Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've been working at SAINTS for almost three weeks and i am enjoying it, i find myself eager to get there and see everyone and get the work started.

My first day i was being shown the chickens and found myself with Dionne in the shops bathroom with a chicken over the laundry tub removing a poop ball with warm water.

And because each animal there is not only a different species but they are unique in there own rights. Ziggy a little donkey, loves the cows and got the zoomies when i let him go in with his cow herd tonight. Chewy a little goat closes his eyes when you stroke his soft fur. Pete , another goat can be sneaky and can fit threw the narrowest opening if i don't get that gate closed. He has a built in natural smile, just like our pigs. Carl , the Llama does look at me like a predator anymore and has accepted my presence. He no longer walks the pasture in front of me giving me his buck toothed evil eye. And Ellie the first farm pig there is a Princess but you should of seen her duking it out with Carl the other day. A little frail goat who i am told was such a brat when she was young, is now a shop goat getting special care. She likes oatmeal cookies the best. The horses sing to you when you get there in the morning and open the barn doors.

Every day i am there i learn something new about someone and i watch over them like a mother watching every one of her kids to make sure they are okay. Hours and moments can change drastically when looking after special needs animals.

You know "they" say cows are dumb but let me share with you what i saw today. It was not a unicorn but he is to me. Popeye is but a very old white horse and was laying down much like the unicorn in this picture. A horse perhaps not long for this world and there a cow - holding her giant head into this old horses side was Emily. It was a gentle face pressing so lightly only just to make contact with her freind. And yet another giant of a cow pressing his nose to this horses nose was Percy. Were they comforting old Popeye ... were they saying we love you. It was truly one of the most endearing pictures that will forever be in my heart. I wish i had of had a camera , perhaps i will draw it one day.

Edited to add that Popeye was not any better today even after the new strong pain meds he was given.. tommorrow morning he will fly.

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