Monday, February 9, 2009

Peppermint Patty Fly's

I brought her home in 2001 along with six others from the SPCA. I called the herd "The Magnificent Seven" and they are. I knew from looking at Peppers confirmation she didn't look right or had recently had a litter but her life here would be just that , see how it goes. Unpspayed females are prone to uterine tumours , masses being removed at universities in the States. Some surving some not and the medical help here for pigs is not like that of companion animals such as cats and dogs. Try as we will to change that and it is an on going battle.
Peppermint Patty's condition changed and it was painfully obvious the tumour was taking her life from me as the burden of carrying the mass it taking everything from her to survive. In my heart i knew what had to be done had to be done now while she was still strong as she would need to be to go threw an operation such as this .

And knowing her time was limited i began the search for help and finally two big heart Vets would try and we explored the whats ifs and what to dos.
Two weeks ago Wyatt one of this very same herd was rushed to the vets twice after an unsuccessful cathersiation here and he is alive in my kitchen doing well however still unable to pee on his own.
Wednesday i lost my job during the period where not only i was fighting the flu but fighting to save Wyatt and during this time precious weeks would go by as it sucked the life out of my Peppermint Patty.
Last night she could fight no more and as i write this my heart breaks as promises of moving to a better place , with more grass and bigger apple trees seem so out of my grasp now as my freinds slip away from me as so do my dreams.
I wake to snow covered pastures still, birds asking that i fill the feeders and horses who need to have morning hay tossed to them. Wyatt who oofs every second from my kitchen and a herd outside who has lost one of there own.

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