Monday, November 23, 2009

Stressed ..

Friday after doing what we were told to do by our Well guy the water stopped completely. Great, no water and animals coming . I came home and filled up the livestock tank in the back of my truck and headed back out to Mission to fill up water tubs for the horses. We also undid a gutter so the rain water would funnel right into a huge rubber tub. No water , no showers and so no plumbing, good grief Jean will be here tomorrow.

Saturday Jenn arrived who I hired with HorseHop Transport and got my girls loaded and transported to Mission safe and sound. Thanks to my sister while this nervous Mom headed out first and Nancy followed the trailer behind. Jenn was very kind and patient with my two redheads which makes this sort of thing go a lot smoother for people like me who are not used to loading horse's onto trailers at all. Whew okay there home , next !

Jean arrived from Crofton to Maple Ridge and then we all went back out there to show her the house and set up so she would be comfortable for her first night of animals sitting in a strange House. Heyyyyy she slept in my house before i did!!!

Yesterday was amazing as Gord Sufferon arrived with his son and there two crane trucks first. Then Kay Veinotte arrived with her 45 ft goose neck horse trailer and we started to set up to move pigs. Started coming off a tad disorganized but we got the first 12 in with a ton of bribery and many sheets of plywood. The farm pigs were next with Roscoe following the food bowl into the trailer no problem. Rose was next and with plenty of reassurance from me she braved the ramp into he trailer too. Pretty slick set up with sliding doors to keep all pigs in the three sections. We stuffed in hay and then the next trailer came in and Comet was loaded next pretty well went in like Roscoe and the trailers left making room for the crane trucks.

Thank goodness there were two trucks and the friends who came with them. Mae arrived with Starbucks coffee and add her son to the team of crane trucks got the sheds loaded while Nancy, carol, Bill, Yuki, Jean, Mae gosh i can't remember that pretty girls name scrubbed out feed and water dishes. Took down the lattice and loaded my truck and then we all headed out there.

It took a while to get the sheds off and my fencing crew were pulled off what they were hired to do to make way for the sheds. Steve was 25ft up a tree with the chain saw and I hid again. Lattice went up and we hand pailed water out for everyone who would be arriving.

Kay arrived with the pigs in the trailers and those pigs came off the trucks and followed the trail of food into there new paddocks. Kind of cute to watch them go into there houses and make sure everything was okay. The girls had added fresh hay to all the houses and the rest of us were dragging off the tree limbs into a huge bush pile.

Yuki took off to Mission and came back with four pizzas and every one who could stay grabbed a bite and the second leg is done. Ton of food , pastries and cookies and i don't know who to thank for that .

I can't thank every one enough for helping pull this off but i also am stressed as we will need even more help this coming week-end.

The well guys are working on my well ca-ching ca-ching, a huge ex pence i wasn't planning on. $4500.00 and i should have water out there today.

The alarm company will return Tuesday morning to fish there work and my added requests and then the chimney repair guys will be there to quote on the rain leaking into the pellet stove and is the wood burning one safe to use. Sigh...

And i need to order two sheds and spending another 1500.00 there but i got to get them out there so Steve can get them into to where they need to go so he can finish those pens.

Saturday four more sheds need to be moved from here and four or five large dog houses. Gates , wood , materials still so much to do! Oh and lets not forget i still have 23 pigs here that can't all be shoved in one horse trailer. I have some planning to do and who can be with who. My cats and my turtle are next and Sunday i have a cube van coming but i need more help here again.

I need to go get something for this anxiety as it is hard to function this way. I have been packing all morning again and Casanova is going to rub off my ankle off i don't get off this thing!!

Forgive me if i have left any one out but THANK YOU ALL so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope someone took pictures!!!


dirtyduck said...

"Heyyyyy she slept in my house before i did!!!"
you are so fun,lol.except for the anxiety skyrocketing, things seem to be moving forward, your new place sounds nice....i am trying to be patient for pictures!!!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Janice (and Jean), just a quick note to let you know that I have finally posted with some pictures from Sunday. I'm sorry I didn't do a better job of capturing the day, but maybe they will give people a bit of an idea of the incredible work you do to give your animals a good life.

(Sorry, no time to do a quick link. You will have to copy/paste into your browser.)