Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter Wrap

Long week-ends are normally pretty quiet and volunteers are busy with family and get aways. So Saturday morning when 9 am arrived and no one was here i wasn't surprised. As i got off this chair to get out there and feed the horses and then the pigs , there was a car out front!!! Carly and Sam had arrived and got to work right away. A few minutes later Erica and her boyfriend arrived here as first timers and that was a great surprise. Next came Carolyne our bunny loving friend and we were rocking out there!!!

What a crazy month it has been for weather , i woke up to snow covering the Grass one morning and by noon sunny and beautiful. Which was the case when Pam m from Sorrento came to visit. We didn't work our visit away this time we spent time talking past midnight and petting and treating the pigs all day.

Roxanne was away but remember our garage sale? She brought us a ton of great stuff and one of the bags she arrived with , while i was digging in i was so excited! She started to explain she had bagged these all up and that we might get so much a bag for them. HAZELNUTS .. oh my i couldn't help myself to say "pigs love hazelnuts" !!! So when Pam was here all the pigs were treated with those and hey Rocky your Panda Man crunches them down too!!! For a pig who couldn't eat an apple when he arrived he sure has come a long ways.

Donna our popcorn girl who we don't get to see too often supports us by coming to all our sales and with two large bags of popped corn. The pigs had there party too Donna!!

Saturday Lee and Laura always arrive and donate produce for us and arrived with pears and oven dried bread, bagels and fancy breads for the pigs. Laura was back again later with a car full of fresh buns so although not the most nutritional treat , the pigs love it!!! It also stretches our food budget , can you believe the price of carrots right now??

I have been busy net working for five baby pigs in North Carolina who fell off the slaughter truck and were scooped up by the police. Sitting in a shelter down there facing auction to the highest bidder . And a Sanctuary in Florida in a crisis trying to move 180 pigs to there new farm before the county steps in. I try not to stretch myself so thin but i must try and help these animals even if it is only networking and trying to pull people together to help them all.

All the animals are doing great and have been enjoying the sunny days and the tasty tender grass coming back again. The horses are looking a little rough and i really need to get a brush on both of them. Tippy the turtle has been out and about for the week as i need to do her tank and that will be my big job today.

Happy Easter everyone and keep the ham on the pigs please!!


Anonymous said...

Janice, do you have "Hearts on Noses" over your front door? What is that picture of? It's so beautiful.
These pics are so wonderful!
Thinking of you.
I just read a book called Aftershock, about people who work in animal rights, and the author (Patrice Jones) says that running a sanctuary can be very traumatic because you can't save all the animals that need you all the time. She says that you have to make sure you take care of yourself and that you keep yourself happy, too, because you can't help animals if you don't help yourself.
Anyway, I kept thinking about all that you do and hoping you know that the whole country of piglovers if behind you. Dana

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Dana , yes that is our front door ;o))

Jean said...

Love that sepia photo of piggy on porch!!!! It's beautiful, Janice - frameworthy!

Janice Gillett said...

Your right Jean , i love that photo!!!

veganelder said...

Great photos! It also sounds like you have some great supporters and volunteers. I am sure Tippy (the turtle) appreciates them too. :-)

Thank you for all you (and your supporters) do for our fellow animals.

Janice Gillett said...

Thnak you , yes the pigs and i couldn't do it with out you all!!

Erica Denison said...

Your committment to other animals, is very admirable and inspiring. The only animal products I eat are free range eggs, largely for ethical and health reasons. All life is precious, I agree with your dedication to the happiness of the animals in your care. However please be sure to look after your well-being as well.

Erica Denison said...

Your committment to all the precious animals in your care is very admirable. All life is precious. I am largely vegan other than free range eggs for protein, for ethical and health reasons. One point please try and take excellent care of yourself in the process of taking such care of other beings, neglecting your own needs won't help the animals in the longrun, love yourself too! Your doing excellent work.