Monday, October 27, 2008

Penny is coming Home

I would guess Penny came into my life about five years ago. A guy called who lived at a trucking yard had lsot the trailer he lived in there and was moving in with his girlfreind. Could i take his pig?

A new pig freind had come into my life and she only had one so off she went to get her and brought her home. Penny and her Mis Piggy and new Mom came to visit here even one day. She is jsut a little pig by pot bellied pig standards.

A guy emailed me wanting to know about having a pig as he was in a wheel chair but had a horse and lived on acreage. It was during the same time Penny's Moms world came falling apart as she lost her job was selling her house and needed a place to board all her animals temporarily.

Thinking I was smart i put the two of them together and a deal was worked out. But Penny got lost in the shuffle, her Mom never came back to get her and the guy in the wheelchair just sold his house leaving a horse, a lama and Penny there.

The new home owners just called me and hearing there story my mouth just about hit the floor when i asked for the pigs name.

She is in Abbotsford and i want them to bring her now but must wait for them to get organized for the transport. Teddy Bear your house will be filled again with a pig very soon!


Jean said...

I will NEVER understand people who just walk away from their animals, no matter what the situation might be. Whether it is an arrogant assumption that the next homeowner will look after them, or a blatant indifference to the animals' well-being, the person who abandons animals should be criminally charged and have the book thrown at them.
Penny, welcome home. I hope your fieldmates, the horse and llama, fare as well as you will.

Janice Gillett said...

It made me cry,, i feel so bad for that pig!!!!!!! No message from them tonight.

I hope by me taking one of there problems will weaken them to taking care of the the others.

Darn people any how...