Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving Penny, Moving Mouse and Moviing !!

Well now I thought you should all know our Carport Penny is a new girl!! I don't know if having two vet calls out in one week just for her has given her a new lease on life or what. But this little girl is up twice a day now and her treasure hunt for prunes has her moving like she has never moved before. Spinning around to hunt down the scent, moving fast and wagging her tail. Plumbing is working great too!

Mouse with the tumour is big, and we are exploring her going to the USA for surgery to save her life with experienced veterinarians. If i am going to spend $2500.00 on her here I prefer to spend it all down there as her chance for survival at the same cost is higher. Keep in touch as i am asking my vet to take her for me and if he can't i will need to hire someone from here as I simply can't do everything with this move on top of us right now. And Mouse must get this operation NOW!!

Possession is November 12th and I will begin taking truck loads of materials and house hold stuff every day that i can.

November 15 , Art and Knapps thanks too Christine has offered us there five ton on that Sunday to move big stuff. We will need help as there is tons and tons of wood, gates, plywood , benches, tables on top of the regular house stuff. If you can help that day please send me an email.

November 21 and 22 is the first week-end the moving of animals must begin. If you have trucks, crates, flat decks, hi abs, people power, horse trailers please email me times, dates, a people count etc. Pigs will be loaded into horse trailers and transported out to the new place. They will have to remain housed in the trailers while there sheds are being loaded up here and transported to the new place.

We will need people to help there , to set houses down and move into the ideal spot .

This will be repeated if at all possible that day and on the 22 again if we have enough help.

It is imperative we get half done the first week-end as no way can all these animals be moved in two days.

November 28 and 29 is the last week-end . Again if you can help please email me STAT. If your trucks have hitches and your not hauling a trailer for us already , let me know , i will rent flat decks so we can move some of these little houses onto them and get them out there too. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee please help me!!!

Princess Erma says "thank you"


Jean said...

I am soooo glad Penny continues to do well - way to go, Penny, you'll be giving Soda a run for her money as Queen of the Sanctuary in no time at all.

Thank goodness for vets who are willing to help make arrangements for piggies to get life saving surgery elsewhere. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

Janice Gillett said...

Want to come over with your kids and pig/horse sit at the new place for the last week of the month?

dirtyduck said...

oh penny is so sweet sounding. this news is wonderful. do YOU like the house that is there? i know that you picked it mostly for the pigs but i hope you like your living arrangements also.

dirtyduck said...

hello, penny sounds so cute! i remember the pictures you put up of her so i can always see her in my minds eye when you talk about her! do you like your new living arrangements at the new place? i know that you bought the place mostly for the piggies but i hope you will be comfortable also.

Janice Gillett said...

Well with me it is never enough for the animals!!! The hosue is an old timer but updated pretty nice. There is even granit in the bath room LOL. And a huge HUGE games room, hard wood floors , big wood beams and a lovely rock fireplace with a pellet stove. Will be a great place to hold fundraisers!! I am jsut starting to appreciate the house , every time i go there. I lsot a carpot but i have a basement. I lsot the barns tack room but again i have a room in the basement. And a palce for all my tools..yeaaaaaaaaah

dirtyduck said...

hey sorry bout the double comment there!