Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fund Raiser Wrap Up

Last night was a Party!!!!!!!!!!! And I had a hoot !!!! So many friends and all in one place to support and protect what one little pig started so long ago.

Thank you so much Wendi for seeing the need again, by gving the pigs a voice who so deseprately need to be heard by pulling this party together!!

We had a huge turn out, tons of wonderful donations from friends here and all over the lower mainland. Beautifiul posters , candy place settings and volunteers selling , collecting and a packed house to boot. I even arrived home with a bag full of treats and Cassandra hearings the gates ( now padlocked) was out to greet me and was first to sample them late last night. 'yum'

We grabbed a quiet table and counted our bounty and with donations, ticket sales, silent auctions and draws we brought home $2000.00!!!!!!!

I also would like to thank The Golden Spike and there staff for keeping gigs like this on the table of thier establishment!!

I best get out there and start my morning rituals, feed the big pigs, the horses, the birds and our new arrival Jack of Hearts.

Thank you thank you every one so much!!


Colleen said...


I sooooo wanted to come to this event! I sat here all last night willing HON's a big bounty!!

Yay Wendi! Yay supporters!

So,tell me some of things that happened!

Jean said...

Wow - $2000!!! That is great news!
Janice, are you as thankful as I am that the clocks went back an hour last night???? My piggies didn't understand why I was so late feeding them this morning, but boy was I glad of that extra hour's rest! Took us nearly two hours to get home last night as the highway was shut down with an accident. Long detour through uncharted, very dark country roads with no signs telling us where to go! I tried to explain to the piggies, but they just said "all right, already, just give us our FOOD!"

Paula Bowie said...

Wow...thats GReat! I had a good time too..though I had to fire myself several times for not being the best ticket seller! LOL. And a big SORRY to Jean for having her quiz marked wrong. It was my fault as I was supposed to mark them myself. Cory and were fantastic, hard working and so organized. Good Job!
Wendi, you did an outstanding Job. It was amazing all the prizes and how nice everything looked. You thought of everything and when glitches came up (AS THEY ALWAYS DO) you dealt with them quickly and efficiently. Bravo. I can't wait for next year! Janice you held down the hosting and networking...All and all...what a successful event...ooof..ooof!

Janice Gillett said...

Colleen i really enjoyed myself last night!! In fact my voice is almost gone today lol.

Kelly and her girl freind had to make two trips out to the car with there winnings! Jean looked a tad loaded down as well LOL

There was a Piggy childrens book there and the cover pig reminded me of my Barney. I have to find that one and add it to my collection.

So much stuff, pet portraits, Custom artworks, jewellery, fancy filled bottles, gift certificates,piggy things, pet baskets so much hard to remember it all !! And and some big guy bought a strand of tickets a mile long who was a bar patron and his first win was this little delicate pink purse LOL .

Janice Gillett said...

Jean i am still in my pj's and that is how i fed everyone this morning!! My house looks like a cyclone hit it with me dressing up only once a year .. Make up all over the bathroom, shoes on my bed ect. Oh and Buddy was very happy i was in such a state before i left cause he was all cozy with a pillow under his gigantic head on my bed when i got home.

Janice Gillett said...

Paula my feet are killing me and i can barily talk this morning LOL I bet all of you feel the same way!

Its was also fun to be with freinds who have pigs as pets and even some who brought pictures to share. Doug had a couple of his blown up in front of him on the table, proud piggy dad of Charlie the Peace Pig. And Sandra asking me who is more affectioantle a farm pig or a pot ?? WHAT AND I GET TO TALK ABOUT PIGS TOO!!!!!! Bill and Fanny talking about Wilbers heated bed room Oh MY!!

And a row of guys sitting down in front watching the hockey game who left knowing about the work being done here by us all.. more seeds planted.

Marion leaving with her first pig and me yelling out to her this is only the begininng and you can never only have just one!! hahahaha

I heard about the accident on 272nd on the radio on the way home. They had the road closed down, two hours to get home bummer and at night trying to find your way threw the mountains. I hope everyone survived the reason for it.

Jean said...

And Janice, did you know that Doug took the bus from Horseshoe Bay (I think he said) to get there - and didn't want to be late, so he arrived at noon? Heaven only knows what time he got home - now that's dedication to pigs AND to the environment! I enjoyed hearing all about his Charlie pig and seeing the pictures

Janice Gillett said...

I know Jean, and Doug already called me early this morning to thank us for doing what we do.

One of the things he said and i share his beleif in that Charlie is also gratful and knows what we are doing for pigs. That the connection with pigs is shared to the others and all pigs know what we are trying to do for them everywhere.