Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Steps

Pam from Sorrento who took care of us all here for a week is on the Greyhound Bus heading home. Pam had the dishes done, meals cooked and the kitty litter boxes kept clean on top of feeding and medicating the animals 24/7. Racing around here from one project to the next to stay on top of stuff i am sure she will be glad to get home and fall back into her own routine never mind seeing her family and all the animal kids. Thank you so very very much!!

Tuskers one of seniors here as been fighting a snotty nose and no matter what meds we gave him we can't seem to get it kicked for him. He eats well and is enjoying all the attention on top of the goodies but yesterday i called the vet out. Thought i better do that with Pam still here and also being pig savvy to be able to assist Brent from Ag West if needed. With Tuskers age at well over 17 seasons he thinks he is just not able to kick it like someone younger might be able too so we are doubling his meds in hopes he will bounce back.

Our Volunteers who are family and friends will cover again where Pam leaves off with the exception of me feeding breakfast now . This is my first morning since off, i just have to remember to take baby steps. Next week i will sit down here and start doing data entry as long as i am able to every day and get those receipts out.

I leave you with a picture from Karena who adopted Charlie , clearly he is one VERY happy pig!!!


lesley said...

Hi Jan
Just caught up on your blog and shocked to hear of what you have just gone through. Thank goodness your family and friends stepped up to help out.You must have worried yourself sick about who was going to do the work! What a treasure your mum is.My mum was the same, she was so supportive.Give mum a hug from me.
Lots of love to you Jan and keep on getting stronger.

Janice Gillett said...

Yes , everyone has been awesome!!!

Thanks Lesley!!!