Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feed by Moonlight

This is Tippy my triathlon Turtle who swims, climbs and then high dives if i don't see her. The tank is pretty close to the wall so when she gets out and leaps she drops down lightly wedged but not enough for her to free herself and to be found wandering around here . The first time it happened many years ago i thought some one had broke into the house and stole my very valuable turtle LOL When she wants to go back to her pond she goes to the wall beside it and tries to climb back up. Do i have to get a ramp made for a turtle??

Mom stopped in just after lunch today to check on Penny after I called her from work. I had left out a cut up apple at the end of the carport and i like to think she found it and not the squirrels. Her tail..ehem signs were also left about so i know she did get up and move around. Mom had bundled her back up and she looked like an Eskimo when i pulled in.

Black tubs are difficult to see at night so when i head out I strap a LED light on my head. Horses are a little spooky so i know to them i would look like the one eyed monster so i do refrain from wearing it while heading to them. And so once done with the horses i put on my light but there was already a huge light on in the sky for us tonight.

Do you see the moon in the sky everyone i called out , it is beautfiul!! Penny come out and look up come on it is awesome!!

Jack is feeling much better as his appitite is back up and i am happy to report Dixie Chick looks much better too.

Buddy is being a goof and flipping his squeaky toy all over the house right now and i have to go make dinner.

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