Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hearts On Noses Gets Punked

Roxane emails me this link ( it won't post) to an ad for a van on Thursday night. We had talked about getting a much needed cheap minivan to safely transport pigs whether it be to pick them up or take them to the vets. I added it to our wish list but in the grande scheme of things here , there are other more pressing priorities. So i open the link and I'm tired its after work and late. All i see is the asking price( 9800.00) and i am thinking " is she nuts" ???? I don't even read the description as no way do we have that kind of money and I was thinking about a 1500.00 van and only after we win a grant. I am emailed her back "are you nuts? " . Roxane is emailing me back that i should write the guy and ask if he will take a tax receipt for it. I am sitting here thinking "you write the guy" , no way is he going to do that and besides i can't afford insurance and maintenance on a second vehicle right now. Saturday arrives and there is only Theresa and Roxane here to do the work but Nancy was here the day before doing the barn up and Kendra and Curtis were here working the pens so today should be a breeze. We decide to not rush into anything and sit down to have a cup off coffee first. When i came outside after putting the water on is when Theresa surprised me with a birthday present and its a electric kettle. I have melted two on the stove now , so this was such a great birthday gift. Roxane is being her bossy self and telling us she wants to tell us a story so i am too sit still for a minute and pay attention. She is going over the ad she sent me and basically recalling every word the guy wrote in it. I am thinking she wrote the guy, and she goes on to say all the guy wants is to be able to use it once in a while and i can have it. True to my controlling nature I am thinking and saying it out loud " screw that i don't want some guy coming in here every time he wants to borrow the van and for sure i don't want him cracking it up on my insurance" . "No, no, no" i go on, i don't want anything with strings attached. Now to be honest i don't know if the cake came first or the van as the present i got to open from Theresa was already making my day but then Roxane says " I'm the guy with the van". WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT its you???????????? Roxane "punked me" and we got us a van!!!!!!!! Rocky has been shopping for a new vehicle but i was clueless to her plan and her setting me up . How cool and so freaking generous!!!!!!!! The day went on to us working the paddocks to keep them up , waters and pools filled . Loading for the dump run and heading out to pick up a load of fresh cut hay. Cleaning out the shed, mowing little bits of the lawn to tidy it up and a new shoot built for Penny. Theresa put all the hay away and fed the kids dinner while more mowing was done by Roxane. We even went out for dinner in between all that and my freinds pulled out of here hot, sweaty and exhausted at about 10 o'clock. Oh i should add that because of my picking nature i pulled something out of the bin at the dump that i think we can use hahaha so we stopped back here to drop it off before going to get the hay. Jose and Wayne were here ( thank you too Wendy) with a truck load of wool blankets and an amazing assortment of stainless steel shelving units , carts and bins. Yesterday was amazing and I am Blessed and so very fortunate to have such wonderful freinds. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!! And I headed in for the couch after they left but stopped in the kitchen for another huge piece of cake.