Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who said "Let it snow"?

First day off yesterday was spent with us all hammering out ice, pailing out water, shovelling snow , putting feed away, cleaning out the tool shed and adding straw to the piggy houses. Paula, Jim, Susan , Jake and Dayton arrived and we worked in the cold for hours.

Last night at feed time i knew the ice on waters wouldn't have had a chance to freeze as the temperature warmed up a little meaning we were getting more snow. Some one forgot to the leave the water running in the barn yesterday so when i got out there last night ice had formed , the hoses were frozen and the waters hadn't been done out there. I got in about 9:30 after feeding and working in the barn trying to Free up the hoses with pails of hot water without success. The faucet had been used instead of the main shut off and that was spewing water all over from freezing up. I had a heat lamp bulb so i put that in, dragged the water tub inside and hope everything is thawed this morning. Still, will need to call a plumber in for sure now!! Anyone know a good one who works for free.. lol i mean reasonable and on Sundays??

We got about 4 inches of snow last night so there will be shovelling to do again this morning and of course bringing out water to the pigs and horses again. I am sure my arms are also about 4 inches longer from packing water all week and here i go again this morning.

The pigs however spent the night deep in straw and when i ws outside working i could here the rustle of straw as they all rooted back under there nests. A formidable payment for this weary sanctuary care taker and with jack racing from the carpet to the barn making sure not a crumb has been overseen is the best medicine ever.

Speaking of Jack we had put all the pigs back in who wanted out after about an hour or more. It was too darn cold but when Jean arrived i let him out so she could meet him. After we loaded jeans feed and said out good byes it had been an hour or so when i realized Jack was still out somewhere. Anyone seen Jack i asked and out the back i went calling. With every call of "Jack" i hear a distant oof getting closer. I laughed when i saw my huge dog Buddy come rounding the corner from the far pasture with a little pig in tow.

Well its Mom birthday today , i don't' have one decoration up , nor one gift wrapped or all my shopping done. No groceries in the house, need cat and dog food and produce for the pigs. Can i do it all in one day?? YES but will i be coherent at Moms later ??? Unlikely LOL


Jean said...

I'm not even THINKING of going out anywhere today except to feed the animals and clean their potty stall. It is blowing, freezing, miserable!
Thanks for the blankets, Janice - I gave four to the pigs last night and they all seem warmer and happier this morning. I'm still not letting them out of the barn unless they choose to use the piggy door - which they don't. The big barn door remains tarped, and even with the tarp the snow is blowing right on in along the edges.
At least I now have lots of feed and some spare blankets and straw for them, as this weather is supposed to last for several more days.
Stay safe. Happy Birthday to your mom!

Janice Gillett said...

Everything i shovelled is covered already, should of fed them dinner after i was done.

Talked to Mom this mornign and she clued me in on todays date, tomorrow is the 22nd not today so i have been given a repreive.

Now i am working on getting a little Christmas decorations up and teaching Jack about Not ripping up stuff in here.

I am calling in sick tomorrw as i am very sick ..coff lol Still should try and get out of here today but we shall see how my day goes here.