Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Its not just about the pigs

Driving home from work my mind was filled with thoughts about how this is more then just a place for pigs to go. Yes it is all about them , caring for them, loving them, but there is more to pigs then meets the eye. They have taught me so much about them that it must be true for all living creatures. My First pig Willy was a very good teacher. And yet it is a story about Barney that comes to mind.

There are 15 different piggy yards here and when i am home all the gates are opened so pigs can be free to explore the acreage. When i am not they are safe behind fences , from roaming wildlife. The morning i want to share is one where I had just watched another pig go into Barneys yard. ( i don't call them pig pens) . I glanced over just in time to see Barney herd that pig out, and then Barney put his snout to the gate and flipped it closed.

I kind of giggled and out loud I asked Barney " so what are going to to do now Barney, stay in there all day?" Barney then responded to my question by going up to his gate and putting the tip of his nose under the bottom of it. Very slowly did he move back wards taking tiny steps at a slow and steady pace so his nose did not come off the bottom of the gate. When he got it so far he then flipped it with his snout and opened it and came out.

Closing the gate could of been a fluke, but his responding the way he did after my question by opening it was no way by chance. He heard me and comprehended what i said to him, and his actions then answered my question.

When you meet a pig , know this!!! They understand everything your saying to them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Janice... What a great read! Looking forward to reading about the ongoing antics of your crew.


Colleen said...

I am LOVING that you are blogging!!

Catching up....

Janice Gillett said...

Heyyyyyyyyyy, thanks for checking in!!! I am tryign to keep up with the trends lol