Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Tundra

I just got in from feeding everyone and sat down to read a few emails. The last one asked me how are all the pigs and I are doing. I am always truthful and very strait forward so my immediate thought was this. Its brutal down here , everything is still frozen and pigs are standing on ice and surrounded by walls of snow. I leave work which is less then ten minutes from here where the sun was warm all day and hoped the melting snow everywhere else was exactly what was going on down here. But its not!! I arrived to the gates here and undid the ice laden chains and drove into Tundra. I won't go into detail about the ice and the pails full of water cause i bet your all sick of it which brings me back to my email. I think i will just say , everything is great how are you because going on about the winter woes down here isn't really going to change a thing. And no one wants to hear me go on and on about it I'm pretty sure. But i Will beg of you to allow me these few words " I AM SO SICK OF IT" .

That is Comet on the picnic table inhaling very expensive bird seed under my make shift shelter for the wildlife . The snow is hard and icy now and i made a big mistake when i told him to be careful when he jumps down cause there is no vet who will help me fix a pigs broken leg. 20 minutes later i walked by only to see him now fear jumping down. So now i have a huge pig on top of a table who will not come down and there is no way any of us can lift him. Of course we could shove him but then his natural leap will be compromised so i went and got a blanket to cover the seats. Then a bucket of snacks and started to put all the pigs away. I thought for sure this pig who is more motivated for food then any of the pigs here would fly off that table to join us. And it is so sweet to see such a brat turn innocent looking when batting long eyelashes at me with the most pathetic brown eyes. "Save me Mom" It was cold and no matter of coaxing or simple herding with brooms would steer him off his platform. But a pink plastic chair waved inthe air worked and i hope to never see him up there again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Catch Up

Whew i finally got my freedom back with being able to get out of the driveway due to all this snow. And then to knock me back a step last night my truck wouldn't start after work. Thankfully my boss drove me home but it sure didn't get my hay or animal feed like I planned.

This morning Nancy, Paula and Dayton got at it while i called a good friend Jim to see if he could take a look at my truck for me. The horses got new shavings and the tack room cleaned up. Then Dayton and my sister went up and got my feed order and so it is all put away .

Paula who was here yesterday with pig friends did all the waters so this freed us up so we took shovels into the big pigs areas and started to clean our way threw weeks of messes.

Helen and a friend got the tour and then jumped in to help us, we worked till about 2 and by then we are tired and cold. But so much got done because of them all and although i am asleep at the wheel right now I am so very grateful.

All the pigs got fresh hay added today to help keep them warm as the temps keep dropping. I prefer straw this time of year as i find it warmer for them but that is all that he had so they can munch away while they rest.

Jim not only replaced the starter in my truck he returned it with the oil topped off, washed and vacuumed. What a good friend he is!

I am so tired and hungry so off i go again to eat and then head back outside after a bit of a rest here.

Friday, January 9, 2009



Pigs at Pig Tales get reprieve

Ownership of all pigs at Pig Tales Sanctuary has been remanded back to Lory at Pig Tales where they will be allowed to live out their lives. Since some have tested positive to PRV they were put under quarantine in 2003 and that is being reinforced to keep the pigs isolated but at the same time allowing them to live out their natural lives there. An agreement has been reached and signed with Flagler HS, similar to the State's herd plan and have left it open for inspections on a regular basis. Any violations will be addressed and taken care of.

In the meantime many things are changing for the betterment of the pigs there per Lory Yazurlo. The state wants electric fencing up immediately to help insure that the wild feral's in surrounding areas are kept out and away for any of the pigs there. They are now in the process of installing electric fences which will be inspected and kept working to insure the feral's stay at bay.

Trash clean up has begun. They are cleaning and placing into piles and burning all that can be burned. This will be on going for awhile. They have also made some contacts to get the old tires removed as new fencing is purchased, donated and put into place.

Pig chute is almost complete and when completed, the state will be in to test more pigs plus each pig there will be tagged and a correct number of piggy residence will be forth coming. They have approximately 435 pigs.

Many things are needed in order to help these pigs have a good healthy life and to have that chance to live it out to the fullest. You can make a difference.

Volunteers are needed to help with the clean up. You may call Lory or her Mom for days on which you can come help. Be prepared to get dirty and also bring a complete change of cloths because you won't want to wear the same back around your own animals.

Here is a partial list of items that is needed.

Lutalyse (needed immediately)
Pig finisher food (non medicated)
hog panels
electric fencing

There are three ways to donate. You can call their feed store direct using your credit card or they will take a check.

Bunnell Feed & Supply,
1501 E Moody Boulevard, Bunnell, FL 32110

Curley's Place,
195 County Road 302, Bunnell, FL 32110

Or you can use www.paypal.com and send to rescue@farec.org (be sure to mark it for Pig Tales and for food or materials) or send a check or money order directly to Lory Yazurlo at

596 CR 90 East, P.O. Box 2816. Bunnell, Florida 32110
or e-mail: at jyazurlo@cfl.rr.com

You can make a difference in the lives of these pigs. Lory is committed to trying to make it better for them, but she needs your help. She can not do it without each of doing a little something to help. There is an old adage that says "you have to give..to get." One bag a food a month will make a difference. But to sit back and do nothing, won't change a thing

Non action is tantamount to approval, whenever one witnesses injustice


Lana Hollenback
(The Anchor Still Holds)
Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center
Donate today at
2008 Animals Rescued and/or placed
15 potbellied pigs 1 feral 2 Yorkshire 3 kittens 3 dog

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I haven't been blogging much as i have been busy in a battle between the snow and my animals here. I hate that shoveling the snow to make space for them has them also surrounded by four foot walls of snow and barely enough room to eat and turn around in never mind an area to potty in. But as i tell the pigs we need a slow melt so we are not knee deep in water and muck.

Tonight's desert was heart shaped cheese cookies and as i tossed them like confetti I yelled "Happy New Year" to my pigs. Oh boy fun food! And tomorrow they have a huge surprise waiting for them on the Salad Bar. Paula and Jim filled a huge plastic tub with popcorn, nuts and coconut!! Nothing could be better to put a smile back on a pigs face in such brutal weather .

I have this week off so i will be working on the business side of this Sanctuary such as getting a newsletter done and all the donations entered so i am ready to do receipts and Thank you cards.

I hope there it is not snowing when i wake up in the morning.