Friday, November 27, 2009

Another perfect Day!

Every one who offered to help arrived and Bill and Fanny rented the big truck and Jim arrived with the horse trailer.

We all got in position to herd Norm into the trailer and that little man went up and into the trailer like he had been doing it all his life. Tail wagging as we got the Butter Cup Kids ready to go. Casandra tried to out smart us but eventually Tuskers lead the way with Cassandra and Danny following. 20 minutes and four pigs are loaded into the horse trailer and Jim was on his way.

Bill is one of those kind of guys who goes for it , right on!! So with his lead we managed to roll, take down fences, remove posts , drag, lift and load three very large houses and one shed into that big truck.

Nancy stayed back washing dishes and water tubs and loaded her truck while we headed out to the new place. All the houses came off and were set up in front of pens ready to be lifted over by the crane truck when it comes tomorrow. And then we placed Georges house into a pen his is connected too.

Tortilla is still in the big house ripping and rooting things apart, keeping my Mom up all night . And when i walked by the trailer that housed George and Pebbles, it was shaking. Those two were duking it out so after the second time i walked by i let them both out. They leaped down from the trailer and followed me into there new pens. George was following around Pebbles like a puppy in love so it will be all right once they get sorted out who is going to be boss.

Norm and the Butter Cup Kids will remain in the trailer over night and that is where i fed them all and every one else before i left.

Don Juan has quite a story to tell when you visit him , he is chatting up every one who visits and telling them all about his harrowing ordeal yesterday. Cozy in a nest of hay we all gave him extra treats all day.

The horses are calm and settled in today , this brings me a huge amount of comfort and grazing so very close to the scary geese next door. lol.

My sister Nancy is spending the night out there and i guess this will be the last night i sleep here as all my kids will all be at there new home by tomorrow.

I will not be in front of my system tomorrow night, OMDAWGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is another big day, as there are three sheds to move,14 pigs, two cats and a turtle. Plus anything we can fit into and load into whatever arrives.

I am asleep at the keyboard here and must go out and feed the kids, left over chili is calling my name...

Thanks to every one who helped pull off today!!!!!!!


Jean said...

Oh wow wow wow! I am grinning from ear to ear, Janice - so happy everything is going smoothly. I hope tomorrow makes it three perfect days in a row!

Tortilla, DON'T DESTROY THAT BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL ROOM!!!!! Janice, I think he probably just wants to come up into the main part of the house and sleep on the bed with your sister tonight - and you can tell Nancy I said so!

Since your cable is hooked up,don't you also have internet at the new place? Can the computer make the trip over tooooooo? (If not, you better phone me tomorrow night to let me know how it went!! LOL)

Oh, and I put a post on my blog with some pictures of last weekend's move.

Black Jack's Carol said...

You and all the critters will be in my thoughts today and tomorrow. Special greetings to Norm because for some reason he stole my heart, and Don Juan because of his harrowing ordeal, and Lacey & Dior because I got to spend a few minutes with them, and am so happy they are settling in. I'm hoping the weather will cooperate at least a bit. Thanks for the wonderful updates. You have done an amazing job of organizing this move.

Janice Gillett said...

The flat deck that was also going to be here broke down yesterday. I hope Gord is okay with making two trips as there are four sheds here still. We may have to alter our plans a tad..

My cats are screaming to be let out of my bedroom now, once wild being confined makes my Luke crazy.

Raining like mad again.. another crazy day coming up.

I won't be spending the night here so leaving my system is too risky so i doubt i will be back on line again until Dec 1 as per Shaw's booking.

Anonymous said...

And who deserves perfect days? You do!

I am so glad things went so well and I am sorry I was not able to help. I have been sending positive thoughts to you and all the animals for continued smooth-sailings.

Hopefully demands at the shelter will reduce shortly so I can come out and put some time in at your new place and check out your new digs.

Congrats again!


Black Jack's Carol said...

I'm so sorry that Bill and I could not come this weekend, but am hoping that things continued to go well. We will be following your blog and staying in touch, as you and your critters adapt to the new home.
All the best, Janice!

Janice Gillett said...

Back to the old place this morning to do the final clean up. I am sure i will be crying the entire time , 16 years and a ton of memories.