Friday, October 3, 2008

Farm Sanctuary

Not much time tonight , its just started to rain and I have to get out there and feed the kids. but i wanted to point out some things i added to the blog. Susan is a dear friend of mine and the pigs here as she supports us all the way from Ontario. She has a herd of her own she has rescued and has set out to try and do even more for our precious animals by joining A Walk for the Farm Animal Sanctuary. You can read more about this wonderful organization and what they do from that link and maybe even help Susan reach her goal.

Note that PETA is also doing a campaign calling out to the world to see how clever our pigs are and how they should be our friends too. If you click onto the PETA link i have added, there is a cute test on there to play. Be warned the video on the site will jump from cute dog pictures to horrific treatment of farm pigs .


Anonymous said...

Ok now I see! This is where you hang out and tell all your wonderful daily stories!

Oh Your big boy Roz is so handsome. Now I don't feel so bad when I see he goes a wanderin too! Yep they are so good about coming back to Mom!

Will enjoy your blog sooo much. I have so much missed your sharing Janice. I love you and your kids too! Thankyou for inviting me! debilyn

Anonymous said...

Thank you Janice for the "shout out" on the walk!