Sunday, May 20, 2012


Its been a while since i blogged, Facebook has been wonderful for me and the pigs with meeting new freinds and has been taking up the little time i have on here. I am behind in projects , phone calls , emails and getting my year end done. YIKES it is due by end of June and i really haven't started . I am sitting here drinking coffee as i totally slept in , in fact did the alarm even go off this morning? I let out the horses in the back field can see a few of the pigs from here out eating grass as well. Cotton, Sherman, Winnie and Casanova are grazing right out front of my window. I do need to head to town today , get some cat food, a few groceries and do a dump run. Two Saturdays ago while out working i heard my sister call out to someone at the front gates. It was Carol, a long time freind of the animals here and to me. She is also my employer as she too runs a rescue and i care for her barn yard aniamls threw the week. She is also the last chance call for many shelter managers reaching out to see if she can take one more senior or medically compromised cat or dog. Her herd of dogs is a menagerie of the unwanted, until arriving there. So when i set aside my wheel barrow to greet her the conversation went something like this. Carol " why aren't you answering my phone calls ? " Janice " cause i'm out here working !" Carol " I found the perfect dog for you" Janice " where is the dog" Carol " Its in my car " Now Carol knows perfectly well if she brings a one eyed , three legged "someone" here it will not leave here cause its too late, its here and i saw it. Please anyone reading this with a one eyed , three legged "someone " -disregard that last statement She is a one year old Maremma, already at her young age has Hip Dysplasia, thanks to a real crappy breeder. Sugar arrived and she is now Chilko who i named after the beautiful region here in B.C. She can run like the wind , will come when she feels like it and digs and chews like any puppy does. She chases my horses and looks like she is going to sail over my gates when she races down the driveway. If and when she needs surgery, as a permanent foster SAINTS will help us with that . She is a smart dog and who ever had her really didn't know dogs as there are many things about her that are residual of her prior ownership. Her fearing to come in once out running free, her fear of my hay shed and hallway in the house. She has been tricked with food, grabbed and perhaps locked in rooms or garages. She has been here two weeks and there is a lot to learn here but she already understands to wait at the gates when i am going in to feed, or leaving when i say "out" . To "leave it " when she is sniffing a pigs bum , following too closely and scareing them. A ton of stimulation for a young dog with all these pigs but she learned this at a surprising rate. Let her out this morning with several pigs and the horses and i sit here without worry of her harming them. I watched her walk towards a pig we much watch and nose to nose she licked him , and as she walked along side of him she licked his ear and then his side. Don Juan stood for it all. I hear the rain and this will cause all the kids to come home so i better get out there as a young dog will get excited with fast trotting by pigs and horses. And i have
work to do!!!


susan morris said...

She is a beauty!!! Lucky dog <3

becky said...

You have gotten yourself a beautiful companion and Chilko has lucked her way into a safe, loving home. Good for BOTH of you!!