Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Catch Up

Whew i finally got my freedom back with being able to get out of the driveway due to all this snow. And then to knock me back a step last night my truck wouldn't start after work. Thankfully my boss drove me home but it sure didn't get my hay or animal feed like I planned.

This morning Nancy, Paula and Dayton got at it while i called a good friend Jim to see if he could take a look at my truck for me. The horses got new shavings and the tack room cleaned up. Then Dayton and my sister went up and got my feed order and so it is all put away .

Paula who was here yesterday with pig friends did all the waters so this freed us up so we took shovels into the big pigs areas and started to clean our way threw weeks of messes.

Helen and a friend got the tour and then jumped in to help us, we worked till about 2 and by then we are tired and cold. But so much got done because of them all and although i am asleep at the wheel right now I am so very grateful.

All the pigs got fresh hay added today to help keep them warm as the temps keep dropping. I prefer straw this time of year as i find it warmer for them but that is all that he had so they can munch away while they rest.

Jim not only replaced the starter in my truck he returned it with the oil topped off, washed and vacuumed. What a good friend he is!

I am so tired and hungry so off i go again to eat and then head back outside after a bit of a rest here.


Lina said...

sounds like you are surrounded by amazing people!! Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Ellie has been "hibernating" in her toasty warm little house, but for some reason this week, she decided that she has had it" The snow is all packed down and she figured out how to climb over it all and get out of her pen. She goes on "walkabouts" all over the place and Dale has been out chiseling that snow off from the pen walls but she keeps "escaping" My only worry is that she will get up to the main road or a strange dog (or mt lion) will come after her. She is so bored! I am ready for Spring for her sake. Gayle