Monday, November 16, 2009

When it rains it pours

Leaving yesterday on a positive note as i wake up this morning there is still so much to do.

I called two vets first thing this morning regarding Don ( neuter), and Mouse ( crossing the border for surgery) and no one called me back. Stress...

I was out at the new place at 9:30 for the Alarm company for 10 and my hay delivery for 11:00 ..either showed up. I moved some boxes to areas they need to go such as the storage for upstairs , bedrooms,kitchen and office. That house is huge and i would of traded that big games room for a barn any day. I did empty some boxes but it is a ton of walking and if any one has bad feet you will know what i am talking about when i say i didn't bring shoes to wear in the house.

My plan was to only be there for the guys who never showed up and clean out the hay area . I did that but then I wanted to come back home to try and clean up the mess we left here yesterday. My floors are mud black , messes in every room.. boxes every where.

Anyhow i can't shake this heart pounding so I went to the clinic and he listened to my heart and said I don’t think its your heart its no doubt the stress of move and combination of a few things go to the hospital and get these tests done. Well it took so long in the waiting room it was 4 by then I just came home... home.. umpf

The rage of the river has me worried again , that is all I need. Its running pretty fast and hard and very very high. Pouring rain out and none of the pigs came out for dinner so I just came back in the house. Will try again later to see if it stops pouring. I hate living like this.. and if I can't fix it all it will be just like this at the new place.

Everything is a mess, it’s a mess here a mess there. The guys are digging holes and they are filling up with water. Steve bought a pump to drain the holes so they can pour cement but if it is that wet my pigs will be in that within weeks of arriving as it all turns to mud. I have to find someone to do some ditch work now and can’t find the cut out out of paper Mom gave me the other day for a guy who does it.

No way will the crane truck get in where we need him to go with the sheds so I think I need to rent a flat deck utility trailer that day so the crane can put it on there and then we can hitch it up to one of the guys trucks and pull them over.

I still need more houses/sheds for the pigs by the 28th!!

Edited to add that the power has gone down four times in the last 2 weeks here. Anyone who called to help and left messges on my answering machine i lost so please call me back. Power goes down so does the machine!

No wonder my heart is pounding ..


Jean said...

Be strong, Janice, and have faith. It will all come together. The rain is certainly a big problem when one is trying to set posts for the pens - I do hope you get a break from it soon.

I know the frustration of making appointments and not having tradepeople show up - GRRRRRRR! When you are super-busy and drive to the other place just to meet with them, and they are a no-show, it is infuriating.

The mess of moving is unavoidable, but stressful for sure. I look forward to the day when you can sit back in your new house, unpacked and clean, and say "today I can rest for a few hours".


Black Jack's Carol said...

Janice, I've just talked with my friend, Bill, and we have decided to come help you on the weekend. Just let us know the time and the address, and what sort of tools we should bring along. Bill has a pick-up truck, so we may be able to help in that way.

Carol (Follower of Jean's Blog) and Bill