Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Friday

Its late and thank goodness for Kraft dinner so this will be short tonight.

Rocket is feeling so much better and loving the special dinner he has been getting every night. He has been taking his meds like a trooper , well tonight he wanted his baby cookies first well who wouldn't ha And more big news for Rocket is that he has a secret admirer who chose him to sponsor only last night!!! The stars have aligned themselves over our sweet boy in more ways then one !!

Rose is knocking the heck out of one end of her fence and i fear she is going to come threw it one night again. This is NOT something i want her to teach her neighbor Roscoe.. both big pigs and too strong for there own good. Or is it my good?? What ever it is i am going to buy a double pumper water squirt gun if she doesn't ' stop it!!

Does your front room lookl like this??

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Jean said...

I'm glad Rocket is feeling better - may he continue to improve.

As for the living room - ha ha ha! Mine is crowded enough with four dogs - if I let the piggies in, too, there would be no room for me! But I am pretty sure Whisper would looovvvveeee to be an indoor piggy! There is nothing he likes better than to cuddle up and get belly rubs. All he and his brothers need are the right home.

Have a good/productive/restful weekend, Janice. Be sure to take some time for yourself!