Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocket and ulcers

Rocket has been throwing up off and on for about four months. Because he wasn't continuously sick and had a habit of eating too fast I suspected ulcers. Rocket arrived here after the Chilliwack SPCA contacted me about a pig they had seized for abuse and been living in a junk yard dog setting. His shelter an old car.. that would of been enough to give me ulcers.

Today we watched him closely when he came out so we could get a sample of his poop. I then would have a vet take a look at it. Ulcers in pigs is difficult to detect , one way is to take a stool sample in to be checked for red blood cells. I called Ag west they have a really nice lady vet there and she was on the way to a calving. So we opted to drop off our sample at a dog/cat clinic here in town to be checked for blood and in the mean time she would call in a script for some amoxicillan. I wanted the amox to rule out a possible underlying infection and Dr McCrae mentioned sometimes infection is the cause for some ulcers. Huh..

Dr Loft who kindly took the sample to be tested called me a few hours later and confirmed my suspicion. There is blood in Rocky's stool sample so we will pick up the amox in the morning and get him started on that. I will call Ag West on Monday to find out about to get some ulcer meds.


Gayle said...

hi Janice, this is gayle, your new friend in Montana. Thank you so much for talking "piggers" with us. we are spending this weekend building a nice dream house for Ellie Bellie. I am so sorry you are sick and hope you get better very soon. I love your blog spot and feel as though I found a friend. I hope I can make a road trip soon and come visit you and the piggers. Thanks!

Janice Gillett said...

Hi Gayle, I promise to bring my camera out with me this morning and take those pictures!! Ellie will feel so special that you are working for her this way. I can't wait to see her dream house and the little queen in her nest once finished! You have no idea what it means to join up in friendship with someone who loves them too! And I better get out there and open the gates so pigs can be free. Take a look at the blog of my foster Moms.." My my Life with the Critters" , there are som fab movies of the pigs on there. Have a great day! Pictures coming.. lol

Colleen said...

Awww, positive thoughts go out to Rocket!

And hope you're hearing comes back quickly Janice. :)

Maybe I'm blind, but is there a link to your website on this blog? And is there a link to your blog on your website?


Jean said...

Poor Rocket!
Janice, I go right past the AgWest office in Matsqui Village on my way to work, so if you need ulcer meds picked up there, let me know and I can get them to you via Nancy.

Janice Gillett said...

Colleen , its on my list!!! LOL

Jean , thank you!!! Will let you know ! And Nancy said she would take piggy food out to your house from here ;o) Now to get it here... ;o)