Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its Getting Colder

Its amazing how relieved i am once i know all the pigs have had there houses filled with straw again. I know no one is cold , and every one is cozy and like us they love clean and new. Back when it was just Willy and I when he would get new straw he always chose his outside house even though he had his choice to come in here. I remember one night he had gone into his shed and i had gone back out and closed the gate for safety. Later that evening Mark and I had decided to make popcorn. It was after the sound of popping i realized there was something else going on outside. Opening the patio door only to hear Willy weeingggggggg as loud as he could muster to be let back out so he could get back in here for his share of the feast. I remember the the feeling and the smile of that night oh so long ago. I wonder if they are sharing a giggle with me right now from there spiritual place.

Penny is doing well and on meds for a bladder infection and add Tortilla to that lsit as his eye infection was not clearing up and rather then take any chances at his age I have him on meds too.

Scout needs that one tusk sawed off this week-end for sure with everything going on around here i started to fret over that at about midnight last night. And one good fret leads into another and reaching for my Teddy Bear my Mom just bought me sent me down memory road and had me thinking about missing my real Teddy Bear and yet I ended up crying over Barney. I finally fell asleep way after 1:00AM with Peppermint Patty on my mind..

Little Jack came out to the barn with me tonight he is such a funny little guy. He gets so excited when i let him out. He races around me in a game and then tags me with his baby snouty as he quickly pushes into my leg and races off again. While i am getting the horses taken care of he is in the feed room cleaning up like a mini vacuum cleaner propelled by his waggy tail.

Heading back with my pails full and no lights on i am left to standing there in the dark calling him "here Jack" "here" and each time i get a OOF but i had to stop and go back up and give him a treat, then he raced to catch up with me.

Before i head in i always sit outside with Penny and encourage her to walk about. And the last thing i do before i make dinner is go back out and make sure she is totally covered up. She is snug as a bug in her wool blankets and i lay with her for a while and love on her, rub her back and gave her a kiss. Nose to nose Penny..nose to nose. If only all could be so loved.


Colleen said...

"While i am getting the horses taken care of he is in the feed room cleaning up like a mini vacuum cleaner propelled by his waggy tail."

ohhh, what a happy happy vision I see! You have a lovely way with words Janice.

Jean said...

I laughed at the story of the popcorn. It never fails to amaze me what excellent hearing piggies have. Mine can be fast asleep in the barn, but the second I lift up the x-pen that I use to block the path across the creek, they are up, out, and racing to their gate knowing that the quiet "clink" of metal several hundred feet away means they will get to play in the big pasture for a while.