Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hearts On Noses Gets Punked

Roxane emails me this link ( it won't post) to an ad for a van on Thursday night. We had talked about getting a much needed cheap minivan to safely transport pigs whether it be to pick them up or take them to the vets. I added it to our wish list but in the grande scheme of things here , there are other more pressing priorities. So i open the link and I'm tired its after work and late. All i see is the asking price( 9800.00) and i am thinking " is she nuts" ???? I don't even read the description as no way do we have that kind of money and I was thinking about a 1500.00 van and only after we win a grant. I am emailed her back "are you nuts? " . Roxane is emailing me back that i should write the guy and ask if he will take a tax receipt for it. I am sitting here thinking "you write the guy" , no way is he going to do that and besides i can't afford insurance and maintenance on a second vehicle right now. Saturday arrives and there is only Theresa and Roxane here to do the work but Nancy was here the day before doing the barn up and Kendra and Curtis were here working the pens so today should be a breeze. We decide to not rush into anything and sit down to have a cup off coffee first. When i came outside after putting the water on is when Theresa surprised me with a birthday present and its a electric kettle. I have melted two on the stove now , so this was such a great birthday gift. Roxane is being her bossy self and telling us she wants to tell us a story so i am too sit still for a minute and pay attention. She is going over the ad she sent me and basically recalling every word the guy wrote in it. I am thinking she wrote the guy, and she goes on to say all the guy wants is to be able to use it once in a while and i can have it. True to my controlling nature I am thinking and saying it out loud " screw that i don't want some guy coming in here every time he wants to borrow the van and for sure i don't want him cracking it up on my insurance" . "No, no, no" i go on, i don't want anything with strings attached. Now to be honest i don't know if the cake came first or the van as the present i got to open from Theresa was already making my day but then Roxane says " I'm the guy with the van". WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT its you???????????? Roxane "punked me" and we got us a van!!!!!!!! Rocky has been shopping for a new vehicle but i was clueless to her plan and her setting me up . How cool and so freaking generous!!!!!!!! The day went on to us working the paddocks to keep them up , waters and pools filled . Loading for the dump run and heading out to pick up a load of fresh cut hay. Cleaning out the shed, mowing little bits of the lawn to tidy it up and a new shoot built for Penny. Theresa put all the hay away and fed the kids dinner while more mowing was done by Roxane. We even went out for dinner in between all that and my freinds pulled out of here hot, sweaty and exhausted at about 10 o'clock. Oh i should add that because of my picking nature i pulled something out of the bin at the dump that i think we can use hahaha so we stopped back here to drop it off before going to get the hay. Jose and Wayne were here ( thank you too Wendy) with a truck load of wool blankets and an amazing assortment of stainless steel shelving units , carts and bins. Yesterday was amazing and I am Blessed and so very fortunate to have such wonderful freinds. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!! And I headed in for the couch after they left but stopped in the kitchen for another huge piece of cake.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is it wrong to want more...

Tonight for some reason i feel sad and as i sat down on the front step of the barn with Dior it took everything of me not too cry. She is my oldest friend, having been with me for almost 20 years. She was there when Mark was alive, when my dad was as well and Willy and so many more who have crossed over before us. She is a beautiful sorrel quarter horse and has always been wise before her years. The last few months have been good , i am back to work. Daisy, Willie, Poppy, Jeremy , Joshua and Lucy are here and safe. I have spayed, neutered, bought a new house for them, created space and or found loving homes. So many people support my work here and the pigs truly are safe and happy. I couldn't of done what i have done so far. Is it wrong to always want more so that i can do more and do it better for them? I have a cherished handful of volunteers but we are not enough and last week i thought screw it, i am going to hire someone to get all this stuff done hanging over my head here. Get the drainage finished , dig more trenches and order more gravel. Trim some of the trees around here to let more of the little sunlight we do get in around here. This means of course off to the dump a few ten times .. and get that shed done and rat proofed , fix the doors and get it painted. Fix the pond net and replace that mess with new posts and new netting, install the new filter and water fall given to us. Was i forgetting how much money i put out as we don't have the money to hire anyone to do this and maybe that is why i am sad. Sure i find grants we can apply for but i need help to do them. Pub nights are postponed cause there are too many events surrounding our date , folks are heading off for vacations now . And we are getting some awesome donations in for a garage sale that will never happen unless we find someone where to have it. I keep saying "we " but who the hell is the we when its seems to be only me worrying about all of this. It takes either more volunteers or more money to hire someone to do it. I don't have either. My year end is past due , i got my letter from the Government but i am only one person doing the best and the very most i can. I can't afford to loose my status or pay the 600.00 fine to get it back. Maybe it is the rain that is getting me down , sick of the mud and and the wet around here and the damage being done to the grass as we try and work dry areas in. My favorite car was because of my first love, he had a 55 chevy... now i am a 55. Well i will be in a few days, is this what is getting me down? And everyone has to pay taxes so where is the 3400.00 going to come from? Oh yea just tack that on your overdraft loan..again. What a depressing post so here is a few pictures of Lucy who is on her way to fitness as she comes out to eat dinner...

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Its been a while since i blogged, Facebook has been wonderful for me and the pigs with meeting new freinds and has been taking up the little time i have on here. I am behind in projects , phone calls , emails and getting my year end done. YIKES it is due by end of June and i really haven't started . I am sitting here drinking coffee as i totally slept in , in fact did the alarm even go off this morning? I let out the horses in the back field can see a few of the pigs from here out eating grass as well. Cotton, Sherman, Winnie and Casanova are grazing right out front of my window. I do need to head to town today , get some cat food, a few groceries and do a dump run. Two Saturdays ago while out working i heard my sister call out to someone at the front gates. It was Carol, a long time freind of the animals here and to me. She is also my employer as she too runs a rescue and i care for her barn yard aniamls threw the week. She is also the last chance call for many shelter managers reaching out to see if she can take one more senior or medically compromised cat or dog. Her herd of dogs is a menagerie of the unwanted, until arriving there. So when i set aside my wheel barrow to greet her the conversation went something like this. Carol " why aren't you answering my phone calls ? " Janice " cause i'm out here working !" Carol " I found the perfect dog for you" Janice " where is the dog" Carol " Its in my car " Now Carol knows perfectly well if she brings a one eyed , three legged "someone" here it will not leave here cause its too late, its here and i saw it. Please anyone reading this with a one eyed , three legged "someone " -disregard that last statement She is a one year old Maremma, already at her young age has Hip Dysplasia, thanks to a real crappy breeder. Sugar arrived and she is now Chilko who i named after the beautiful region here in B.C. She can run like the wind , will come when she feels like it and digs and chews like any puppy does. She chases my horses and looks like she is going to sail over my gates when she races down the driveway. If and when she needs surgery, as a permanent foster SAINTS will help us with that . She is a smart dog and who ever had her really didn't know dogs as there are many things about her that are residual of her prior ownership. Her fearing to come in once out running free, her fear of my hay shed and hallway in the house. She has been tricked with food, grabbed and perhaps locked in rooms or garages. She has been here two weeks and there is a lot to learn here but she already understands to wait at the gates when i am going in to feed, or leaving when i say "out" . To "leave it " when she is sniffing a pigs bum , following too closely and scareing them. A ton of stimulation for a young dog with all these pigs but she learned this at a surprising rate. Let her out this morning with several pigs and the horses and i sit here without worry of her harming them. I watched her walk towards a pig we much watch and nose to nose she licked him , and as she walked along side of him she licked his ear and then his side. Don Juan stood for it all. I hear the rain and this will cause all the kids to come home so i better get out there as a young dog will get excited with fast trotting by pigs and horses. And i have
work to do!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Flowers Fundraiser - Order NOW

Hearts on Noses,
Mission, B.C. V4S 1C3
604 462-0958

Spring Price List 2012

Bedding Plants (48 plants/flat) Price/flat

Alyssum (purple, white, mix) $15.00
Begonia (pink, red, rose, white, mix) $15.00
Dusty Miller (silver dust foliage plant) $15.00
Impatiens (pink, purple, red, salmon, white, mix) $15.00
Lobelia (blue, rose, white, mix) $15.00
Marigold (bicolor, orange, yellow, mix) $15.00
Mimulus (mix) $15.00
Nicotiana (mix) $15.00
Pansy (mix) $15.00
Petunia (burgundy, pink, red, white, mix) $15.00
Salvia (blue, red) $15.00

Seed Geranium (pink, red, salmon, white) $25.00
(32 plans per flat)

Hanging Baskets

Fuchsia 12” (assorted colors for shade) $25.00
Mixed 10” (zonal geranium and proven winners) $20.00
Mixed 12” (zonal geranium and proven winners) $25.00
Moss Basket 14” (mix of 19 plans) $65.00
All moss baskets are made with quality plants and 3 layers of planting versus just a top planting.

Pick up required Saturday May 5th between 11-2pm (Just in time for Mother’s Day)

Payment and order must be received by Friday April 21st 5:0 0pm at 2429 Scott Place, Port Coquitlam,
Please call Lee or Lisa at 604 803 2349 with any questions or concerns.

If you wish to use PayPal to order the account is Please make it clear on your payment that this is for Flowers!!

Please help support a great cause, these plants don’t disappoint!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buddy Flys

It was seven years ago that i met him while picking up a load of donated hay. His family were moving to Australia and they were not taking there dogs. I had Jingle in the truck with for me the ride. She was at the time about 15 years old. A very senior boarder collie cross mixed with pit bull. She was a great dog and they did have fun together. When i asked the family what they were going to do with there dogs they told me they had found homes for the others but commented "it was hard to find a home for a big dog". It saddened me for this dog that he would not only loose his human family , but his dog one as well. I asked the man if i could let my dog out would Buddy be okay with her and he promised me he would. And when Buddy got too close to my Jingle Bell she let him know who was boss right away. I knew he wouldn't hurt her after that and this is how Buddy came to live with us.

Buddy who had lived with horses and pigs before was still needing some training. On his first day of "meet and greet" as this family wanted to make sure there dog was going to good home , he kept busy chasing four of my babies . I finally got a hold of him, but on the next test i gave him i knew he was smart and knew he could learn.... if he wanted too. His bowl, his bed, his favorite stuffy and a folder came after .

Buddy would chase the horses if they got all frisky and as he got older he would growl at the pigs if they got in his space. And there was a time when i threw up my hands up and said your not dog for a pig sanctuary and your otta here ..but he was my dog .

So we both learned to keep the pigs out of his way and he learned to get up and move if they bothered him.

It was a sunny day and we had so many freinds here helping us today but its been 25 days since i was told he had cancer. I have every day since then marked on a make shift he appeared to be feeling , what he ate and what he didn't. My fridge is full of little dishes of various temptations. I fed it raw then i offered it cooked , i boiled, fried , and opened cans.

As the days went by I could get less and less into him. He got weaker and i cried my heart out all day yesterday facing our tomorrow. My dog was no longer happy and to keep him another day would be for selfish reasons , he was not the dog he was such a short time ago .

So fighting tears i made the call this morning and Buddy was released from this world and we let him go in his grandmas car, my Moms- so he could get into more easily. I stroked his beautiful face as he went into a deep sleep and on to heaven .

I told him he was a good GOOD dog and that he wouldn't have to put up with pigs where he was going.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Cost Of Emergency

A lot has happened in the past few weeks and its like i live in a perpetual emergency , round and round i go.

Buddy my dog was not eating well and after the second vet appointment(Tuesday) we were given grave news. Xrays show a mass on his spleen and on his lung and bad enough to offer no treatment plan. When i left Buddy there i told him to be brave and that i would be back to bring him home and i kept my promise. He is here and my fridge is full of raw this and cooked that , anything to temp him into eating more. And in following days i just couldn't watch him fail , i had to try something. So off to the homeopathic we went and he is still with me today. In fact he is outside getting a little much needed sunshine on that beautiful and rich shiny coat.

During the worry of Buddy a little pig needing a home came up and a few days later three more. We posted on facebook about Daisy and net worked for at least a foster home and the offers came in. In fact three people wrote wanting her but not one of them has replied to our email nor returned the pre-adoption questionnaire form.. i don't understand people. How can we place animals any where without getting to know you first? Well for us , its not going to happen! And our little Daisy has turned out to be handful as she went in to her first heat at our foster home at Maggie's . So will get her spayed as she is only 10 months and make sure she doesn't go threw life 'crazed" every 3 weeks.

Carol my friend and employer at SAINTS stepped up to house the three pigs until i could get things organized for them here. Three pigs , two of which are not neutered were not going to find a home in the time we were given so what can we do. I do apologize to my volunteers because we are already over worked and i just increased everything ..more feed, more hay and more manure.

Back here and still not able to do the work needed done i hired two guys off of Craig List( Wednesday) to move all the feed out of our feed shed, build a small pen back of it and convert it to a two stall quarantine. One for who we suspect to be the Mom pig and the other for her two boars.

Trying to function with the news of my dog hanging over me like a sack of dread but i got it done and the following day( Thursday) was go get the pigs day. Amber , Brady and Theresa met here at 6am and then off to SAINTS we went. We dragged Carol into this as well getting her up early to help crate . Then Theresa and me , the two boys spent the day at the vets for neuter. Josh fought the sedation , thank God this was not attempted as a farm call. By the time we then got back here and loaded the boys in there new nest , then back to get the Mom and return Carol's borrowed van it was 6pm. Long day and 3 more safe.

Saturday work day, Sunday the same and Monday off to the homeopathic for Buddy to see Julie Lee in Vancouver. Tuesday we were whooped and the girls were still helping me feed except on Thursday i agreed to just start doing it again. I'm in my 6th week since surgery i got to get back working here. Friday morning a gift of a chiro appointment for Dior one of the horse's here had me faced with a barn to do. A wheel barrow load started at the feral pigs shed and 6 more from the barn was just plain stupid. I had to get food for Buddy , back here putting groceries away which is nothing on any norm day, then feed the animals after was asking for trouble the next day. I felt sick and could feel the pull on the inside of my incision, it better be okay the next day. So much for starting slow...

Sunday was great as the Burnaby Pathfinders returned with there work party and i was out there all day. I still felt sick and by late morning i was holding my side but the place looks awesome. I teased the girls and told them i needed them every Sunday!!

And as they filtered out arrived Lisa from SARS and Sandy from Coq Animal Shelter with a car load of party food for the pigs. Leaving Theresa to head out with the girls i went to the dump with Ryan. i got back here and we had a really nice visit with the house pigs sampling the treats.

So here we are on Monday and the only area that didn't get cleaned was the feral pigs. These pigs are neither farm pigs or pot bellied pigs. Tall and lean , with big eyes. They are smart and vocalize much like a farm pig but they look like pigs we see in the wilds of the USA. This rowdy bunch will be a handful, there house will be big and the paddock will need reinforcing. But that can wait a few weeks while there hormones stop racing. i cleaned there accommodations this morning and let Poppy out for a run. The boys were let out to the pen but i just wound them up by doing that and they rolled in the dirt and stood challenging each other. Thankfully they are from the same litter or they would be trying to kill each other . Still , i settle them down with Rescue Remedy and enough food for 4 pigs. I took one wheel barrow down to the pile but had to tip at the bottom. And the second one awaits me but i came in here to write after getting them all back in again. Poppy had a good morning.

The girls who brought the three pigs to our attention paid the neuter bill of $1087.00. It cost us $400.00 for the shed conversion and will cost us about $1200.00 for a new house for them. Adding material costs to shore up the existing paddock and then there will be Daisy's spay. Then there was Buddy's vet trips but this is the cost of emergency.

And the sooner i can put mine behind me and start producing the work i need to do around here and get back to my paid job the better. Right now pushing a wheel barrow for 4 hours is no can do.. so i better be up to snuff by the

Pictures are of Daisy in her bed at her foster home, the Burnaby Pathfinders, Poppy , the boys and a short clip of Poppy out with me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Join in the celebration of Nice Shoes' one-year anniversary and help raise money for Hearts on Noses Mini Pig Sanctuary.

There will be snacks, raffle prizes, plus baked goodies for purchase. 10% of all store sales will be donated as well.

All proceeds from the ticket sales (beyond the cost of food) will be donated to Hearts on Noses.
Choose from these food options from Loving Hut Express:
• Crispy Chik'un Burger
• Rueben Sandwich
• Mushroom Cheese Burger

Friday, March 30 • Admission: $20
Choose from two times:
6:30 - 8 pm
7:30 - 9 pm
Nice Shoes, 3568 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Nice Shoes is an all vegan shoes and accessories shop located in Vancouver. Shop online at

Purchase tickets online here:

Tickets purchased at the door will not receive a food selection.
Orders placed after March 26 are not guaranteed to have your food choice.
All food and raffle prizes are vegan.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Steps

Pam from Sorrento who took care of us all here for a week is on the Greyhound Bus heading home. Pam had the dishes done, meals cooked and the kitty litter boxes kept clean on top of feeding and medicating the animals 24/7. Racing around here from one project to the next to stay on top of stuff i am sure she will be glad to get home and fall back into her own routine never mind seeing her family and all the animal kids. Thank you so very very much!!

Tuskers one of seniors here as been fighting a snotty nose and no matter what meds we gave him we can't seem to get it kicked for him. He eats well and is enjoying all the attention on top of the goodies but yesterday i called the vet out. Thought i better do that with Pam still here and also being pig savvy to be able to assist Brent from Ag West if needed. With Tuskers age at well over 17 seasons he thinks he is just not able to kick it like someone younger might be able too so we are doubling his meds in hopes he will bounce back.

Our Volunteers who are family and friends will cover again where Pam leaves off with the exception of me feeding breakfast now . This is my first morning since off, i just have to remember to take baby steps. Next week i will sit down here and start doing data entry as long as i am able to every day and get those receipts out.

I leave you with a picture from Karena who adopted Charlie , clearly he is one VERY happy pig!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

From The Couch

The first two weeks from coming home from the hospital has turned me into a couch potato. I get up walk around for five minutes and back to the couch. I am sick of tv and all the shows i have been watching and watching life outside carry on from the front room window.

Theresa has been here every morning to do meds and feed breakfast to the animals. I am getting around now and able to bend down and pick up the dogs dish without worry and a cough does not make me feel like i am being split wide open anymore.

Nancy , Roxane, Amber and Brady did dinners/meds for the kids and every one is doing awesome.

Pam arrived from Sorrento on Friday so everyone no doubt is enjoying there break from being up here during the week. She will stay as long as she can as she has left behind a husband and there son to fend for them selves as well and everyone back home is stepping up to care for each other as well as the dog and pig kids while she is here looking after all of us.

I have a ton of office work to do here with year end and donation receipts needing to be mailed out after i do all the data entry, printing and envelope stuffing. Since i have been home i can only stand to sit here for an hour and that time has been divided between blogging updates , a few minutes on face book and replying to families needing a little piggy support from diet to hoof care and two pigs may be needing new homes. And i better do a bank deposit along with paying the bills as life goes on here even if i am not running at full speed.

Saturday volunteer join up turned into a crazy day when Nick went downstairs to grab some tools and came right back up to inform me that the sump pump had quit and once again my basement was under water. Thankfully Tony started his hours so both guys were paling the basement out with me freaking out about the furnace. A few hours later after getting that under control the well shut down again and it an only happen here that on the same day we can both be flooded and without water! Life in the country being on well one cannot be running the hose out front to fill waters and someone else out back running another hose to rinse off boots or grab a drink of water. I must remember to add that fact and what that other hose is for coming up from the basement with new freinds who arrive here to help the animals. The plumber tells me the sump pump was off kilter and yes i can see it looks like someone reefed on the hose, thankfully he never charged me. I know all the temperaments of this old house and while i was in the hospital the furnace quit as did the well and unable to explain the "how too" i have two more bills sitting here to be paid. ughhhhh

Of course i am still off work as i am not allowed to lift anything but every day i am feeling less week and able to keep upright longer.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tarps and Tumours Oh My.

The morning of my last blog post had me get up from the chair here as i could feel some discomfort in my side. I had hoped i was not headed for emergency again, in a repeat attack of what had happened a few weeks ago. I don't really remember if i made it outside that morning or not but i do remember calling Carol at work and giving her a heads up of what might be before me, and her for the start of my work week there. I remember laying on the couch with my legs drawn up trying to wait out and fight down the pain. My thoughts were of the animals first, there needs to be taken care of first and hopefully i could either last that long or the pain would stop.

My mid afternoon i was on the floor, writhing in pain and this time Roxane was my ambulance to emergency. I was on the floor there for another 2 hours, waiting to get past what i will always think of as some war like check point and trying to gain access to the other side. Guarded by jaded hospital staff i am finally admitted, banded and handed the hospital garb. Wheeled to the other side i know i am safe, and they come to my rescue and kill my pain.

That was Saturday and i was kept heavily drugged until Monday nights surgery to remove not a kidney stone but a tumor attached to my ovaries the size of a baseball.

I came home from 24 hour care at the Maple Ridge Hospital on Thursday. Every hour someone checked on me , how was my pain level now they would ask. Would i like ice in my water , here is another cookie and lets check your vitals again. Exceptional care this side of the check point. ;o) The nurses rocked as did the students and of course my skilled surgeon and Doctor who removed that fist of fire from my belly. Really my only complaint was the food. Please replace this veggie chili with a nice bowl of fruit or i will surely die here lol. I then started to push away the morphine drip as the food was making me feel nauseous in fact so was the smell of my soap the hand lotion and will someone open a window and let in some fresh air? I had to get out of there!!! Maybe because of all the life saving drugs or painkillers inside me or was it because of my life style and being so much a part of the out doors . And the only time i could ever cry was when thinking about my animals and how i missed them so very much.

I would like to stress a point here , that I have a total new respect for "tumour" and have included Mouses picture in this post because she too had one removed that weighed 42 lbs. Knowing how stoic pigs are , in fact many animals can be so i question "how much did she suffer before we got her help?" and had it removed?? My gawd the pain was unbearable for me... please spay your charges when at all medically possible.

Second i would like to extend my extreme gratitude to my boss, Carol who is keeping my job open for when i am ready to return, and for being a friend and visiting me at the hospital and bringing me home. To my Mom who is 89 and has been waiting on me here as i recover as well as taking care of all the house animal children's. To my sister Nancy, Roxane and Theresa who have all arrived for the morning shift to feed and do meds here or for the night feed all doing so before or after there full time jobs.

In the short time of them being here Nancy has removed Scotch from being hung up in a wire fence. And today was removing a blue tarp so entangled in Truffles young teeth. How many times had we all enjoyed watching our pigs grab a blue tarp and shake it in fun?? The tarp was hung up on both of his lower young tusks and he had no doubt tried in vain to set himself free as it was twisted over and around again. Little Olive nose to her mates checking and never once leaving his side and now watching us help her freind. I took a pair of scissors and clipped off the bulk stating we would have to sit this pig down to get it off of him and thankfully our portable shoot was close. The girls set it down over him and Theresa stepped in and flipped him. I few gentle up tugs set him free. I could do nothing but give direction as normally a flip would of been done by me but alas i am cut threw like a magic act gone wrong and can't risk further injury. They did it and another learning experience gained with a good ending. Side note , the team had only been in the house for about 30 minutes to take a bite to eat and hear a few pig stories.

Amber and Brady , thank you so much for dinner last night and Tracey for our much needed carrots. And many more pigs can give there thanks to you the next time you visit as the sneak grapes into Jack was a fiasco as everybody had to get fed again. A pig can hear a grape being chewed by another from one block away, i am sure of it ..

And thanks to Krista from SAINTS, who is a friend and a co worker came and took on six piggy paddocks to help us this morning!!!

I better get off of here now and go back and lay down.. 4-6 weeks is the average recovery time. WEE shall see about that...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Edith, My First Goat I would Love

I met her about two months ago. I saw her out in the pasture sporting a little pink coat with a red bandage on her hoof. I was told in her earlier days she gave every one a run for there money, she was feisty and cheeky. I knew her as frail, weathered by time and now needing to be protected .

She didn't like her head to be touched and would shake her head in disgust if you touched her horns. She did tolerate her neck to be stroked and us getting that pink coat on her every morning on those cold and wet winter days.

On one of my days off she was found down in the pasture and the vet rushed out , this was the day she also became our "shop goat" at work. And she bounced back as much as she was able and i took her out to her old stomping grounds early in the morning before the others were out. On sunny days i would put a little leash on her and lead her to the garden. She would on good days follow me back to the shop without a lead . A little goat in a pink coat looking up at me with wide eyed wonder.

In the short time we would have together she would be served fresh hay ,cookies and my lunch sandwiches. In fact the table in front of her little yard in the shop had a smorgasbord of crackers, fancy salads , peanuts and cheerio's. Oatmeal cookies were her favorite for many many days. The table also had syringes and various strengthes of pain killers. Every morning before i left for work i would look in my cupboards and then scour my feed shed outside for things Edith might eat today as we struggled to keep her eating and to save the little weight she did have on her.

I did have a talk with Edith and told her that she needed to try and eat or we would think she was ready to go. That if she didn't want to be here any more to know that she would be helped to leave this world so she didn't suffer. That when she opened her eyes on the other side she would rise in green pasture's . She would have no pain , it would be like a warm rush and she would fly.

Yesterday she could fight no longer ... no matter how hard we tried we could not give her back the years gone by before i knew her.

I am sorry Edith we didn't get to spend more time together. I miss you and I want to thank you for being the very first goat in my life that i would love. .

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mild Night

I just got in from feeding everyone. First out to the horses with a little bucket of grain and apples , then i go into our new hay shed and get there hay for the night. Dior and lacy were both in the barn , warm and dry on nice fresh shavings. The horses have a huge walk in barn that allows them to come and go when they please. I have to come believe this is a healthier way of life giving them the ability to move around at will 24/7. This also causes a ton more work as they use it as an out house as well. Hopefully next summer we can raise the funds to put a nice shelter up and off of our new shed for them to stand out of the rain . It will save us both shavings and the extra labour to keep it clean . Lacy was a snuggle bunny today when i was in cleaning . She stood waiting for me to scratch on her and stroke her soft neck. She reached her head down to mine and held her face into my cheek , she is a lovely horse.

We had a great show of help today with Roxane , Alicia and Theresa arriving. Alicia tackled the waters and we opted to hand pail then drag the hose out, we all chipped in when we got to the big pigs waters. The pigs had peanuts in a shell for breakfast and i have noticed they are all now starting to spit out the shells where as before they all ate them. A tad spoiled me thinks... thanks for feeding the kids Roxane and Theresa and filling up the pails for tonight.

Nick was here, getting his hours done so us girls had a few things we needed him to tackle. All the gates on the paddocks i had built here are braced wrong. One by one they are starting to fail , the first one that needed reinforcing was Roscoe's. Yesterday when i went into move snow and free up ice water I couldn't get the gate to swing open so i had to climb over the fence to get out. So to my disappointment we have already had to micky mouse something on this expensive build when i moved here only two years ago. Eventually every one of the gates will have to come down and be rebuilt correctly.

Everything is still under snow and there is some deep icy patches so i chose to not let the farm pigs out today as they are so rambunctious and i sure don't need any of them falling down on ice here, especially our Rose. While sitting watching my senior herd eat tonight i could see in the snow pile a perfect water tub icicle 5 inches thick, hard to beleive it is so mild out now. And there is going to be a ton more work next week-end as the snow melts as we could only pick up what we could out there today.

Well i better go get Mouse out as she hasn't been out of here all day and then feed my inside crew, oh and then me.

Will leave you with a picture of a gate built incorrectly. The long brace should be coming from the lower hinge up. You can see the long brace is done opposite so those two pieces going from the lower hinge up may look pretty but structurally they do nothing. I have added a picture of a gate built correctly..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Has Arrived

Awake at 6:30 i could already see the winter robins feeding on the seed and the multiple suet cakes i have out.

The wind is up and the snow continues to beat down on us. My sister is still here helping relieve the load as i am scared to death of another painful attack . I still have all my pain meds given to me by the emergency doctor so if it does happen i will have them to get me threw .

I went out to my horses and got out there winter coats and both mares took off , silly girls its to keep you warm. Once back in there walk in barn i got them on and i am sure they are both grateful now.

Amber and Brady just left as it is Brady's birthday and he wanted to see his pigs who are being boarded here threw winter. They helped both Nancy and I clear paths , smash out ice and fill up the waters. The water is freezing over in less then two hours of putting it out there so I quickly came up behind and started feeding.

There two kids came racing for the big house and melted into the blankets so how could i put them back out there i have a barricade up and wish Mouse would stop charging it. Truffles, Olive and Mouse please lay down and go to sleep for a while now.

I leave you with a picture i only took a few weeks ago...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Stoned

Friday at work i had to leave at noon as the pain in my side had be doubled over. Never in my life have i ever had that kind of pain and can pretty well push threw anything but i couldn't stand more then 20 minutes. I got home and took to the couch .. i could relieve the pain by drawing my legs up while resting on the couch.

Saturday Roxane and Nick arrived and pushed threw the 1 1/2 ft of snow here to clear paths , de-ice water tubs and top up waters and then feed the pigs. I stayed on the couch and started writing out a log book on how to feed every one here. Then Roxane took me into town as i was unable to get into my doctors we went to a walk in clinic. The doctor there thought it was a kidney or bladder stone and while he was telling me the pain is comparable to child birth i was thinking i knew all about stones as i did extensive research for Willy for years when he was crippled by this same ailment when he was here.

Sunday i had a decent rest and felt good so i was up as Roxane had returned and i did some menial stuff while Roxane tackled the waters again. She fed and medicated all the animals before she went home.

Yesterday i got up and took an hour here , looked on Craig List for a snow removal guy and then went out to feed the horses. The pain returned and normally i would sit down and it would leave but not this time so i came in the house.

An hour of brutal pain that i could not push down i called Carol who told me she was going to come and get me. I hung up the phone not able to wait and called 911 for an ambulance. Carol got here before they did so off too emergency we went . I can't begin to tell you the incredible unbearable pain i was in. It took me to my knees and i was throwing up as my body reacted to the pain.

I spent all day in emergency being given rounds of morphine..thank God i drifted off to sleep and away from the pain.

The Doctor there too thought it was a stone but the xray didn't show that but did show some sort of cyst on something as i was still out of it when he told me .. i can't/don't want to believe that what i wet threw yesterday could hit me again so am waiting for the specialist to return my call this morning.

My sister stayed over night and is out there in now 2 ft of snow doing what i should be doing for the kids here .

Thank God for good friends and family under brutal weather conditions coming to my rescue as well to the animals here .

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year

Well we have started off with a bang as supporters from all over the world have really rescued us right back. WEE were in a ton of trouble with me not being able to find work but WEE are back on track. I borrowed a ton of cash to get us threw and thanks to my Mom as well for writing those cheques month after month for the mortgage. So many wonderful donations came in for Christmas and add up big time , big donations in memory of two great dogs and another amazing one from two awesome freinds in Ontario who have supported us since 2001.

With our Pub Night being a huge success , WEE have half filled the new hay shed with hay and won't have to worry about that for a few months here. Its still incomplete and a ton more finishing touches but is working out great so far. I need to get some more pallets but in the mean time we still need a working space inside to provide a covered area for the balance of the work needing to be done. I still need Sherman's paddock fixed and stepping up from the horses side to get hay is a tad hard to muster the strength after working hard all day. I need to figure out stairs there or get that fence removed so i can get to it easier from the other side now.

Amber and Brady's two pigs are still being boarded here as winter is no time to be moving and so this goes for the rest of the world too and finding accommodations is limited at best , especially when you have two pigs. I sure don't mind the surprise dinners as they are really a nice young couple. Last night Amber was here with a vegan sushi and i got home late and fed the kids even later but a really nice evening.

In our third winter here now as we moved here in Dec of 2009 and with the support we have received, the fundraisers , the B.C. Corrections work crew, the grant we received from The Vancouver Foundation and of course our rocking volunteers we have really accomplished so much.

Yet the thing is when your a caregiver and doing rescue work it is an on going quest to do better , help more and find a way to accomplish it all. I try really hard too be happy with how much we all have done here so far as the set up is so great but i always fall back on how it could be better for them if i just could this done or that added and like any women we all want it done now.

For this morning though all i ask is for it to hold off raining until we can get our work done and so the pigs can enjoy there time out when i am home.

I leave you with a picture of Lenny that Karena sent me . Lenny is one of our and one of two pigs that Karena adopted , clearly this pig is very happy and cozy!

Thank you all for helping is make it so.