Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Knowing pigs for over 28 years has shown me how sensitive they are and how much they need and deserve our love. During the day when I am busy working in the house pigs will seek me out to come and be with me . Telling me where they been with pig chatter , saying hello and wanting me to touch them . Everyone of the pigs here especially love it when I tell them how soft their bristles are , how beautiful there tail is or how perfect their ears are and on both sides. You know your animal family and how they respond to your voice and your touch , its not complicated to see they love you right back. This home I have created for them brings me great pleasure when I see they feel safe to lay in an open area to feel the sun on their tummy . To watch the greetings between them when they have gone separate ways here and then join up later. How when given a choice they go to their designated houses as it provides the same feeling of peace and safety as it is to us when we come home. Home … familiar smells , sounds , our stuff , our family .. our room a place we have come to depend on as our own. Home… The calls and emails regarding pigs who have been family members for years now not worth the trouble it would take to find a place with them, build a ramp for them, order a shed to house them , provide a corner for them to sleep in, Oh the kids have moved out now so we don’t want the ‘beloved “ pig anymore as we downsized as if this justifies the lack of loyalty and responsibility. Love ,,,what happened to LOVE . I wrote someone back the night before that I couldn’t take any pigs right now until I have a solid team, more support , more money and someone to take this over if something should happened to me. I typed , deleted , typed deleted because my anger rises from such a deep sorrow for these pigs who were safe in their room one day and no longer wanted the next . I ended up just deleting the email telling myself that’s what I should do but I didn’t and when I let the email go begging them to keep her I cried . I cried as these pigs have a bigger chance of being slaughtered , abused , used as hunters bait or dog fights then they do at finding a good home if I don’t take them. Would you please open your heart for a pig who needs you? I must reach out to people who have never experienced the love of a pig in order to help more and have you educate others as I do today. There is no place for them go , they need you now. .