Thursday, November 26, 2009

Final Stages

Thursday November 26th we will be here loading Don Juan at 9am in a crate to be transported for his neuter. He will be transported by a Pet Taxi as there is no one to do this for me right now. Nancy and Tracey will assist and when Don is ready to travel from the vets he will be taxied right too Mission into the shed on site for his recovery.

Karena will also be here arriving with her horse trailer and we will load George, Pebbles and Jack . We may have to crate to get them in the trailer . The horse trailer will travel to the Mission site and be parked there over night with the pigs until pens and houses are ready. ( four pigs moved)

I may have John here who is serving his community hours down here.

Two sheds will be delivered as purchased hopefully today or tomorrow to Mission site.

Friday November 27th . Bill and Fanny have rented a five ton with a lift and we will have the use of two horse trailers. What I hope to do here is load as many pigs as we can and get as many of the smaller pigs houses loaded into that truck. Tortilla and Dylan can be in one horse trailer that has a divider. Penny must be added to this move too.. stress… We will also move Norm and the Butter cup kids which is four more pigs that can remain in one trailer. Not sure how much room I have out there for all these trailers but will look again when I go back out there. ( seven pigs moved)

Saturday November 28th We get the use of one of the crane truck again as we still have four more big sheds to move . We do have Steve arriving with his big tilt flat deck and we can sling and roll/drag a couple of these sheds. However we need that crane truck to lift them up and over the fencing at the new place as the fencing crew is geared to completion now.
We will also see Kay here with her big horse trailer which will hold the three remaining herds. (last 12 pigs.) And Karen , yeaaaaaaaaa she can take Penny!!

Sunday November 29th Bill and Fanny will arrive with a cube van and this will remove the rest of the contents of my house such as the office , couch, kitchen table and chairs.

Sunday and the Monday being the last day of the month are the days I have left to remove everything and all fencing we are going to try and recycle back to Mission.

Every day the more hands we get the easier it will be on every one who is here to help. You do not have to be pig savvy or strong and no one will be in the way. We do however will need strong arms as well!!! I really need any one who can help on any of these days . Please call or email what days you can help . Start time every day is 9AM and dress warm with rain gear, gloves , and boots if you have them. We do have some extra gear here.

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