Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update for Saturday November 21 and Sunday 22

I had planned on doing an update yesterday but the server was down again last night.

November 21 - I have just called a horse hauler and left a message asking to hire her to move the horses on Saturday. The tack room at the barn is packed , so there is boxes of horse stuff, a large shelf and misc materials will need to be moved as well. It would be great if the horses and all there stuff is taken care on Saturday. One horse trailer and a van would work or a truck with a canopy

November 22 - We will be moving jeans pigs “the Super Wee’s” out first. They will be loaded into a horse trailer first. Kay has offered up a 45ft goose neck horse trailer which will hold the 12 pigs and perhaps Comet too . Me thinks we will need ¾ of that trailer for the 12 and then separating them from the last pig in her trailer being Comet another large pot bellied pig who cannot be with this herd together. Kay can you please add straw or hay to your trailer as the pigs must be kept warm for this as I don’t know how long they will be sitting in your trailer at the new place while we wait for there houses to be delivered.

Most wood on that pen is pretty new so I would need all the lattice taken off , its just on with zap straps and then all the 2 x 6’ for about 60 ft too. If those posts can come out the 60 ft line we will try and take those too LOL. I don’t think we cemented them in as I knew we were not staying . Dishes, trays , pools , umbrellas etc . The wire is stapled, ( u shape nails) and we should take it down and then just step on it and fold it up to be taken to the dump for recycle.

The farm pigs will be next, they cannot be in the same trailer unless the divider goes all the way too the floor. One of the big pigs is crippled so again they need bedding and a slow steady hauler. The only thing that should come with us besides the houses in those pens is the dog run Jean and I incorporated into our fence line for one of them. I don’t like to leave any decent wood but we can only do what we can do that day. I will still have the next week to tear it down and try and get help to do it before the last week-end and the BIG move

Now that the pigs are all safe in horse trailers the crane truck will come in to lift there houses/ sheds. We don’t know how long this all will take but we are hoping there will be enough time to come back and grab more but that too depends on if any more pens are completed by that time .

My address here is 13287 232nd street , Maple Ridge 604-463-4059

Rain gear, gum boots , gloves , hammer , drill, sawszall (?sp) if you have one! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

I will reimburse any expenses any one incurs to help us move!!

You may want to bring a lunch !!

Keep Pork Off Your Fork!

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