Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carport Penny

Paula, Jim , Cliff and I attacked the carport early this morning. We went back and forth as to where , better, less work, more work and how much time we had to accomplish it all and we devised this temporary piggy run. The weather is mild and she is safe from being bothered by the others until our future piggy yard unfolds. We tried to make it as cozy as can be , as you can see by the red carpet Jim and Paula arrived with.

Amazing enough is her hooves are great, she must of been on pavement on her daily travels. But notice the heavy fat folds closing over her eyes and the amount of fat she is carrying on that little frame and short legs. Disgusting , feeding her until it is killing her.

We finished with her set up at about 12:30 with my truck filled with stuff i saved but need to part with so off to the dump Jim and Paula went. They got back about 4 with my truck piled high with pumpkins.. yahooooooooooooo

Poor Paula has been down here every day working hard. And tomorrow we start early loading two pigs for the vets.. I'll then head to work and Paula will take the 1.5 hour ride to the vets.


Colleen said...

Penny! Your butt has landed in butter! A royal red carpet fit for the princess you are!!

That photo of her all snuggled up is priceless. Loving' it.

Jean said...

Ha ha ha - Hunde Haus says it all. I LOVE that photo of Penny all snuggled in her blankies on the royal bed on the royal carpet!

I'll be thinking of the piggies at the vets tomorrow - I hope loading and unloading and everything in between goes smoothly for everyone.