too potty. I gathered up some hay and carried it out to a nice sunny spot for the horses. There is nothing more beautiful then horses, as there color is spectacular this time of year . Fuzzy coats are thick in winter growth against the snow as i allow this natural occurrence with my horses. I only put there blankets back on to warm up two wet horses last night. Perfect timing for them as we wake up to our arrival of snow .

After watching the horses we went out back to the gate that takes us beyond the fenced area of our property. Behind it and down below is a creek that also feeds into my neighbors pond. I can see my neighbors white geese enjoying there morning swim with her Muscovy ducks and i smiled when i saw a wild mallard peeking out from behind the flock.

Buddy and I climbed down and plowed threw the thickets of brush and salmon berry bushes as we headed to the water. Buddy leaped over the creek and i considered following him over as i still haven't been on that side of the
water. However I chose to save that adventure, for another day.