Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Frosty is out there!

Bits and pieces of the week and I will start with Paula and Jim taking a run to Oliver for the night and came back with enough apples to feed the kids every night this week! Bonus!!!

Baby Jack of Hearts is doing great and i have had him out a few nights this week after work. Although pitch black out here we headed to the barn together to feed the horses. The horses are beautiful inside and out as they patiently allow the little pig to share grain with them in their floor tubs. I bet they all enjoyed there time together having only heard each other threw barn doors when Jack was confined there. Last night I asked him to follow me around the house to see his new world here. He stuck so close and kept stopping in front of me and then he would lean into my leg for comfort. Don't worry Jack i am right here with you i told him, i won't loose you. He is a very clever little pig and tonight he showed me what a good apple cruncher he was. When offered apple pieces he wasn't that interested in them until this week. This tells me his pig mom must have never had the taste of an apple either. I am sorry for her where ever she is. Maybe one day she will arrive at the gates too, and we will feed her lots of apples.

Penny is quite the nest builder and would have every piece of carpet in her bed if i let her. And her potty habits are that of a pig that is far too heavy and goes here and there and pretty well all over the carport lol. And my volunteers will gasp at this had of anyone spilt stuff in there i would of ahd a hairy fit but oh its okay if the pig does it. lol Sorry my friends, the pigs apparently can do no wrong lol

Anyhow the temps are dropping and all the pigs will need there bedding topped up for sure this week-end. Pray it doesn't rain for this grand chore. And the light burnt out on the side of the house, Any one feeling like going up the ladder with a new bulb?? So dark out there without it when i feed. I had to tell the pigs don't worry I will find you!! hahaha

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