Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Move update!

Okay the house and acreage is ours and possession is Nov12th at 9 Am . Our new place is only 20 minutes away and it is a easy strait drive , no hills and no hard directions.

I will begin moving Nov 12th with my first pick up load or heading to Abbotsford with Mouse for her operation and then coming back to load my truck .

Mouse , the sister to Peppermint Patty who died from complications from a large tumor has swollen up like she is carrying babies now too. No one has performed the surgery here in B.C. Canada West who specializes is this will not touch a pig. My hope is ken, and now he and much of the staff is down with the Swine Flu. I don’t know if the operation will be successful but an early death for Mouse if we don’t; try and I must try and set this up prior to moving as a move is stressful and then were further into winter with difficult weather if I wait till after. I fear what the stress will do to this mass.

I have hired Carols handy man to be lead hand and he is too arrive with in the hour here to take a look at how I built this place over the last 16 years. He will be the point man from Nov 12th on until we are moved and will commence work immediately to tear down a tree house in the line of where my hay needs to go at the new place.

I have hired a fencing company to build the pens, yet we need to book an appointment prior to possession to draw everything out , get materials ordered and be ready to start Nov 12th.

We have started to pack up the house , will need more boxes to also pack up the barn and the tool shed and anything else we can cram into boxes.

I have bought one shed on Craig list which will be delivered for us when I tell the guy when too. More sheds will need to be purchased, at least four more.

Tons of stuff under the house such as bags of blankets for the pigs, much of my household possessions already packed up and stored down there.

Pens will need to go up leaving large areas open so sheds can still be moved in , man power will be required to set those sheds down , upon blocks and moved to perfect location and then pens closed up when pigs arrive. We will need a fleet of flat decks with hi abs for the large sheds. And pigs loaded prior to the sheds being pulled out and transported to the new location while awaiting there houses to be set down at the new place. We have two small sheds we can use as a temp pen there already , as well as the barn , and my house if need be.

Horse trailers are a must as they can house these guys while we await the houses being picked up and delivered.

It is my plan that the horses and the large herd of 12 will be at the new place the week-end of the 21s and 22nd. More will follow as pens are completed , pigs herded up and houses are moved that same week-end. No way can we move all these houses and animals in one week-end.

Some of the pigs are in large dog houses so we will crate those pigs and houses can be loaded onto flat trailers too.

The last week-end I must also take as much of the wood on the existing pens as I can for future use and clean up the house and acreage before I vacate these premises. I can not do this all by myself and I have no idea how much all this is going to cost and I only have so much money left that I didn’t use as a down payment to pay for this all from the sale of this place.

If friend can help orchastrate any of this work being done during the week starting Nov 12 th , fantastic. This includes packing , moving stuff which can be anything from boxes, gates, materials, tools and sheds . Piggies and horses, our most important cargo and food and refreshments for our volunteers.

Fundraisers of course, we are desperate for cash flow as winter is ahead of us and we will need funds to pay for Mouse’s impeding surgery which will be well over $ 2500.00 and the cost of paying my foremen and the fencing company which I can only guess at approx $20,000 with sheds, materials and the crew.

If we can please email me with dates and times available, people count, and what equipment if being a truck, vans, flat decks, cube vans , hi abs, packers , boxes, large crates, temporary dog runs, hay & straw orders picked up and delivered, feed orders, and I will start a chart/calendar so I can start to plan this CRAZY event.

Thank you all so much , no task is too small and everything you do to help the animals here is so appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I see yu are going to no mail Janice but just want to wish you all a sucessful move and hope everything goes ok. Will be keeping you all in my prayers & especially Mouse that she will be ok and the op will go well. Much love Sue/Piggies X