Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Capades In the Snow

I got up early enough , fed the horses, the big pigs smashing ice out as i go and cleared the picnic table off for another feeding station for the wild birds. Got changed , warmed up the truck and off i go. Why I would take the back way is beyond me the hill was no match for the poor tires on that truck and i had to back up and go all the way around again. Thankfully i made it in time unlike two days ago when the guys had to come and get me cause i had a flat tire.

So i had to get tires and got a full set like new from Stave Auto Wreckers who delivered just in time for me to get the truck over to Bowers Auto Repairs who had them on within the hour. What a difference it makes with good rubber in the snow. $350.00 for tires with the new nubs on them still and 50.00 to put them on. Not bad!!~

I stopped and picked up two cases of apples on the way home and got to work out side right away. I had to sweep snow from door ways and clear enough room for the pigs to get the potty areas, water dishes and eat . Once i did that i went back around and did the waters. I did it different tonight and pigs were slurping down water when i went to the barn to take care of the horses. I did stop with the pails full for both farm pigs and they dived into the warm water like it was a bucket of food. With the snow it warmed up a little so there pools had water under the ice but boy did they ever drink that warm water down.

Forgot to mention that a new pigs friend stopped at work with a huge bag of hay for the pigs so i divided that in the farms pigs houses last night. Helps keep them busy, adds bedding and they can eat some of it too. I buy hay here of coruse but this was darn handy!

Well everyone has paths, fed , watered, hayed and appled got to go check on Penny and thats a wrap.

Well i am in a tad earlier then last night and Moms chili is calling my name.

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