Sunday, August 28, 2011

Victoria Yard Sale!!

Lost in the chicken catch and landfill pick i am so late on sharing this awesome fundraiser put on for the pigs 100's of miles away from us.

Jenn an all around animal lover as her family and freinds pulled this together for us in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I only wish i could of attended as I love treasure hunting and it looks like a ton of treasures were there to be had.

Jean also there adding treasures , shopping and manning a table she set up for Hearts On Noses and traveling from Duncan!

Jenn and her Mom , Marie not only shared our story and gathered all these goodies we also received donations on top of the $600.00 they raised there!! WOW in one day!!!! Georgia and Lundyn, nieces of Jenn proves love is hereditary in this awesome animal loving family. One day, but weeks of hard work gathering the stuff , packing and sorting and setting up is a ton of work ! The pigs and I can't thank you all enough as we so needed this boost in our bank account.


Anonymous said...

You are very welcome Janice & thank you for the kind words!!!

veganelder said...

Excellent! Good for Jenn!!

Roxane said...

What a wonderful person you are Jenn. You and your family are certainly Gems!

Thank you for all you do for Hearts On Noses and Janice.