Saturday, November 15, 2008

So much Action!!!

Yesterday Paula hosted three families here who home school there kids. They worked all day cleaning pens , scrubbed bowls and clean fresh water for all. Thank you everyone!!!
Today wasn't as stressful becuse of the help so Cliff , Pam and I only had the big pigs to do, Tortillas and Jacks. The hay stall got cleaned up, the big pigs got tons of bedding and the guineas had there house cleaned too. And tonight the horses went into there stalls with no fussing from Lacy being apart from Dior. Gosh who would of thought they would of got even more bonded as they have been out since summer. Cliff's community hours are done now but it sure was great to have a man around the farm these last few week-ends.
Penny went half way up the driveway tonight after a little strategic blocking on my part and placement of the food dish lOL. Atta girl Penny , we must do our exercises!!
And here is a picture of our Jack of Hearts who is still in the throws of passion even thought he was neutered on Monday. And isn't that a great picture of Patoo!!! ( Short for Cutie Patootie)
And last is a Fundraiser blog Challenge hosted by my good friend Jean to help with a new space for Penny before it gets too cold for where she is .

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