Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sanctuary rambling..

Jack of Hearts and Dixie have an appointment at the vets on Monday. Jack to be neutered and Dixie Chick to be x-rayed. I must find out what is going on with her spine so we can start treatment stat. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Paula who arrived as a volunteer has not only taken position as my right hand she has become a very good friend to all of us here. If you arrive here on a work day Saturday you will hear me call out to her with my thoughts or worries about something needed or to be added to our list. If gives me comfort to know she is out there and our needs here matter to her. Hopefully we will be able to load both pigs quickly as she has offered to take them in for me so i can go into to work and not loose a days wages.

Poor Jack held captive behind stall doors at the Barn all week. The sooner i can get him out of there the better for him and my horses.

The rain is slowly but surely turning our way to the barn and manure pile into a muddy path. The Farm pigs areas are saturated. With all the creative ditch digging they have done only takes away any hard footing we once had in there yards. Sigh, the big pigs are a ton of work and oh how i wanted to move from here and start over with a better approach for all of us. But we are still here..

I normally get a load of pumpkins after Halloween but the time is flying by and i fear my pigs are going to miss out if i don't find a farmer this week-end. I know there was one out Mission way I wonder if Jean has a number for them.

I have heard from the family who moved into the house with all the abandoned animals and where our Penny is. They called me last week to inform me they had brought her in to there house. Is it possible she also wormed her way into there hearts? Is no news this week good news .. i must call them and see how she is doing , yet if there is a chance she will find real love there i don't want to ruin it for her either. I'll give her a few days more before i call on her.

Another pig needing a home and i have sent them a heart felt letter. This pig lives in the house with his family , it is what i want for all of them. I am trying Lenny, I am trying. I speak for him in my letter to them.


Colleen said...

Janice, you make my heart smile!

Jean said...

Janice, I'll grab the phone number of the pumpkin place down the road and send it to you - I simply haven't had time to talk with them and don't have time to go gather pumpkins.
I'll see if I can find the name of that guy in Chilliwack that delivered a truck load last year too. It might not be until sunday - I have full days both today and tomorrow.