Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Saying..

Gads its been forever since i last posted here or even looked at any one's blogs. And i am behind at least a month in emails , have year end to do and my office is a mess again.

I really haven't had a break for over two weeks here as the guys called me back to the shop to cover for Andre who is taking a two week course. It was far busier then it was when i was there part time and hope they can bring me back. The search for work continues and yet the phone is not ringing. There are so many looking for work the competition is fierce and with the kids out of school makes it even tougher.

Volunteers have been down and every Saturday for the last 3 weeks has left me alone with either my sister or with Josh , a grade 9 student. Thankfully he returned on Mothers Day to help me for a few hours as he alerted me to the flood in the basement. So much for my two weeks wage as half of it was spent before i even started as the sump pump packed it in. But we pailed for four hours and saved the furnace so it could of been a ton worse.

The Burnaby Pathfinders returned for a Sunday work out and as usual there smiles lite up both the pigs and mine day. They planted a few privacy bushes for me, swept the driveway, helped load the truck for a dump run, fixed fences and picked up manure from the horses pasture. The highlight for me is wrap up time when the kids race in all directions to the animals they have connected with to hand out love and goodies. Great bunch of girls and of course reflects the Team Leaders .

Donations are down, we have lost quite a few sponsors and we are desperate for fundraisers. I boldly have been asking if anyone can help us , put out a donation tin or hold a bottle drive or car wash for us. My money is gone and with no job and no unemployment insurance we are in trouble. I repeat my mantra "we will be okay, we will be okay".. A huge sum has been spent and my money has run out that I took out to carry us all threw this move and rebuild. Not being able to find work was inconceivable as surely the economy would be better by now I thought. UGHHHHHHHHHH The pigs have money for feed and vetting it is my contribution of the mortgage etc that is in trouble.

If you could add a blurb on any networking sources you have the pigs and I would appreciate it. If anyone could hold a carwash or bottle drive or put a tin out it would really help carry us until I find work!!

The work doesn't stop however and the countless emails asking for advice with behavior is mixed in with pigs needing new homes. And we were here for another little one last week who was picked up by Pam and Dave from Sorrento again. One little house pig has taken over her new home already, has experienced her first mud wallow and has crawled into the hearts of my friends.

The birds have returned and i took time out yesterday to watch the Swallows for a few minutes. This is a bird who loves to fly. If you have a minute stop and watch them as they play on the wind and you will see what i see. The Robins and Chickadees are forever on a mission seeking out food or a place to nest. The Swallows of course are on the same mission but take delight in the freedom of flight.

Hearts On Noses has an article in a Polish publication this month so if anyone can translate the article for me by even reading it out loud to me drop me a line!!


Colleen said...

Thank heavens for people and groups like the Path Finders!

I'll do some heads down getting to work on networking for a job for you Janice. I know the field you're in. While there is some fierce competition such as you exampled, remember there are almost as many flakes quitting those jobs!

Best to you!

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Colleen , so far nothing!!!!!!!!!