Monday, November 10, 2008

Vets and Trips

Paula arrived at 7am this morning as we had planned. Jack of Hearts just wanted his breakfast and as he did circles around me rooting as he went i simply grabbed him up and we got him in the crate. As he was the one furthest from the van we were thankful he was the lightest one of the two.

Sweet not a mean bone in her body Dixie Chick was about as easy. I went in the shed and Paula manned the crate on the outside with it butted right up to the door way. A little push here and there and we got her inside.

Paula , with a couple of blanket replacements and a map she was on her way.

This is one of the most difficult emotionally of the jobs i do here. My heart pumping so fast as it just goes against every fibre of my body to scare them like this. As i closed the gates and watched Paula drive away i want to burst out crying, but i have no time for that as i had to get changed for work.

Jack has been neutered and we moved him into Teddy Bears yard and gave him something positive to think about after his harrowing ordeal. He is deep under the straw with a little sore bum, I hope his sleep gives him a much needed escape from us all.

Dixie Chick came home after being poked and a treatment plan is in the making. Although extremely disappointed that x-rays were not taken as that is what she went there for. I will bite my tongue and move on.

Penny was a little weird tonight in the carport and kept doing this crazy circling thing. I wonder if she is allergic to pumpkin as that is all she had today. She did snap out of it and did some carport wandering so she get some exercise tonight. She was up for over an hour and i cut up an apple for her and we had a little chat . I tucked her in and was able to pull the fat folds back off her one eye and I do believe she saw me. A kiss on the ear and a promise to get her into fine form so she can enjoy the world she deserves. Tomorrow hopefully it won't be raining and i can get her out of the carport and onto some grass.


Jean said...

Glad to hear the trip to the vet and home again went smoothly.
I wonder if Penny was just circling because she can't see, or if pigs can suffer from vestibular syndrome like dogs get? Or maybe she was just inventing a new piggy dance and trying to teach you the steps!

Janice Gillett said...

Well i have had my share of fat blind pigs brought here but i have only seen this type of behaviour in pigs who have allergies. But an underlying infection could give her these symptoms as well. Or a stroke or a bazillion other things.. just have to see how she is in the morning light