Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pay it forward

The picture is one of Arnold who along with another pig had been sitting in a California LA Shelter pretty much on death row. Started with an email from a gal who used to live here informing me of there story. With some strategic planning and net working and fundraising these two pigs were rescued and driven for miles both by Alexis & Debilyn's to her home in Oregon. We can and will move mountains !! Yes we can!!! Deb sent this one to me with Arnold learning the ropes of life at Eden and the words captioning it were " Well our California rescue guy Arnold is learning the ropes of Eden. First one, "do not stick your head in tight inside the empty feed bucket."

This month has been incredible with so many good things happening here for the animals.

Our November pub night was a blast and brought in much needed funds and two more pigs found a home here. Two pigs also went to the vet and both are doing well and with Paula taking there it removed the stress of me having to ask for time off work for another animal issue.

Last Wednesday night Paula and Jim arrived five minutes after i got home from work and we got Dixie's second shot into her as well as some baby cookies. ;o) While Paula and I went to work doing the horse stalls and then feeding every one Jim was in the house filling out HONS paperwork to get some of our gst back for the last 4 years. And being a Telus employee and working a bazillion hours down here he was able to submit for a offer from Telus for a donation to us for his hours in. So he also came with a cheque, how cool is this!!!!! Thennnnnnnnn they took me out for dinner and we had a hoot!!! It was the best Friday night i have had on a Wednesday night in years!! A much needed break from here, thank you!

Paula had all of the pens done Friday with the families from our Home School project so new comer Chris , my sister and i only had the big pigs to do again. I am in the House on a Saturday by 1:oo huh??? SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!! I should now be able to some much needed paper work done in here!!

Jean from "life with the Critters Blog" is hosting a Fundraiser and it is doing AWESOME!!!!!!!!! This is all too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!

The Florida Pigs are a constant worry for me and i have been able to do some serious net working to try and bring awareness to the need there. With the support around me right now i am walking so much lighter and i am grateful beyond words. It has allowed me to do more and this is very important to me as it is not just the pigs here who need us, it is pigs everywhere!

Well i best get to my kitchen table , my purse, the counter, my desk and clean up the paperwork trails.LOL

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