Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Has Arrived

Awake at 6:30 i could already see the winter robins feeding on the seed and the multiple suet cakes i have out.

The wind is up and the snow continues to beat down on us. My sister is still here helping relieve the load as i am scared to death of another painful attack . I still have all my pain meds given to me by the emergency doctor so if it does happen i will have them to get me threw .

I went out to my horses and got out there winter coats and both mares took off , silly girls its to keep you warm. Once back in there walk in barn i got them on and i am sure they are both grateful now.

Amber and Brady just left as it is Brady's birthday and he wanted to see his pigs who are being boarded here threw winter. They helped both Nancy and I clear paths , smash out ice and fill up the waters. The water is freezing over in less then two hours of putting it out there so I quickly came up behind and started feeding.

There two kids came racing for the big house and melted into the blankets so how could i put them back out there i have a barricade up and wish Mouse would stop charging it. Truffles, Olive and Mouse please lay down and go to sleep for a while now.

I leave you with a picture i only took a few weeks ago...

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veganelder said...

I'm sorry for your health issues. Here's hoping for some resolution soon soon soon!