Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Extra Day Off

Thank you to all of those who gave of themselves so that i could live the life i am living today. And thank you to those who are fighting for the end of War everywhere.

It took me a while to get moving this morning as it is pouring outside again. I started with coaxing Penny out of her nest by removing her covers. And i am a freak when it comes to putting things back into order so my first challenge was to clean the stall little Jack spent his first week here in. Carefully removing nails from plywood sheets , getting the plywood under cover for its next use and mucking out the stall to ready for Lacy again. Oh and rescue two black beetle bugs and a wood bug from the horses water. Did some manure picking and some wheel barrow tipping and up to the carport carrying a soiled pig crate i go. Why is it everything to do with this place weigh over 50 lbs?? LOL

Thank you to Paula and Jim who took my truck into Poco and filled the truck up with donated pumpkins. I would also like to thank Christine and Art & Knapp's for thinking of the pigs year after year. We had filled up a water tank with pumpkins and it wasn't quite under cover so i moved that but not before i fed the big pigs and cleaned up the bench here. Sawing pumpkins in quarters for all the pots left my bench a pulpy mess. And little Jack who i should of put right back in that stall as he was out getting wet after his surgery. He also found his way threw a hole in the wire and was telling Tortilla off so i went and grabbed a 2x4 and had to get him out twice before securing the fence line.

Three crates had to be disinfected so instead of taking them apart i was crawling into them to wash down. No doubt a sight for passersby with me in the pouring rain and my rear end sticking out of a dogs vari kennel.

Now during this time our Penny had a small breakfast and no pumpkin in her diet. No dancing today but she is quite a sweet pig. Today i told her to come out this way and just to the edge so she can at least smell her new back yard. I reminded her that this place was made just for pigs so although she can't see that well there are no holes she might fall into. Every day she waddles a little further and this is how it will be for a very long time.

I got in the house about 2:30 and finished up two loads of laundry , washed dishes you know the routine. And at the kitchen sink after the counters were wiped down i can't help but smile and say out loud Thank you God for giving me this day and giving me the strength to do what i do. Everything is in its place ,well pretty much as it can be.

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