Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It is a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for unless we pay a handsome price a pig here would never bite into one. As pig rescuer i have never got a bag of dog food , cat food or horse food donated by any pet food store in the 17 years I have been doing this. The only food i did get donated had to go to the dump as it was so full of mold. I have never had a tool gifted cause it had a dent in it or a price reduction in materials i needed for a build. I have never in all my years had a truck pull up with a load of hay or straw for bedding for our harsh winter months. We get no discount on our feed bill but we spend thousands every 6 weeks on it . Once in a while i will get bags of the hay swept off of someones barn floor that i can use for bedding. and i m grateful. Today I spent all afternoon driving around Mission to Pitt Meadows asking for a decent price on the left over pumpkins a few stores had . There are two places I will never walk into again as they couldn't be bothered to help me and basically treated me like shit. I did buy a load of pumpkins and spent almost 100.00 for them. And when i think of all the years i have been looked down on because i rescue pigs i could of cried all the way home after yet another demeaning day. .

But I won't because of those of you and we are not many who do give a shit and if not for your help these Heart pigs

that live here or were placed in good homes around B.C. would all be dead. Sure a few rescues scattered about have pigs but they are simply token pigs and added to the collective. They are not the Number Ones there and thought of in highest regard , not for who they are , how clever and precious . It is why each and every donation is precious to me , it is why each person who gives up their time to work here and give of themselves for the pigs that keeps me going . It is that event , that donation or that trip to pick up or gather something we can use here to make the lives better for the pigs that i am so very grateful for. . I got our Pumpkins , kids - and to those of you who help me , thank you they are going to love them/

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sometimes I am an Angry Rescuer

Yesterday i went to pick up a load of feed to hold me over until i get my truck fixed and was reading the board they have on the wall outside . The board is typical of most feed stores out here that will host event posters , an array of business cards , tree services, hay for sale and " HOME WANTED" .

You ever notice that when someone is giving up someone they always state something along the lines of " we love him to pieces but " and or " much Loved ", What a pile of bullshit And i feel this way because i do love and know what that is and it means i would do everything i had to do to make it work.

Do these people say this to relieve some sort of inner guilt or are you saying that to make us feel sorry for you? Because giving up someone and then saying you love them on a crappy piece of paper on a feed store board is such bullshit.

Then they add must go to good home well how would they know a good home from a bad one ? Clearly they were a terrible home as they are getting rid of someone they love!!

Oh and now the very popular " adoption fee" is added to the post as they have learned that stating a value doesn't go over too well with people who love like me so they use terms the rescue orgs use and that is " must pay adoption fee" I am rolling my eyes here but this shit sells and works on the average joe as they are not in the rescue world and facing this kind of bullshit on a daily basis.

In fact anyone can pretty well say anything they want now as there is no one policing "bullshit" animals unwanted ads.

Now before i have to read about tragic stories that are an exception to the rule ..please don't bother . I will see more of those in a week then you will see in a lifetime.

EVery day i get an email from someone wanting to get rid of someone they claim to love. And after years of getting these emails how can you honestly expect me to be as gullible as i was 20 years ago, Do the research before there is another innocent soul wondering why YOU don't want them anymore. I am an angry rescuer now as i don't forgive your stupidity because it has ultimately hurt someone i really do love. and i am doing everything i can in my life time to make it better for the ones you claimed too. .