Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturdays catch up

Been fighting the flu since last Saturday, I never get sick what is up with that! Almost deaf in one ear already, now with the flu i feel like i am a sealed unit. Anyone two feet away trying to tell me something is just a dull ramble and i have been warning people i am talking loud cause for some reason being deaf has this effect on me.

The night before last i had the pleasure of talking to a couple from Montana. They called me to ask a few questions about there Ellie Bellie who has chosen to be an outside pig. I promised them some pictures of the pigs houses here so i better get back outside and take some .

Last night while feeding the pigs i just about stepped on a Salamander in my carport. I have lived here 15 years and this is my first. I picked his sticky little self up and placed him to safety on my deck until i was finished feeding every one. Then i came in the house and turned this machine back on and started emailing for help. I had a load of wood chips dropped off and i wonder if by some miracles this little guy had crawled out of the pile after he survived the chipper. He was so docile , is this how they are? Or was he sick? I looked at my emergency cage three times wondering if i should bring him into the house. Cold meds do funny things to my metabolism and i am a tad high strung right now lol After trying to find help on the net i opted to pick him up one more time and carry him out to the little forest out front and watched him crawl into a little bolder cave with no trouble at all. All is well in Salamander rescue.

This morning Cliff, Paula, Jim , Pam and I attacked the mud in Roscoe's pen with a vengeance. While we were doing that Roscoe was in the carport creating chaos as i can't hear anything right now. Cliff said i heard a crash but didn't think nothing of it. lol Sure Roscoe give me something else to clean up!! We did as much as we could and then did our regular piggy clean up and fresh waters for every one. Thank goodness they all came to help cause i am only running at 25% right now.

Visitors arrived loaded with apples , carrots, popcorn and peanuts so the pigs had fun!! Comet in a split second had grabbed a bag out of Karen's hand and made a dash for it as we yanked it right back off of him. Winnie played the piano for popcorn , she won't work for free that girl! And Jean arrived just as every one was going with a load of piggy pellets for the week. This place is a on going affair. Jean and i talked about her barn leaking and we must get it tarped stat along with some gutter work. Any one for hire out there?

Its only 1:30 and there is still a lot of this day left but i just want to crawl under a blanket fora while.. i have a sick pig so i am going to call the vet first and see when they can come out here.

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