Monday, February 20, 2012

From The Couch

The first two weeks from coming home from the hospital has turned me into a couch potato. I get up walk around for five minutes and back to the couch. I am sick of tv and all the shows i have been watching and watching life outside carry on from the front room window.

Theresa has been here every morning to do meds and feed breakfast to the animals. I am getting around now and able to bend down and pick up the dogs dish without worry and a cough does not make me feel like i am being split wide open anymore.

Nancy , Roxane, Amber and Brady did dinners/meds for the kids and every one is doing awesome.

Pam arrived from Sorrento on Friday so everyone no doubt is enjoying there break from being up here during the week. She will stay as long as she can as she has left behind a husband and there son to fend for them selves as well and everyone back home is stepping up to care for each other as well as the dog and pig kids while she is here looking after all of us.

I have a ton of office work to do here with year end and donation receipts needing to be mailed out after i do all the data entry, printing and envelope stuffing. Since i have been home i can only stand to sit here for an hour and that time has been divided between blogging updates , a few minutes on face book and replying to families needing a little piggy support from diet to hoof care and two pigs may be needing new homes. And i better do a bank deposit along with paying the bills as life goes on here even if i am not running at full speed.

Saturday volunteer join up turned into a crazy day when Nick went downstairs to grab some tools and came right back up to inform me that the sump pump had quit and once again my basement was under water. Thankfully Tony started his hours so both guys were paling the basement out with me freaking out about the furnace. A few hours later after getting that under control the well shut down again and it an only happen here that on the same day we can both be flooded and without water! Life in the country being on well one cannot be running the hose out front to fill waters and someone else out back running another hose to rinse off boots or grab a drink of water. I must remember to add that fact and what that other hose is for coming up from the basement with new freinds who arrive here to help the animals. The plumber tells me the sump pump was off kilter and yes i can see it looks like someone reefed on the hose, thankfully he never charged me. I know all the temperaments of this old house and while i was in the hospital the furnace quit as did the well and unable to explain the "how too" i have two more bills sitting here to be paid. ughhhhh

Of course i am still off work as i am not allowed to lift anything but every day i am feeling less week and able to keep upright longer.


Carol Lorraine said...

Oh Janice you poor dear. Hope nothing else goes wrong. Hang on that's all you can do. I've learned that well in the last 5 years.

Jean said...

I am so relieved to hear Pam is there for you - what a blessing to have such good friends, and a piggy person to boot!
Here's hoping the pump, the well, the furnace, and all the other annoyances of country living keep running for a bit and give you and your wonderful volunteers a break from mess and worry.
Hugs to the piggies.