Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today went perfect!

We got Don Juan crated in about 15 minutes . We blocked the door way to his shed and lined up the crate at the door way. John manned the crate and Nancy and I climbed into the shed with two herding boards and we herded him out the door way into the crate, perfect. Took all of 15 minutes , tops.

West Coast Tails Pet Taxi ( awesome) arrved right on time and we got him on his way to the vet to be nuetered and a tusk trim.

Karena arrived with the horse trailer and then we crated Jack , George , Pebbles and Tortilla. Peb and jack needed me to help them go all the way in the crate and they are all getting to feel heavy by this time lol. Tortilla was soooooooo good as was Gentlemen George.

While Nancy and John hung back washing all there dishes and water tubs i drove out leading the way for Karena. Pigs all were left crated in the trailer as i decided to go back and get Jacks house as his paddock was ready. Karena left her trailer with us and that is where Geroge and Pebbles are nested down. Tortilla in the big house in the games room at the new palce. We are doing better then my paln so far.. but we are tired already.

Back to the hosue i go and then we got Jacks hosue into my truck , loaded up more stuff and all of us headed to the new place again.

Jacks house got set up in the new place and then we carried jack out and set him free. Got some hay for Jack , George and Pebbles , water and food bowls and then i fed them all. Oh and Pebbles and George are out of the crates and have the horse trailer for over night.

Mom brought me out a bowl of home made vegan chili so I ate that on the fly.. yum!!!

The new two sheds arrive and the guys struggle with getting them in place but they did it!!! Way to Steve, Son of Steve's, Randy , John and Wayne the shed guy! And only $1200.00 not 1500.00.

Don Juan arrives home so we tuck him in. He was so good the vet and the Pet Taxi tell us, he never made a fuss all the way there and all the way home.

I just got home we all put in a nine hour day and i have to go feed the kids here yet.

Huge bummer is one of the paddocks is udner water after that terrible rain fall last night so i pray it will have drained away by Saturday. I may have to rent a pump or invest in one... but they won't drown!!!!!!!!!

I will have to bring in gravel and bark mulch but let me get them all moved there first!

And yes i stopped at the wine and beer store on my way home...


Jean said...

Oh Janice, I'm so glad you had a really good day. Here's hoping the rest of the move goes just as smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Janice I'm so glad to hear that the move has gone smoothly.
Enjoy your new digs.


dirtyduck said...

all i can think about is that vegan chili.....

dirtyduck said...

lol no! we are so happy everything is going well! there is so much work involved in moving animals and especially if new pens and enclosures have to be rebuilt!