Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Reflections

This morning arrived with a lighter load ahead of us as Paula spent the entire day down here Friday. She worked at her own pace in the pouring rain doing the barn and 10 of the 15 piggy paddocks. She did the potty areas, raking of messy straw at door ways and fresh waters.
Nancy ,Paula and Jim arrived at about 8:30 this morning and dived into what was left for basic weekly care and maintenance . Then Pam , Susan , Jake and Dayton arrived and joined in. The work is faster easier and a pleasure when there is 7 of us here.

Then we had a good discussion on where the new red shed would go. How it would get there, and how we would place it properly in conjunction with where our gate would go and in flow of feeding and working inside. The plan although a ton of work for them all was set in motion and is sitting pretty now i might add.

Penny's much needed carpentry skills were lightly discussed as well and the boys seemed really keen on doing all of this.

So often i am telling people how clever these pigs are so i am going off subject for a bit here and will return to the red shed in a minute. Hopefully the power won't go down as it is blowing like heck out here right now. Yesterday morning it was coming down in buckets and rounding Roses yard with breakfast i told her to stay there and i would feed her inside. To know pigs is to know that food is for sure a HUGE priority hungry or not the quest for food while exploring the acreage is unquenchable. So watching Rose do the two step at the doorway to her house while i opened her gate and walked to grab her dish and then place it in her house- well you have NO idea how much will power that would take for one very large farm pig. So know that when i am telling her to stay there I will feed her inside so she doesn't get wet is a feat worthy of speaking about here. Now please don't blow this off as i can tell my dog to stay so that's nothing , well Rose has never been taught to stay so this is something lol.

Add this brings me to talking out loud every night to both Carport Penny and Pebbles her nosey neighbor. Pebbles house is right back of the carport and there is about 6 inches of nose room there so when i am out with Penny , so is Pebbles nose. And i speak out loud to them suggesting how wonderful if you could both join up and keep each other cozy and warm at night. How both of them have names that start with a "P" and how they could be like two Pee's in a Pod. I tell them they should make friends with each other because they both are gentle like pigs inside as both of them are not fighters. I tell Pebbles then we would leave this little fenced in area up and she could be there too with Penny seeing Mom in the carport. Today while everyone was out Penny had already returned to her covers and was under a mound of wool blankets. As i returned to the carport for a hammer there was Pebbles inside Penny's little fenced off area and facing outwards as if she too lived inside . Of all the pigs that are out it is Pebbles who is in the carport.

I will leave you there to think about that as i go on now about Comet. The guys had set the shed in place and i came around to see how they made out . Out of no where is Comet who jumps in the shed checks it out and comes back outside. I reach down to him and he leans into me for his cuddle and i tell him i love him so very much. I whisper in his ear that we are doing this for him, that this will be his very own house. I tell him i am sorry that he may miss sleeping with the others but i must do this for Winnie as she is too stressed with his bossy giant self living with them. He is a huge pot belly and and has the mentality of a farm pig and uses his weight to his advantage. But i give him the positive which is now you can be right out front and see Mom when she gets home at night. Kisses and more kisses are planted on his white bristles and off he goes again. About 30 minutes later he returned to our work and again leaped inside and do i believe he knows this is for him oh yes i do. 16 pigs are out and only Comet has taken any interest and keeps returning to the little red house.

Gosh i do go on about the animals children's! Am i the typical mother who is showing off baby pictures and exclaiming how cute her babies are ??? Oh yes i am!! LOL

I am going to wrap this up now as i fear the power may go down. When i went out to feed tonight I walked into a bush that wasn't there before. Kind of had to shake my head for a second and get my bearings thinking i made a wrong turn some where hahaha. The bush is the top 15 ft or so of a beautiful blue spruce that has been ripped off by the wind and is blocking the path to the barn. I went back and grabbed some work gloves but it wouldn't budge as the weight is too heavy for me to muster. I hope there is no damage to the pigs area it is laying across on. And I will thank God it landed there .

I took pictures today and just deleted them all by mistake.. but that is my precious Winnie!!

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Jean said...

Wooooo hooooooo!!! I love it when the piggies choose their own homes, and listen to their mama, and everything falls into place. Such good, good pigs!