Saturday, September 14, 2013

Soft Like Luke

I saw him over 14 years ago, hunkered close to the ground like a cat will do when moving out on his own and searching for food. A short haired ginger boy and i thought man he must be hungry to come to a home where carries the scent of three dogs. I started to leave food out every night on the work bench in my carport . And when i knew he was coming every night i started to sit out there with that food. He would have to get used to me being there to eat and so i sat with a flashlight and a book every night. I enticed him with creme and after a few monthes i would reach out for a pet . One night having gained his trust i grabbed him . I have held a few wild cats in my lifetime and they fight like hell but this cat shivered in my arms. The spare bedroom with an added screen door would be his while he got used to life indoors, the dogs , the other cats and of course the pigs. It was a short haired collie who pushed passed me threw that n door one night and they became fast friends. He is a cool cat i thought , cool like Luke. Luke was diagnosed with cancer such a short time ago. This picture was only taken in May of this summer. Today he was half the cat and when he was found somewhere he never goes this morning i knew he was trying to get away...from his own self. I hope that collie greets Luke on the other side as i told him he might. And i told him i will never forget him and when ever i feel something or someone that feels oh so soft to the touch i will think "soft as Luke" . There will be an empty spot in my arms tonight. .