Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Tundra

I just got in from feeding everyone and sat down to read a few emails. The last one asked me how are all the pigs and I are doing. I am always truthful and very strait forward so my immediate thought was this. Its brutal down here , everything is still frozen and pigs are standing on ice and surrounded by walls of snow. I leave work which is less then ten minutes from here where the sun was warm all day and hoped the melting snow everywhere else was exactly what was going on down here. But its not!! I arrived to the gates here and undid the ice laden chains and drove into Tundra. I won't go into detail about the ice and the pails full of water cause i bet your all sick of it which brings me back to my email. I think i will just say , everything is great how are you because going on about the winter woes down here isn't really going to change a thing. And no one wants to hear me go on and on about it I'm pretty sure. But i Will beg of you to allow me these few words " I AM SO SICK OF IT" .

That is Comet on the picnic table inhaling very expensive bird seed under my make shift shelter for the wildlife . The snow is hard and icy now and i made a big mistake when i told him to be careful when he jumps down cause there is no vet who will help me fix a pigs broken leg. 20 minutes later i walked by only to see him now fear jumping down. So now i have a huge pig on top of a table who will not come down and there is no way any of us can lift him. Of course we could shove him but then his natural leap will be compromised so i went and got a blanket to cover the seats. Then a bucket of snacks and started to put all the pigs away. I thought for sure this pig who is more motivated for food then any of the pigs here would fly off that table to join us. And it is so sweet to see such a brat turn innocent looking when batting long eyelashes at me with the most pathetic brown eyes. "Save me Mom" It was cold and no matter of coaxing or simple herding with brooms would steer him off his platform. But a pink plastic chair waved inthe air worked and i hope to never see him up there again.


Jean said...

Oh Comet you are going to be the death of us! Stay off the table, silly pig!
Janice, I was thinking just this morning that the slow melt has been good for keeping the floods and mud away but OMG it is just TOOOO slow. The snow is very, very, very slowly evaporating - not melting at all. My piggies still cannot get out of the barn, and there is no way to shovel the foot of frozen solid snow on the hill that begins at the barn door. Like you, I am sick of it - and I'm sure my piggies are too.

I can't understand how it can be warm enough for me to take down the Christmas lights in just my shirt sleeves, no jacket, yet not warm enough to even soften the thick crust on the snow.

Spring, please arrive early!

Janice Gillett said...

He jumps up there all the time, kind of neat how just after i warned him to be careful he got really careful lol.

And I agree Jean but i amended my prayers last week asking for it too melt a tad faster!! I am ata loss as waht is worse mud and rain or ice and snow. I think rain is worse there is no threat of pigs drowning in snow. Okay i love the ice...i love the ice...