Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is my Pig too fat?

Is my pig too fat???
The picture of these three together is a few days after arrival. Look at them now, can you tell who is who from the before picure?

As you know by now pigs live for food and that is the quickest way to a pig’s heart. It is up to you as there prime caregiver to understand the degree of their intelligence and the metabolism of your pig to keep that heart happy and healthy.

The life you set for him or her if you don’t moderate what your feeding them could cause severe medical problems stemming from excess body fat such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure , and arthritis to name a few.

Who wants to lie around too heavy and be miserable and depressed because it is too hard to get around from being over fed? You have seen over weight people on TV who are trapped in there homes from the inability to emotionally regulate what they eat. This is not the case with pigs as your the one who is feeding them so you’re the one who has the control of what is going into there mouths. It is your responsibility as there caregiver to make the correct choices for them. Sure you can over feed a pig and sure you can misunderstand there reluctance to get up or be cranky when asked to go out. As long as you push the feed bowl under his snout why would he have to get up? And this highly intelligent species will work that “feed me” here button with you if you don’t understand pigs and enable this type of behavior.

Can your pig see? Excess body fat will turn into fat folds above his eyes shutting off the air and his sight out. A painful transition to blindness as his eyeballs infect under the skin and deteriate. As in all species it is up to us to determine the fine balance for them so that they are healthy and active. I have never met a pig unless medically compromised who will not spring to his or her feet with snout in the air and a waggy tail at visitors here who may come bearing treats. No matter what condition they come in, they are eager to meet new friends. In more cases seen today an over fed pig will be reluctant to get up, is cranky and is now medically compromised from being over fed.

An over fed pig will eventually not want to get up, not want interaction from any one new near him or her and is reluctant to get up for any reason unless to relieve themselves. There only active sense left is scent and if you’re not the feed wagon then its get away from me. They fall into depression because sight is poor and there inability to move freely may now hurt little legs because (possible arthritis now) they are carrying far too much weight. The heavier they are the smaller there world becomes and they will simply lie down and wait to die day after day as there existence is nothing more but being fed.


Anonymous said...

How do I get my pig to stop screaming at me when I don't give him a treat? He is an indoor/ outdoor pig. Mostly indoors.I feed him small healthy snacks like carrots and apples. sunflower seeds spread around the yard so it takes him a while to eat but he still seems overweight. What am I doing wrong?


Janice Gillett said...

well i know it is hard to do but you have trained him to know that when he cries he gets food,. His pig Mom would of taught him a certain amount of restraint -she would of told him when it was time to milk and when it was not. Many of the pigs today are taken from there pig mom far too soon , not having learned so many important lessons. Starting when you read this you can set the time threw out the day when he gets treats , all other times he cries for them he gets a love , a belly scratch , a brush or asked to go outside and be a pig.

Unknown said...

Help I adopted an overweight teacup pig. He can't see because he's too fat. How do I get the weighting? I've started him on a cup of pellet food 2xs a day with carrots and apples and at night apples and bananas. What else is there?

Janice Gillett said...

Contact Janice at and send me a few pictures showing him beside something i can judge his size with. show me his hooves too ;o)

Unknown said...

Is my baby over weight? He is 2 months old and hisom died giving birth so he was bottle feed and noe he screams and jumps one when he wants milk. What can I do?

Janice Gillett said...

He is a baby, his mOm would be feeding him 6-10 times a day!! email e and send me a picture of this little one.

Unknown said...

Janice can you email me plz I've tried several times to email you but can't get it to go threw. Thanks I need some advice on my pig she's the live if my life. But I need to show you some pics and let you tell me what to do next with her weight and tell me if her hooves need tending to. She's get happy and very clean thanks again Hollow

Unknown said...

My baby is 4 monthse old and at about 25 pnds she is a Juliana ,she is overweight,I have 6 grandkids one 4 yr old that lives with me and pepa gets everything she drops on the ground and gets fed alot of stuff,so I have her on a dies but she's not loosing weight very well,what is the best does for her.also she is screaming for for and will nudge u and even snap at u untill she gets food.

Janice Gillett said...

Babies are never too fat they are GROWING and please contact me by email for support at